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You don't surf: stupid fucking shirt

2013.10.31 05:10 minecraftfan123 You don't surf: stupid fucking shirt

2009.11.25 19:31 lorductape battlestations

/battlestations is the place to post and look at clear photographs of battlestation setups. Battlestations are considered complete computer setups including an external monitor, mouse, keyboard, audio playback and recording devices (if applicable).

2011.11.27 22:13 AlleyLovesYou Transpassing: Advice, Tips, and Tricks Relating to Passing

This sub is devoted to trans people to post pictures, solicit opinions, and get advice in regards to passing. For transgender people, being unconsciously grouped with the correct gender (rather than incorrectly taken for members of our birth-assigned gender) is something most of us worry about quite a bit, at least at some point in our lives.

2023.05.30 22:01 Gatadat The Great Pyramid of Antarctica And The Connection To The UAP Phenomenon

The Great Pyramid of Antarctica And The Connection To The UAP Phenomenon
These two posts are from my Twitter and I decided to share them here despite the attacks in my previous long posts... If you are interested for my takes you can find me at Twitter @ OMApproach or YouTube 'Open Minded Approach'
The great pyramid of Antarctica can be found at these coordinates: 79°58'39.2"S, 81°57'32.2"W. Of course, it's not officially recognized, as that would change our entire history. Just like the giant face in Antarctica that I showed in my previous post, every single clue will be ridiculed in the mainstream and ascribed to a mere natural coincidence.
But how many coincidences do we need to witness in order to perceive the truth? The stone carving found in Egypt, depicting modern technology, was also dismissed as a coincidence, as the plaster ‘eroded’ in such a way as to form images of a helicopter, boat, submarine, and plane—yet another coincidence.
The pyramids and the face on Mars, another coincidence, later, they were even 'debunked' by NASA with the release of a heavily edited photo which was confirmed by the experts that is edited with at least 17 layers. The assistance of the 'gods' mentioned in our ancient texts, along with the occurrence of pyramids being built in seemingly unrelated parts of the world, is just another coincidence.
Somehow all our ancestors decided to do the same thing and invent the same stories. The stories of the great floods in all ancient texts are also a coincidence, places like Atlantis, Agartha, Shambala, El Dorado, Hyperborea are all myths and legends coincidentally made up by different cultures.
The scientists who go against the mainstream narrative and point out clues about the true function of the Great Pyramids are instantly sidelined. The mainstream is promoting the narrative that the pyramids were burial chambers for the pharaohs, despite the absence of mummies or remains of pharaohs ever being discovered inside the pyramids. In 2018 scientists published a paper about ‘Electromagnetic properties of the Great Pyramid: First multipole resonances and energy concentration’ in the peer-reviewed scientific journal ‘Journal of Applied Physics’.
Researchers have proposed that the Great Pyramid possess electromagnetic resonance properties. This idea suggests that the pyramid's shape and composition interact with electromagnetic waves, potentially focusing or amplifying them. The geometry and structure of the Great Pyramid influence how it interacts with electromagnetic waves. The pyramid's shape could cause scattering or diffraction of these waves, altering their behavior.
The builders of the Great Pyramids utilized electromagnetic energy, they are from the previous civilization who also had electromagnetic propulsion systems, evident in the ancient Vedic texts and references to flying Vimanas.
But that is another coincidence, right? It is also coincidental that the disappearing satellites captured on a photo in 1950, when there were no human-made satellites in space, resemble the shape of Vimanas and some of the UFOs observed today, such as the Calvine UFO and the flying spheres (this is my speculation and not of the scientists working on the project).
In my opinion, Southeast Asia has predominantly preserved the records from the preceding civilization that was destroyed in a naturally occurring doomsday event. But, just as the elite and world governments are making preparations today, they also made preparations in the past, suggesting that the UFOs/UAPs flying today, in my opinion, originated from the surviving elite.
As Graham Hancock has stated, we are a species with a lost memory, and now we are rediscovering our true history. But there is pushback. I have elaborated on this in my previous posts spanning over the last two months. You should read them to hear my perspective.
I have so much to share that I sometimes forget things, despite my efforts to set reminders. Make sure to follow me if you are interested in this topic because as Luis Elizondo said (I’m paraphrasing) 'History will need to change,' and as Bob Bigelow said, 'They are walking among us'.
This is my speculation only and I’m not claiming that this is the truth, the clues lead me to a breakaway civilization but they can also be aliens too… The interdimensional aspect is also present in my opinion and I will elaborate more on this in the future.

Further explanation*
To clarify my previous post about the pyramid in Antarctica (my opinion) and to address all those who say it's a mountain and point out the mainstream narrative as debunked, they are simply denying its existence because pyramids are not expected to be found in Antarctica.
So, they won't even look at the site, but here's a pyramid that was overlooked because it was covered by dirt, rocks, and trees, and it looked like a mountain. People even built a church on top of the mountain. However, excavations in 1930 proved it to be the largest (recognized) pyramid in the world. With a base of 450 by 450 meters (1,480 by 1,480 feet), it is four times the size of the Great Pyramid of Giza. However, just because there are pyramids in Mexico, they initiated the research and recognized the mountain as a pyramid.
As I have demonstrated, the large face in Antarctica resembles the sculptures made by the Olmecs, who also inhabited the Mexican territory. This suggests the possibility of a connected civilization residing in Antarctica many years ago, potentially predating several natural cataclysmic disasters.
So, if this was covered in mud, dirt, and rocks over time and looked like a mountain, why wouldn't those in Antarctica be covered in mud, ice, and rocks? Considering their potential age and the harsh region, it is likely that they would appear as mountains—a perfect 2km by 2km monumental pyramid, resembling a mountain.
Another unrecognized site of interest is the pyramids in Visoko, Bosnia (second photo). Underground tunnels and structures have even been discovered there, but suddenly the government decided to halt the research. Why? Because pyramids are not expected to exist in that part of Europe. They withdrew all funding, and currently, the sole researcher conducting investigations is Dr. Semir Osmanagich.
The large stones and tunnels are attributed to different cultures, but Semir disagrees with these attributions. Of course, this kind of research is very expensive, so the progress will be slow. Also, there are many other findings that were buried in the ground and remained completely unrecognizable before their excavation.
But as I stated in my previous post about the pyramids, scientists have already submitted papers about the electromagnetic resonance properties of the pyramids. This idea suggests that the pyramid's shape and composition interact with electromagnetic waves, potentially focusing or amplifying them. The geometry and structure of the Great Pyramid influence how it interacts with electromagnetic waves.
The antediluvian civilizations possessed flying machines with electromagnetic propulsion systems, which are the same machines we today refer to as UFOs.
I have elaborated so much on this in the past two months, but everything is written in the ancient texts, the technology, the ‘gods’ who brought us the seeds, the agriculture and medicine, the floods and the doomsday. They even prepare us for the next one.
But who are the gods? Well, if you look what is happening today, you’ll understand. You just need to read about the world governments sponsored Global Seed Vault with over 1 000 000 crucial for survivor seeds in a case of a catastrophic event, located on an island near the North pole on the eastern side of the mountain (the eastern side is important for those who know why). And then read this article from the Guardian ‘The super-rich ‘preppers’ planning to save themselves from the apocalypse’.
In my opinion, everything has been interconnected since the beginning: the breakaway civilization, the fortunate few survivors from whom I assume we descended, the 'old gods,' the new religions, the natural cycle of the Earth and everything in the Universe and the secret societies. That's why uncovering the truth about UFOs is so challenging.
That's why the favorite saying in almost every culture is 'Some truths are better left unspoken' and 'Ignorance is bliss.' That’s why they say revealing the truth about the UFOs would shatter society because it would disrupt the desire for an ordinary life, leading to chaos. It would even mess their plan for survivor.
In all ancient cultures, there are stories like Shambala and Agartha, which describe a place on Earth where human knowledge is preserved from distraction and corruption, but only those with pure souls can enter and live a long and healthy life without worries. I’m doubting that they have ‘pure’ souls…
Also, read my older posts to better understand my point of view, and remember that this is solely my perspective. It doesn't necessarily mean it represents the truth. Additionally, feel free to follow me for more posts if you are interested in gaining further insight into my perspective, I have so much to say.
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2023.05.30 22:01 AbleSilver6116 Everything is becoming real and it’s making me sad in a way..

First off love my son more than anything in the world, wouldn’t trade him for ANYTHING (not even my husband lol). But currently my entire family is in Italy for my sisters wedding and I’m sitting at home in my cubicle because I was too scared to commit to anything not knowing how my pregnancy was gonna go. I’ve been very lucky it’s been so easy but doing fertility treatments made me so anxious and now at 27 weeks I am FINALLY not in total fear of losing my baby.
My husband and I are doing a baby moon but it’s not where I wanted to go at all. I wanted to do Mexico or Key West but my husband complained about the heat seeing how we live in florida. Then I struck a deal with him he wouldn’t have to reimburse our account for an expensive hobby of his if he just shut up and let me pick. Yet he still complained and I felt obligated to pick somewhere he agreed to so we did St Augustine florida (been there 2x already)
I’m just not excited at all. I know it sounds so stupid but I’m coming to the realization I won’t be traveling anywhere until at minimum March and this is my last trip before my son and we’re going somewhere we’ve been already twice. I’m a little resentful of him for not holding up his end of the deal and just letting me pick without his opinion and I’m just so sad I’m missing my sisters wedding and my family is living it up in Italy.
I think this sadness is really stemming from my life is about to change completely and I can’t just go vacation at the drop of a hat anymore and I really wanted it to be special and it doesn’t feel like it is at all. I’m so sad I’m not excited and just don’t even want to go. Ugh. I know I sound like brat but I just wish my husband held up his end of the deal cause if he did we wouldn’t be going there. Can’t cancel either.
Am I crazy? Is this pre postpartum depression? I can’t get over how defeated I feel over this
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2023.05.30 22:00 Steve_Radisson guess the sound and win $100

Can please anyone help me guess what this sound is, its not a handbrake, or a zip or tape. the closest guess so far is adjusting headphones in the studio. the person that guesses right get 100$ in their PayPal.
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2023.05.30 22:00 yellowmellowjellow How do I quiet my mind?

I’m new to meditation and I’m struggling with negative thoughts. Things get quiet when I try to meditate. I isolate myself and sit in a quiet room. I start thinking about why I’m meditating instead of doing other things. I get mad at myself for not being able to keep a clear head. My thoughts start to wonder and bad memories creep in. I have low self esteem so when I cannot do something right, even if it’s simple as staying focused, I call myself names. My negative thoughts snowball and it puts me in a dark place for a while. I’ve been told that meditation has been helpful for people with depression and the idea of freeing my mind sounds great, but I don’t know what to do either. I tried DBT methods to ground myself in the moment, but it’s so hard. Mantras don’t work for me and neither does holding a pebble or beads.
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2023.05.30 22:00 august_nofri Confused by different approaches to testosterone prescriptions

I am perimenopausal and have looked into HRT but without a decision yet. One thing I came across was the whole discussion about testosterone for women. Mine is on the lower side. Many voices seem to warn against it, it will masculinize you, it´ so easy to overdo etc. Then there´s these new voices like Dr. Louise Newson who are much more pro testo, but then I can see there are clinics with economic interests behind it.
I will admit the idea of having testo benefits is intrigueing. But where I am at, the vast majority of doctors will not touch it. The philosophy seems to be "this is an ultra exception", like not even women with zero detectable testosterone will get it unless they have symptoms that can´t be explained by anything else whatsoever - in practice, they will only get it for libido, which often means that it´s basically for some man&marriage´s sake. This seems a very rigid approach. "You shouldn´t have this, but maybe we can make a rare exception".
I don´t know if there´s an equally polar opposite philosophy that is too lax about the risks? Or is it just being portrayed as such? Is there an approach that says "if you don´t have risk factors, and you stay within normal range, and it gives you better quality of life, then why not"? And should such an approach even exist? Is TRT as problematic for women as the naysayers make it sound?
Confused here in terms of what to believe, everything just seems so extreme, "no way" or "no biggie" and nothing in between.
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2023.05.30 21:59 kittenegg25 Advice on Taking Short-Term Disability

I'm an engineer and the company I work for is terrible. They do not give maternity leave, so they told me to take FMLA. I plan to instead take short-term disability, but not tell them until the last minute because they are very sneaky and malicious, so I am afraid of what they might do if they know my next move (advice of my husband). Additionally, when I "come back" from leave, I will tell them I must work from home full-time. They will most likely not accept this and fire me lol. We are prepared for this. I just want to make sure I get the best deal (most money) possible on my way out lol. I know this sounds sleazy, but they are awful. They took 3 already-earned vacation days from all employees 2 years in a row. They make us work a few Saturdays a year with no pay, and threaten to fire us if we don't show up. They don't let me leave early for my appointments even when I reach 40 hours anyway. There's so much more I could say.
Any advice on how to optimize my situation (monetarily) with no regard for the company or professional relationship? Just stick to last minute notification and milking short-term-disability until I come in and say I will ONLY work from home. I live in SC, but work in NC, if that matters.
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2023.05.30 21:59 Junior_Button5882 BARKING MAD I was stalked by terrifying ‘dog man’ monster in Aussie bush and have picture ‘proof’, bloke bizarrely claims

BARKING MAD I was stalked by terrifying ‘dog man’ monster in Aussie bush and have picture ‘proof’, bloke bizarrely claims
A MAN has bizarrely claimed he was stalked by a terrifying "dog man" monster in the Australian outback - and even says he has picture "proof".
The fisherman, called John, wildly claims he was left "petrified for a month" after encountering the supposed "half-dog, half-human creature" on two separate occasions.
Speaking on the Believe: Paranormal & UFO Podcast, the Aussie insisted he was "followed" by what he has branded a "dog man" - and claims he "thought he was going to be killed".
John was fishing from his kayak on Boxing Day last year when he says the first incident happened.
"I noticed that every time I took a stroke with the paddle of my kayak, whatever this thing was, it was taking a stride to each paddle I was taking," he said.
“I stopped for a bit and the sound stopped in the bush too, and I thought it was a bit odd.
"So I took off paddling again, and sure enough as soon as I started to paddle every stroke, this thing would take a step.
"So whatever it was, this thing was following me, it wasn’t a coincidence or anything. It was more of a stalk."
Freaked out, John took a snap and claims he captured the "dog man" on camera.
“The creature, I actually got it in the photo, what I think it is - I’ve spoken to a few people - and I reckon it’s a Dog Man,” he added.
“After that I couldn’t go back to the area to check it out by myself, I was petrified for probably a month after it.
"I was waking up in the middle of the night and seeing the creature in my dreams."
Although he was "petrified", John once again returned to the bush for another fishing trip and says he heard a "bit of a bang" followed by the sound of someone - or something - running.
“As it was running, it was smashing trees out of the way," he added.
"I don’t know if they were breaking or it was hitting them, you couldn’t see what the bush was like because it was so thick.
John said the "dog man" then started to "roar" as he spent 10 minutes trying to escape back to the safety of his car.


“I’d never heard anything like it in my life,” he said.
“It would roar, and then it would take a breath in, but then the breath it was taking was actually louder than the roar it was doing.
“This creature just went to another level and it was crazy. I could hear in my head something saying, ‘go now or you’ll die’. It wasn’t my own voice, my own consciousness, it was something else.
“That 10 minutes was probably the longest in my whole life, I thought I was going to be killed. I had no weapons, didn’t even have my fishing knife, no phone service.”
Despite his outlandish claims, John has insisted he's not barking up the wrong tree with his suggestion of a "dog man" existing - and fears someone could "get hurt".
"I’d heard about it (the dog man), and thought it was a joke, but actually I’ve had encounters with it now and it’s terrifying," he said.
“I wouldn’t be putting myself out showing these photos if it was a fake, or I didn’t know that there was actually something there.
“That’s the main reason I came forward, I’m worried that someone’s going to go missing or get hurt, and I’ll have it in the back of my mind that I should have told someone about that.”
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2023.05.30 21:59 encourage_ Just found out I may have bpd and it makes me EXTREMELY scared

I saw my therapist and she implied I have bpd. She didn’t exactly told me I have it but she asked me about some symptoms I have and I did a research and voila. The problem is it makes me feel terrible. I read terrible things about it, like self harm, suicide thoughts etc (which I never had btw), it sounds so scary and new to me. I always used to relate to anxiety disorders but this is different. I relate but I’m not 100% this is what I have. But why does it make me so scared. It sounds extremely intimidating, it says that you definitely need medication (I’m not against it but I’m trying to fight without it, I have my reasons), that you will never have stable relationships (I’ve been in a happy loving relationship for one year and 3 months but last 2,5 months I’m experiencing some rocd symptoms so reading about not stable relationships makes me think yeah you just don’t love your bf anymore, even though I don’t think it’s true).
I don’t know guys. Sorry I just wanted to rant. It sounds like a terrible situation to live in. Every time a tik tok about bpd pops or anything related my heart stops, I start sweating and feel like everything is over. Ita like an instant trigger.
Generally, It’s good to know what you have and be aware of your situation and do research but for me, that I’ve experienced health anxiety as well, it’s like the more I know about disorders the more anxious I get about them, even though logically speaking it’s not something terrible, everyone in this world suffers from something. That’s all I had to say. I’m scared as fuck now… And unfortunately when I read symptoms I tend to create them to myself so what if I start having self harm thoughts or even more negative thoughts about my relationship (apart from rocd-relationship anxiety)
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2023.05.30 21:58 thekaiserkeller Where can I get a passport photo taken of my baby?

Hoping to hear from folks who have successfully gotten this done but happy to take any leads anyone has! Willing to drive anywhere in the Portland area (or Vancouver). I’ve tried taking the photo at home but easier said than done. Tried FedEx but they said they can’t do babies. Walgreens and FedEx websites say they do it but this is feeling like a wild goose chase. Any suggestions?
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2023.05.30 21:58 snagglewolf A Jade Appreciation Post

I remember when he first showed up. I hated him. Just an insufferable, entitled asshole. I remember hoping he'd wander out at night and get got, couldn't stand him.
I'm glad that didn't happen. It's been great watching him develop from being totally a totally unlikable drain on the town to someone who's not afraid to get his hands dirty helping out. Yeah some of that is motivated by his obsession with the visions he's been having, but seeing flashes of empathy for other people in the town, genuinely trying to help someone feel better even if it's in his own brash way is pretty great. Also I feel like if we're gonna learn anything, he's one of the people it's most likely gonna come from.
The asshole side still occasionally pops out, like when Victor came to him in the bar, but he seems to always catch it and tries to apologize for it or make up for it. Also he's one of the few sources of laughs in an otherwise pretty grim show.
Love him, one of my favorite characters. I REEEALLY hope he doesn't go the way of the dude in the photo and ends up getting driven to do awful things by the visions he's been having. I like him too much for him to go out like that.
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2023.05.30 21:58 PipebombDream Complicated

It's been strange. I feel slightly out of control where you are concerned.
You said the same. "I just tell you stuff and-" you make a girlish sound of frustration and laugh into your hands as you wipe your tears away.
It makes me want to take you into my arms, but I don't. You're shattered in the way I have been, and I don't want to be the one to rub all those broken pieces together.
You shyly show me your poetry. Some of it is good. It's syncopated and short, like the songs you perform to. A smile tugs at the corners of my mouth because I can hear you holding your breath.
I had said before I didn't want to start a collection of your clothes, but I've done it anyway. A couple of shirts. Thigh high socks. I washed them yesterday but haven't gotten a chance to give them back.
When I told you my best friend wasn't speaking to me because he heard about it, your bottom lip trembled and you said softly, "that makes me sad for his heart." I was so caught off guard that for once, I wasn't sure what to say. "What do you mean?"
"Well if someone was always with my exes..." You make eye contact with me and turn a deep shade of red and start stumbling over what you meant by "with". I had hushed you and said "take a breath" and you obeyed.
It's been a few days now. I'm not sure what to do. I don't message you. I give you space and time. You can't initiate anything, I've learned, past a message or two when it's been long enough. A movie night, we said. Just the two of us. No doubt the simplest way for us to figure out what the hell our dynamic is.
Are you as confused as I am?
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2023.05.30 21:58 IsabellaGalavant My sister-in-law has cancer. She is married to the worst person I know, and I do NOT want to raise his children. [Rant]

I'm childfree. Have been all my life (and now I'm fixed so no "changing my mind"), my husband knows this and agrees.
My husband's brother is the worst person I know. A narcissistic, Trump-loving, conspiracy theorist nutjob that takes every possible opportunity to be an asshole to anyone and everyone. He once said I was the worst thing to ever happen to my husband (baseless, especially at the time when I was supporting my husband through college). He has not and never will apologize for that, and I don't expect him to. This is the same fucking guy that pointed a gun at his own father and threatened to shoot him while drunk (to "send him to" their older brother that died when he was 19) and copped a charge for discharging a weapon inside a residence (he didn't shoot dad but he did fire the gun).
Anyway, he met and started dating a really nice girl a few years ago, and they've had 2 children together (I don't know how he trapped her into this, she even complains about what an asshole he is), Boy[under 2yr] and Girl[5 months]. Unfortunately, SIL was recently diagnosed with cancer.
Of course I'm here for her and she's not going to fight this alone. But her prognosis isn't good, and she has a low rate of survivability. I'm just being realistic (but would never ever say anything like that to her of course, only support coming from me over here).
My husband and I are the only family members that would be in any kind of position to take the kids, if the worst happens (my husband thinks BIL would "unalive" himself if SIL dies, which I don't agree with, because I know he'd rather use her death to milk as much sympathy as possible, which sounds fucked up but trust me, that's the kind of person he is).
I do not want to raise his children. I don't want to raise any children, but his especially. My mother-in-law is already trying to pressure us into taking the kids "to bond", but they're literally both under 2 years old, I'm not changing their fucking diapers and getting spit up on. She keeps trying to drop them off at our (completely un-baby-proofed, extremely messy and dangerous) house, keeps forcing my husband to go to their house and babysit, etc. I just know she's doing this because she wants us to be basically their primary caregivers if SIL dies. BIL is already pretty uninvolved according to SIL, so that is not a far-fetched assumption on my part.
MIL thinks that I only don't have kids because I can't, not because I don't want to (even though I've corrected her on that many times, and my husband and I were together for 10 years before I had my hysterectomy, if I had wanted a kid, I'd have had one). So she thinks that of course I want to be around the babies and potentially raise them. She will not accept the reality that BIL and I don't get along and never will (be doesn't get along with my husband either, for the record, they barely talk) and that I am not interested in being more than a cool aunt that drops by on holidays and birthdays. And I only do THAT because I like SIL. If it weren't for her, we (me and husband) wouldn't interact with them at all. Like, it's not their fault he's their father, but that's the reality. I already cut my narcissistic family out of my life, I have no problems cutting him and the kids out if I could and no I don't care if that makes me sound like a monster.
Sorry for the rambling, I'm just so annoyed at the whole situation. I feel for SIL of course and Idon't want to make her cancer about me, but holy shit I'm not trying to raise 2 kids that aren't even mine. (My husband also agrees that he doesn't want to raise them, but it could come down to us or foster care.)
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2023.05.30 21:58 k1ngf1isher [B][USA-CO] Fun film camera

Hey everyone,
I'm looking for a fun film camera to compliment my digital OM-1 but not really sure what is good and what to avoid in the analog world of this hobby. I think an original OM-1 would be a lot of fun to have both new and old versions, but open to many options as my lenses won't be compatible.
As for a lens, I do mostly automotive/racing photography so I'm not sure what would pair well with that. I do some nature/landscape when I travel as well, but not a ton. I do really love my insanely crisp photos, but not expecting it to be like my current OM-1. I'm game for a separate lens and body purchase or a combo if you have something nice and ready to ship.
Budget is around $200-$300, but could stretch it a bit more if you have something really cool. I'm not specifically looking for expensive pieces, but might consider it.
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2023.05.30 21:57 Key-Ad9733 I can't pick a character!

I have two great character ideas, but I cannot decide which of the two to play, so I'm asking for opinions here!
Character 1 is CG rock gnome druid (circle of the shepherd) named Badger. The druid would be a hermit that dwells in the woods outside town somewhere. He keeps tabs on the area by talking to the birds and such, he tries to advise people when and where to best plant crops or cut trees, and about when it was a bad time to build fires and stuff. If they ignore him he will give them a hard time with pranks and maybe worse... Like sicking rust monsters on a lumber camp to eat their tools. He means no harm, and wants to protect the natural spaces while also helping the community grow.
Character 2 is Simon, a NG human paladin (oath of valor). The Paladin would be a folk hero. A carpenter and helps build houses and raise barns and things. He is a natural protector for anyone who is week or being bullied even if the perceived bully is a legal authority (hence neutral and not lawful). He is quiet about his own achievements and prefers to let his legend grow by word of mouth from the people he has helped with their problems, but he does despense some rustic sounding wisdom that may not be entirely serious, saying things like 'Well grandmother always said that a beaver's life is just one dam project after another' or 'money talks, but usually it's to say goodbye'. He is still an oath bound man of honor, but the kind that Will tell you a dirty joke while getting shit faced on whiskey.
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2023.05.30 21:57 puppyxguts Driving forest service roads in 23 XLE

Driving forest service roads in 23 XLE
Howdy. I just got my XLE on Friday! I never thought I'd have a new car (came from a beat up 97 Mazda protege). So far its been awesome. Everything is stock so far.
I wanted to go on a long trip around a forest in my area, and as I do, ended up on some forest roads that look like a combo of the two photos which I just found online as close examples. Some larger rocks, some deep ruts that arent captured by any photos i could find (12in? I cant remember because I was stressed lol), no turnarounds. It was a lot, and maybe more stressful for me as I'm used to such tiny cars and not used to SUVs at all and their clearance/capabilities. But, I did take it very slow with trail mode and made it out fine.
Are stock Rav4's fine handling that kind of terrain as long as Im cautious? Any tips on how to navigate roads like this for a novice who wants to do more forest exploration?
I know I should get some different tires, what are some good options? Is there anything else I should try to swap or add to make this kind of driving a bit safer?
Photo 1 is from and the second is from
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2023.05.30 21:56 uwu_woorms_uwu My body keeps freezing every time I have a nervous breakdown, does anyone experience this?

Every time that I breakdown, it feels so heavy. My body freezes up and my thoughts don’t stop. I can’t talk and I can’t move right. I move too slowly, my brain can’t say what it needs to say, and I end up making everyone mad. Last night, I ended up having a nervous breakdown over the fact I couldn’t sleep. I can’t sleep easily, I wake up off and on and never can actually sleep good. I have constant nightmares and last night I was so exhausted. I ended up waking my boyfriend by accident and we fought, he thought I was mad but i couldn’t focus on telling him in that moment. I couldn’t tell him directly without just repeating the same words “go to sleep” I ended up waking his parents, and his mom screamed at me saying that I needed to communicate better and how I’m keeping the whole house up.
I’m hard of hearing, and my hearing is getting worse and worse. I really thought I was quiet, but I wasn’t. She started to say how it’s every night I’m waking them up due to me being so loud. I never knew this. (She said all of this during me having a nervous breakdown) She never told me I was loud, and she never communicated this with me. Then, she told me how they can’t help me, and how I’m not getting better faster and I need to try harder. I’m going through a ton right now. I was kicked out of my home, my family disowned me pretty much, I left a really abusive house hold. And I thought I was getting better. But she said I wasn’t getting better faster. She texted my boyfriend telling him how I sleep all day long and he doesn’t deserve this because he works full time. And that’s what I told him too, and I tried to tell her this but she just didn’t listen. This triggered me a ton. Because instead of her trying to listen, she kept cutting me off and telling me how this was my fault and how I’m not trying harder. It caused me to just shut down even further. I couldn’t focus on what she said and I couldn’t move. My whole body was shaking and I couldn’t talk normally, I talked very slowly and would skip words I was trying to say. Is this common? Everytime I tell someone afterwards that I can’t talk, I can’t tell them what Im actually thinking, they tell me to try harder, that I’m letting the darkness win, or that it’s my fault and I need to put more effort. But I really can’t. It feels so paralyzing. My brain won’t let me talk, my body feels so slow, I can’t move and I just can’t say what I need because I’m so overwhelmed. Am I really not trying harder? Am I just giving up? I don’t understand, I thought I was trying. But is it not good enough?
I think this is important to note; I’m diagnosed with BPD, PTSD, ADHD, insomnia, and depression. Does this correlate with my diagnoses? I can’t find anything online but maybe you guys can help. Any feedback or comments would be so helpful. I just want the words to describe how I’m feeling, terminology, anything, because I can’t describe it to anyone without sounding like a kid.
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2023.05.30 21:56 Bigozeke Freezer works, but not fridge.

My tenant has told me that her refrigerator stopped working. But she also said that the freezer IS working. Assuming this is correct, what could be the cause of this? I would assume the problem is either the fridge temp control knob / thermostat, or whatever mechanical device diverts the cold between fridge and freezer. Does this sound correct? How would I troubleshoot this? Thanks.
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2023.05.30 21:56 TokyoPosted Just found this song today it's only a year old, it's interesting because it sounds like there's a diss/serious allegation against scram jones in it. I can't find any further info or news

Just found this song today it's only a year old, it's interesting because it sounds like there's a diss/serious allegation against scram jones in it. I can't find any further info or news submitted by TokyoPosted to 90sHipHop [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 21:55 MaDMaXvHD *Audio post!!* Checkout this potentially cool way to make a new friend~

Hey there Stranger!
We are all rather familiar with the basics of a text post here on Reddit, or hell- The internet in general.
While I certainly believe some people do an outstanding job at projecting their personality via text.. I am definitely not one of those people!
Therefore, I greet you with a uhh-.. Totally unique and definitely never done before idea (It's sarcasm, shh)
A voice post! Take a listen and see if I sound like someone you would particularly be inclined to wanna chat with. If not? No harm! I completely understand.
Everyone has a flavor they prefer.
Please note!!! --- I did put an emphasis on Gaming Buddies but I can assure you I am looking for friends first and my entire personality is not gaming related or otherwise.
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2023.05.30 21:55 liathecumslut looking for advice, should i send this to my ex? i miss him so much.

i’ve been thinking a lot about how to say this but i’m gonna try mix up a load of words and hope it works out. i miss you. i miss the way you smile, i miss the way you laugh, i miss you hair and your voice, i miss talking to you, i miss you arms, i miss your hugs, i miss your kisses, i miss the way you looked at me and told me you loved me, i miss holding your hand, i miss hugging you, i miss not being able to sleep at night thinking about you, even though i still do that. i miss waking up to good morning texts and i miss going to bed with good night messages, i miss you. i always think about the day you walked me home, the day we sung love songs together, the day i fell asleep in your arms, the first time you told me you loved me, the kiss under the bridge while it was raining, i remember how hard i was smiling when i got home. i miss that. i miss the day i looked into your eyes and you looked into mine when i had to leave your house, and you told me how much you loved me, and it felt peaceful, so happy. i would do anything to feel that way again. i miss being truly happy like that. i miss smiling. nobody else matters to me but you, when i get a notification i always hope it’s from you, you’re still my pinned chat, i still re listen to voice messages you sent to me, i still keep all the photos and that poem you wrote me is still in my phone case, i miss you so much. nobody else really understands me the way you do. when i wake up i wish i didn’t. when i go to sleep hugging my orange bear i cry because i wish it was you. i hate crying whenever i think about you and i hate it when i start loathing myself because i fucked things up, i hate not being with you, i hate that i ruined things, i hate being clean because i was only staying clean for you. i hate being around people because i could be with all my friends but still lonely because i can’t have you. i need you so bad it hurts, i haven’t really slept well since we last spoke. i haven’t been able to eat properly since we last spoke. i’m sorry for being too clingy, i’m sorry my fucked up mental health pushed you away, i’m sorry my body isn’t really good enough, i’m sorry that i want to die all the time, i’m sorry for not loving you well enough but you were always my favourite, in a crowd of people i’d always run straight to you, i lost friends for you, i lost my parents trust for you, if i could i would do anything just to have you back with me. i understand that you don’t feel the same, and i cry every time i see a photo of you or a photo of us because i miss it so much, i never realised how much i needed you till it was taken away from me. i’m not giving up on us. i will work my fucking hardest to fix things between us, i will do anything. ANYTHING. to make us work. please tell me what i need to do to make you happy, to make you mine again, i promise you that i won’t be too clingy, i will give you your space, i will respect boundaries and i will give you so much love and support and happiness, i just want to make my baby smile. whatever you’re unhappy with in our relationship please tell me so i can try to fix it, otherwise i don’t know and i’ll keep upsetting you. healthy relationships are all about communication and i really want us to work. if shaving my head, if throwing away my hello kitty toy, if driving 100 miles every day meant that we could be together then i would do it. i wouldn’t even think twice about doing it if it meant i’d be with you. please, henry, please give me another chance. i love you henry, i never stopped loving you and i never will stop loving you. please just give me another chance.
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2023.05.30 21:55 foodconcerns Can older teens order smaller meals or meals from the children's menu in the Efteling restaurants?

Excuse my bad English, it's not my first language.
Hoi! I'm a 17 y. o. boy who unfortunately fell into the world of disordered eating/eating disorders some time ago. I'm a bit better now, I've stopped using a calorie counting app and gotten into a better mindset but it's still tough. I sometimes have small crying fits or go into panic because I ate too much, which is why I'm here.
My family is visiting Efteling soon. Our stay is 4 days long. I'm very excited, except for the food part. We'll probably go to the restaurants in the park (Pinokkio's, Polles, maybe even Raveleijn) for dinner if we have time during the day and if we don't, we'll eat at the hotel's restaurant. So, can I, a 17 year old, order kids' meals at the restaurants in Efteling? Or can they make smaller meals?
I'm asking because if someone brings a big plate of food to me, I'll devour the whole thing. I simply can't not eat it all. But then when I do clean the plate, I fall into panic because, well, I overate. It's not fun so I'd rather avoid the whole situation by just ordering a smaller meal. And honestly, a tornado potato and chicken Raveleijn style? Sounds absolutely delicious. Heart shaped pancake with fruit? Love it. Call me childish and I will not care because to me, children's meals are superior and not only from the "they don't make me have meltdowns" standpoint.
Recommendations on lunch places are also appreciated! The chat bot told me some places have "magical mushrooms" as their menu thingies, could someone explain what they are, exactly?
Thanks in advance!
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2023.05.30 21:54 sugoikoi Label is using bots to inflate my release on Spotify, is this bad?

A label I signed a track with put it in some Spotify playlists and is obviously using bots to inflate the streams over the last few days. The ratio is like 17k plays but only 5k listeners so it's over 3 streams per listener which sounds very unrealistic in the span of a few days.
I don't want my Spotify account to be negatively impacted by bot activity. I thought that the label would promote it organically, what should I do? Is this kind of activity actually bad on Spotify or should I be fine?
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