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2023.05.30 22:51 Bwgmon Thought exercise: Games that are, in some way, similar to Kirby

I've been curious about this for a while, so I decided I'd go ahead and make a thread for it.
So, what games do you know of that are, in at least some form, similar to Kirby? Games having at least one noteworthy characteristic that, while not necessarily the same, can at least give off similar vibes, such as with the artstyle, tones, core gameplay mechanics*, or overall personality.
\Core gameplay mechanics such as copying enemy abilities, converting enemies into helpers, each game in the series having an 11th-hour over-the-top mechanic, etc. Things Kirby is famous for.)
To give some examples, here's the ones I've come up with:
The Adventures of Lolo series is probably the most obvious, being a set of games produced by HAL themselves. The gameplay is nothing like Kirby, but the character aesthetic is very close, to the point that HAL took no issue putting Lolo and Lala (and I believe Blocky also originated there) into a few Kirby games.
The Legendary Starfy is another series that comes to mind. While it's a bit less combat-oriented than Kirby (if memory serves, levels usually revolve around trying to solve some kind of puzzle), the artstyle has a similar saccharine vibe.
A few more, pushing much closer to the limits I've considered:
Several Castlevania games, most obvious of which would be Aria of Sorrow and Dawn of Sorrow feature a mechanic where the protagonist can steal souls from monsters and add their abilities to his repertoire. While it's not really Copy, this is the kind of thing I mean by being similar but not the same. Nearly every Igavania/Metroidvania has this feature on some level, but Soma's games are the most notable for this, I think.
Stretching to the absolute limit would be the Mega Man and Mega Man X games, where defeating bosses will almost always give you access to one of their attacks. (some spinoff series might count, but I feel most of them divert their upgrades too far from the "powers you gain are directly tied to what you fought" aspect)
So, with that said, I'm curious to know what everyone else would consider when they think of "games kinda similar to Kirby." I want to see how far the thought process can be stretched and just how many games people consider that fit the bill.
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2023.05.30 22:50 QuabityAsuance Opinions on the Hine Lake area?

My wife and I are moving to Colorado from out of state. We were initially planning on buying a home in west Lakewood or Arvada because I am somewhat familiar with the area. However, I am now seeing homes we like in west Littleton near Hine Lake, but am nervous because I have never been to the area.
Just from online research, it seems like the pros are: good access to hiking, seems like quiet and safe residential areas;
And it seems like the cons are: quite a bit of a commute to Denver, not many options for food/other amenities (especially given that Hine Lake is ~18 minutes to DT Littleton).
Could anyone shed some light on what it is like to live in west Littleton? Pros/cons? How does this area compare to west Lakewood?

Thanks in advance for the help!
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2023.05.30 22:50 Amazing_Ad_3948 Very thin gecko

Very thin gecko
My gecko has always been very thin, when I bought him (a yeah ago) he was basically the same weight as he is now: I wasnt really worried back then, as I thought he would fatten up quickly. But he never did... He eats just fine, but he just doesn't get any fatter?
I brought him to the vet a couple months ago, who gave him something against parasites but basically nothing has changed since (i think he might even have lost a little bit of weight but idk)
He usually eats red runner roaches, how many depends on how many he eats but i'd say about 3/4 every 2 days? (He doesn't like dubias) He loves mealworms but they give him diarrhea so i stopped feeding them to him
He is pretty energetic despise everything, if it's important
I think I've said everything, do yall have any suggestions on what to do?
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2023.05.30 22:49 Historical-Shark77 How long before breastmilk dries up?

I’m still bf my 2.5yo once, sometimes two times a day, usually at night to put him down to sleep, but when demanded I’ve used my boob-power for naps as well. This long weekend, we were away from home and with the schedule changed a little I noticed that the days he bf for nap he didn’t need it for bedtime and it gave me hope that I might be coming to an end of my bf journey.
I wonder how many days without breastfeeding need to pass before I no longer produce any bm, I know it might be a case-by-case thing but, is there a way to just get a close estimate or something?
Also, a friend’s suggestion, was to going on a trip away from him while my milk dries up. Anyone has done this? I wouldn’t like to go cold-turkey, it’s a big reason why we’re still bf.
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2023.05.30 22:49 commander-pancakes Why is CJ McCollum still the head of the NBPA after the blown 2016 offseason negotiations?

I'm not very informed about how collective bargaining works in the NBA and how these deals are negotiated so forgive my ignorance, but after how the lack of cap-smoothing in 2016 screwed over every team except the Warriors, why was he not replaced?
He has even spoken on how his decisions representing the players association led to him securing the biggest bag of his career during his prime, while players just one offseason later got much lower contracts relative to comparable FAs from the year prior. Now in the 2023 offseason, CJ has arguably made more decisions as the NBPA president and head representative that greatly benefit himself and his career while screwing over other players.
Unless many ownership groups are willing to endure the second apron penalties AND actually able to build competitive rotations under the new tax restrictions, teams with the best chances of contending will be those with multiple star players on undervalued contracts(most likely rookie contracts).
Furthermore, current teams with multiple players on Max/Supermax contracts are essentially handicapped with very limited flexibility to make roster moves. Six of the Eight highest spending teams in the NBA this season were Western conference teams seeded above the New Orleans Pelicans, CJ's current team, for most of the regular season.
Most of those teams have major decisions to make this offseason and over the next 5 years or so:
  1. GSW is likely to move on from either Poole, Draymond, or Klay in the next 2 offseasons unless Draymond and Klay commit to pay cuts.
  2. The Clippers had an arguably incomplete roster for most of the season made worse by the number of games PG and Kawhi missed.
  3. The Mavericks main hope of contention lies in retaining Kyrie but roster constructing beyond that will be difficult.
  4. The Suns have 2 of the biggest stars in Durant and Booker but the rest of the roster is seriously lacking and they are probably stuck with DA's contract.
  5. The Lakers have key players that must be resigned and if they can't compete next season Lebron likely moves on.
  6. Denver is actually lucky to have their two most important guys on the books for only $80 million-ish combined for at least the next few years.
So basically CJ's decision as the players representative is leading to the weakening of 5/6 teams considered to be perennial contenders in the West, meanwhile CJ's team the Pelicans have some of the best value contracts in the NBA (when healthy). Furthermore, the Pelicans had an incredibly hot start to the season and had a chance at a high seed before Zion went down and even after made it to the play-in tournament.
Looking back to 2016 now, in my opinion CJ was not a number 2 option for a true contender but still got a max contract extension. Under the new cap rules, how many guys of CJ's caliber will get max contract offers? Probably only guys on teams without 2 real star players or small market non-contending teams, since if the Celtics resign both Tatum and Brown to max deals they will be on the books for ~$110 million. CJ is now 31 years old, on the back 9 of his career with this Pelicans team probably being his last chance to win a ring while making a lot of money. He can't play defense and he's probably only the 3rd best player on his team, but their main veteran presence. You could argue that between the 2016 CBA and the new CBA, things could not have gone better for CJ's career as he has maximized his earnings and now placed himself in a position to secure a championship legacy if he can win in NO.
However, a player of CJ's caliber may find themselves completely screwed over in a couple years with most NBA teams paying 2 guys money in the $100 million dollar range while the 13 other guys fight for scraps.
Taking off my tinfoil hat for now to say I was a fan of CJ and his runs with the Blazers. I also enjoy his media appearances. However, especially because he made a point of speaking out regarding his mistakes with the 2016 CBA, if this new CBA plays out as some fear CJ should become one of the more hated figures of the contemporary NBA. There are many possible benefits of the deal including parity and player retention, but the downsides of possibly eroding the middle class of NBA earners and the fact that this change seems to greatly benefit CJ suggests he probably should not have been in the driver's seat for the negotiations either this year or in 2016. The conflict of interest is apparent in both cases and if CJ wins a ring with the Pelicans his decisions should fall under greater scrutiny.
Let me also say I'm a complete amateur and I don't understand how the NBPA works or how front offices will respond and adapt to these changes, but to my untrained eyes it seems that the priorities of the NBPA in each of the last 2 CBAs have coincided very neatly with CJ's personal priorities.
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2023.05.30 22:48 breyer_fan_girl My story

[TRIGGER WARNING: I was underage when this took place] Hello, everyone. I don’t know why I’m posting here, four years after it happened. I still feel guilty about this incident to this day.
When I was 16, I had a boyfriend. He was very physically pushy, to the point that I thought I was a lesbian because I was so afraid of him touching me and so repulsed by it. However, I did care about him deeply and thought that it was all my fault, that there was something wrong with me.
The first major incident is when I gave him a blowjob, and I told him not to facefuck me, but he did. I started to cry and he asked what was wrong and I said it was making me bleed and I just wanted it to be over. He continued to facefuck me until he finished. The next day, I wrote him after calling a friend, and he said I had hurt him because my teeth had hit him while I was crying, so we were both at fault.
The second incident was in a taxi. I had made out with him previously (I usually never did because I was afraid of him but he pressured me). He got into the cab with me and started shoving his hands in my pants and inside of me. I yelled for him to get off of me, but he wouldn’t. I kept pulling his hands out of my pants. He didn’t stop and fought me for it. I just remember the icy feeling when e stuck his hands inside of me. I ended up hitting him several times before her got off of me.
A little while after this he talked to me about having sex alone in his flat. I was afraid and I asked him how does he know that he won’t rape me, to which he replied that I could tie him to the bed to stop him. He also threatened to kill himself if I ever left him.
I just still feel so bad about this. Everyone told me about how much he loved me. My parents still ask about him. I once called him a rapist and my mother said not to call him that and wait until I’m older to decide what he is. I wasn’t perfect at this time in my life either, however I just feel like I shouldn’t be upset about it because look how many people have worse stories than me.
I’m sorry for this long rant, I just still have so many negative effects and I am tired of him living in my head and wondering if I a m crazy.
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2023.05.30 22:48 TXGentlemanCHDLY This came in the mail today!

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2023.05.30 22:48 Quirky_Yesterday_183 Tested positive for GHSV-1

Just tested positive for GHSV-1
How did this happen?
Here’s the breakdown: I am a woman dating a man. I lost my PIV virginity to my current partner. Declining to share my age as I am a late bloomer. I’m in my 30’s.
I have received oral sex from 5 men including the current one. Two of these encounters happened only once.
I tested negative for IGG blood HSV-1 and 2 several years ago. After that I had oral sex a few times with one partner and then nothing for a few years.
My current partner tested negative for IGG blood HSV1 and 2 approximately 2 weeks before our first date but he did have some sexual encounters including receiving oral in that time frame. He has also had many more sexual partners than I have.
He said a few weeks ago he was having itching on his shaft, no outbreak and we suspected nothing.
I had a few sores appear last week, got swabbed , and boom, GHSV-1.
He is going to get tested.
I’m just in shock.
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2023.05.30 22:48 sr_michifus about speed changes and the community

I don't know how to think about it, I have always been in this sub, and nobody talked or asked to modify the speed, the complaints were always about performance, LOD or hitbox, why implement something that nobody asked for? and the worst, the developers don't say anything about it until now, it is not known if it will continue or return as before, but something is for sure, it is a problem that did not exist and from now on it will divide the community, very smart move with te community in mind eh.
in fact, we do not receive better performance, LOD or hitbox.
It is easy to see that the modification was not very planned or analyzed, because not only broke the meta, gun n run now has more benefits than cons, why make garries when you can spawn on a OP and make great advance in seconds, I see many new players fine with that, but wow, coincidentally are those who never participate with the team, being clear, long ago that team play comes in decline, but this worsens the direction of the team-play game.
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2023.05.30 22:48 arkeller Repost: My (35F) husband (36M) had a months-long affair with my sister (20F)

I've posted about this in here before, but ended up deleting the post on day 1 because my WH found the post, since I didn't attempt to conceal my name or use a throw-away account. I've since just blocked him and his family, because Idrk who else to talk to about this stuff. So here I am again. It's been a little over 3 weeks, and for the most part, friends and family don't check in with me as regularly. I'm tired of thinking about it, tired of talking about it, but also can't get away from it.
He moved out the weekend before last, and I'm feeling some relief from not having him in sight all the time, but I'm also overwhelmed with having been thrown into single-parenthood so suddenly and unexpectedly. I feel like I don't have the space to grieve properly, because I have the hearts of my children to look after.I got a lot of feedback on my OP, most of it useful and thoughtful, some of it not so much. I'm sure that not everyone who finds themselves reading this post will have also read the last one, but I did want to add a little bit of context for those who did:
My husband and sister did not grow up around each other, so I'm not really concerned with the grooming aspect. -at least not in a long-term sense. Growing up I lived with my mother, and she lived with our father. She was only 3 when I moved out of the house, 6 by the time he and I got married. However, our being a mil family made visits home infrequent, and even then I'd usually go alone. He likely only ever met her 2-4 times at all before she moved to the same city us late last year.
Her version is that she was victimized by him. I KNOW it sounds incredibly shitty to not believe someone claiming to a victim, so I do want to clarify some things here: 1. I DO believe that she is and has been a victim in the MANY sexual relationships she has had with much older men, and that she seeks these relationships as the result of some deep-seated traumas from her childhood. HOWEVER, she has always entered into these relationship consensually and has never considered herself a victim of these men. Should the men have been/known better? Absolutely. Did they still actively engage in very inappropriate relationships with her citing her consent as their gross justification. Absolutely. So while, yes, I absolutely believe that my husband was the one who should have been responsible for managing their relationship as the much older player, I also do not believe that she ever felt victimized by him, but now claims to have been to earn my sympathy and forgiveness.
His version is that she sought him out even prior to their first exchange, and then began indirectly threatening him that she would tell me if their relationship didn't continue. He was also very drunk the first time, she had had nothing to drink, and according to him, initiated the encounter.
Things I do know: She sent a friend request to his FetLife account 5 days prior to the first encounter. She sent a friend request to her BILs social media account which contained multiple nude photos. I believe she at least fantasized about him, if she didn't actually plan to initiate sexual contact.
Will I ever know the full truth of what happened or why? Probably not. Idk if they're both lying or if they both actually buy into the bullshit webs they're spinning. Idk how much it even matters anymore, and Idk how I'll feel in 6 months, or 1 year, or 5 years, but today, right now, Idk how I'll ever forgive either of them for what they've done.
Also updated to add: I did tell my children, on the advise of my therapist. Because my children were very close with their aunt, this one couldn't be as easily managed by just omitting the "why" of our divorce. And there was a fear that it would come out later in an uncontrolled way or that I would have to create a story around why their aunt is no longer in their lives. It felt like the only thing to do was to tell them enough of the truth. And it's all just been really hard.
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2023.05.30 22:47 mavilavi Swelling but not quite

Hi all, I’m a new to Reddit, please bear with me if I don’t react or do as I should on here. I have recently been diagnosed with POTS, along EDS and possible MCAS. I’m not sure which one causes this particular symptom but on days I overdo it (which, as we all know, depends on the day; sometimes walking up a flight of stairs requires me to regroup 😅 but I mean, a full day of spring cleaning and moving things around), my face and body swells up as they do when all my symptoms flare up. It’s not an edema and it is not painful only uncomfortable. It did add to the confusion for 6 years, and explains why before being diagnosed, a nephrologist had told me to reduce my salt intake so I wouldn’t retain water (yeah, I know). It is not water, I do not gain weight, I gain inches/centimeters in my trunk (not my legs) and my face becomes rounder, the lunar shape someone taking small doses of cortisol might get. It does look like an allergic reaction so I assume it is MCAS related… but maybe not as it seems it is exhaustion related. I was wondering if anybody has that symptom as a Potsie, if you have identified the triggers and if a doctor has explained to you what the cause is - my internist is quite baffled by this one. Thank you all. Take care!
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2023.05.30 22:47 mebunghole Workmans Comp

When a prospective employer in NC is doing an employment screening on you can they look up past workman's comp claims? Can this prevent you from being hired? I work in manufacturing now and I've had many minor injuries on the job. I once even had to get a tetanus shot at a clinic and suddenly I got something in the mail saying I'm eligible for workman's comp due to lost wages I suppose. My question is if I made the claim then how will it affect my future job prospects if I went in to say retail?
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2023.05.30 22:47 BlueishMonster Never ending spiral of loneliness

I am a self proclaimed introvert, I don't have many friends and I like it that way however I also appreciate that I am still a social creature so any time even just interacting with them feels like I just hit gold.
I always say I don't mind if my messages go unread for a while because instant replies make me nervous if it's not the right person or an engaging conversation. But I don't mean days going on weeks.
I really want to start opening up to my friends about my ED and I've already told one and very much regret it. It's really difficult to open up to people and have a better friendship if you can hardly get your foot in their door.
I completely understand they have lives and jobs and their own mental sh!t but sometimes I just think they don't actually want to be friends with me no matter how much they express the opposite.
I'm running out of patience and I'm running out of trust. What makes it worse is that I'm not even good at messaging people, people i considered great friends i've kind of subconsciously dropped for stupid reasons and i'm not that interested in being friends anymore.
I've tried writing this out multiple times and I still don't think i figured out how to say what I'm thinking properly but here we are
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2023.05.30 22:47 _mattske How Many 900's Can You Link In Succession?

Not always the most practical thing to do, but a challenge I've set for myself is linking 900's back to back in combos to see how many I can get before losing the speed enough to throw the next one.
Right now I can do (4) in a row. I find it easiest in bowls, rather than half pipes, and especially works well in places like Venice Beach or the Warehouse where it's really just made of quarter pipes. There is a weird thing that happens in the physics where it speeds up and allows for it.
If anybody has gotten (5) in a row, I'd love to know what you do to keep the speed up.
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2023.05.30 22:47 Different_Stress_798 Ex ruined me as a person yet gets to move on and live a happy life

My ex boyfriend and I were very toxic together. We first got together when I was 15 and he was 20 (gross I know). For 8 years now we have had an off and on relationship. Around 5 years ago we broke up and a month or two later I had slept with someone else. When we got back together I was honest with him and he hit me across the face. Then he made me imitate what exactly I did with the other guy for 7+ months. He wouldn’t drop it. After that, I was scared of him. We broke up three years ago because he told me he slept with 12 other women behind my back. After two years, it really seemed like he changed. Stupid of me, I know. The first week he did change. Then he asked me how many people I slept with the two years we were broken up. I wasn’t honest and went to many lengths to lie because I was scared of his reaction.
We started living together and trying for a baby as soon as we got back together. Once I was finally honest with him, two months into our relationship, he made my life a living hell. He is in alcoholic so every day he would get drunk. He would drunkenly tell me how ugly I’ve gotten and how I am only with him because no one else wants my damaged self, he would make comments about how I turned into a “heffer”. He would call me loose. He would tell me I’m a slt and whore every single day. He would antagonize me then take videos of me acting crazy. Being told how ugly, fat, disgusting, you are for hours straight every single day really took a toll on me. It got to a point where I would curl in a ball crying begging him to stop but he wouldn’t. I could’ve kicked him out but at that point, I lost all self love. I found the only way I could get him to stop was when I hit him.
Once I hit him he would hold me and tell me to calm down. I didn’t do it super often but it was the only way to get him to stop. More than once he has hit me back. The worst was last year. We went to a party and he was so drunk when we left he forced me to get into the car because I “embarrassed him” then he beat me up for hours straight. He told me he picked where he was going to kill/bury me. I jumped out of a moving car to get away from him and he tackled me and drug me back in the car. When we got to his moms house he wouldn’t let me call anyone and his mom told him to get out of her house. He sent a suicide text to everyone he knows. Then his mom let him back inside. She went back to bed and I tried leaving and he choked me until I passed out. The next day I had a black eye and bruises all over my head/bald spots from him pulling my hair out but he begged me to let him stay with me. So I let him. That wasn’t the last time he layed hands on me. After that instance, he cheated around 6 times by messaging other girls. I started hating him but wasn’t strong enough to leave. We would have one good day and 5 bad days but the one good day felt worth it to me. Even if the 5 bad days I spent having anxiety crying my eyes out being verbally abused. He also pinned his family and friends against me. Made me out to be a terrible person and a terrible significant other. He would get drunk and lie about the person I am so they all would hate him and tell him to leave. When in reality, no one understands what I was put through. They all think I’m this abusive toxic person when really, I didn’t have any other way to defend myself or to get him to stop.
Now fast forward, we’ve been broken up for two months. Since then he has posted more girls on his social media then I can count. Every story he’s made has been directed towards me. It’ll be a post of another girl with something I’ve said to him before in a fight. Or a song I’ve showed him. We never stopped talking during this whole break up. He would call me drunkenly every other day crying saying he loves me and wishes I would’ve never lied about my body count. Or he talked about how we were supposed to have a kid and have a life. He claimed he posted girls to hurt me when he’s drunk and he’s sorry but these girls mean nothing and its just an ego boost. Around a month ago we decided to be friends and he promised he would stop posting girls because I told him how hard it is for me to stop checking his stuff. He then talked about getting back together and cried on the phone saying how in love he is with me. He texted me the whole week making me promise I’ll get back together with him and marry him and have his kids once we both fix the broken parts of ourselves. He made me promise to not give up on us. I did.
Fast forward two weeks ago he asked what I was doing during the weekend and I said going to Indianapolis to celebrate my friends birthday. He asked if I was going out to the bar and I said maybe. He hung up and texted me that he is done contacting me because he’s not going to sit around waiting for me while I wh*re around. He told me the second I even kiss another guy he will never speak to me again… even after he’s already slept with and posted multiple girls on his social media. I told him that wasn’t what I was going to Indy for and that I find it really funny how he can drink everyday and do whatever he wants but as soon as I drink once, it’s this. He never texted back. Posted another girl on his story the next day. The next two weeks he’s posted the same girl ignoring me. I called him asking for the $350 he owes me and he said he would send it while the girl was in the background laughing at me. He never did. Yesterday he posted a picture with the other girl with a love song attached to it. She went to his families party at his moms house. I don’t understand how after two weeks he feels strongly enough about this girl to post about her so much or bring her around his family. He’s posted her more than he’s ever posted me in almost 8 years. I’m not an ugly looking girl btw. I think that’s where a lot of his insecurity with me came in. But the girl he’s talking to is also very pretty so idk.
I’m just feeling very lost. I didn’t have intentions on getting back with him until he was done drinking for atleast a year and going to therapy. I get that was sort of a pipe dream but I’m just sad. I know I deserved better but also a part of me feels like maybe I deserved all of this. Maybe me lying about my body count made me deserve all the messed up things he did to me. On the contrary, I have never laughed as hard as anyone as I have with him. I’ve never been comfortable with anyone besides him. I’ve never felt so in love yet so hateful at the same time as I have with him. I feel empty and I wish this feeling would just go away. I don’t get why he gets to move on and be happy and live life like I never existed with a new girl while I sit here in genuine pain.
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2023.05.30 22:46 TNJCrypto Crypto (for Coneheads)

I've noticed a concerning lack of crypto awareness and education in this amazing conemunity, and I'd like to help if possible.
There's some good etiquette involved in other crypto-affiliated social communities that helps to protect people and raise awareness, as well as a plethora of peripheral resources available, but expecting every new conehead to go out and find this stuff on their own is a big ask. Recently I was made aware of the fact that AvatarTrading no longer allows discussion of CONE and I suspect that this may have been based on some potentially misleading statements. What I'd like to see is the conemunity become generally more finance and crypto savvy, with the ability to adequately justify their decisions knowing full well the potential costs along with hyping in a way that reduces potential harm and further misunderstanding. There's no reason why cones can't be the medium for educating people on either side of the evil white line.
My question is, how many people would actually care if I were to take some time and make a "best practices to keep cones safe in crypto" guide book? Was thinking maybe picture/childs bookish to make it more interesting and postable?
We can then use these things to educate our children as well when they get old enough to learn about crypto and digital finance. Idk, feel free to tell me that it's a terrible idea and to fuck off if you want but I think it could help create a more positive impression of coneheads and the conemunity. Much cone love
View Poll
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2023.05.30 22:46 GreyMutt2033 So That's It.

So Liz is inside. For those of us that have followed this story by what ever means, have we arrived at the final chapter of our book?
I know for many of the victims finanacial and medical the pain goes on. While we cannot forget the scientist driven to suicide. His family will continue to live with their loss.
I suspect that interest will now rapadily fade.
How do people in the group feel?
What corporate drama are you now following?
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2023.05.30 22:46 norashepard On reporting a therapist (US)

There are a lot of posts about reporting therapists here. There’s a FAQ that outlines the logistical process, but I thought I’d talk a bit about emotional risk, justice, and closure for the specific group of folks reporting therapists who traumatized them. I hope this is helpful for some. Sorry in advance if it upsets anyone. Please be kind. I’m not a therapist fyi, just in the (long) middle of the process.
  1. Remember that the license is a legal agreement with the state, not a professional organization. Accordingly, this is a legal process that could potentially end in a formal disciplinary hearing between your therapist and the state (not you). As in any legal matter, the burden of proof is on you, so you want to gather as much tangible evidence as you can. You may want to give up because you don’t have direct correspondence with the therapist or (one-party state) recordings, but evidence might also include journals, texting or chatting with others about it, social media, or other dated material. Searching through old chats and rereading exchanges, taking screenshots, etc. can be destabilizing (at least it was for me). Depending on the state and/or the violation, you may also need to prepare for a phone call with the lead investigator, which can of course be stressful, and even retraumatizing. You should have plans in place for support. Having my own therapist at this moment was essential.
  2. You need to write a statement that explains what happened. As the FAQ says, it’s good to explain exactly which codes your therapist violated. Some people are better writers than others. While someone can’t write the statement for you, someone you trust can maybe help you with phrasing and grammar, and also help you see where information may be missing. Understandably this may be hard to do because it requires you to share, but if you feel comfortable sharing with someone, I would recommend it.
  3. Despite the fact that this is a legal matter, this is not at all like a lawsuit on your end. All you do is write a statement, include evidence, submit the report, maybe talk to an investigator. That should be it. No defense attorney is there to make you look crazy. You won’t need to see your therapist, though they’ll have read your complaint. After speaking to the investigator (if your case warrants it), that’s likely the end of the process for you.
  4. The disciplinary action may not match the pain you experienced. I see a lot of people telling various OPs to report their therapist because they deserve to “lose their license.” Most of the discipline is rehabilitation. The majority of penalties within recent years in my state are $200-1000 and continuing education, sometimes with a reprimand, audit (ethics), probation, or suspension. For example, one case with multiple ethical conduct violations with clients mandates continuing credits, no fine. One unethical conduct case is simply a reprimand. Another unethical conduct case mandates a few years probation and a course. One disciplined for abandonment had their license suspended for five days. Neglected clients, one year probation. You get the idea. Most unethical conduct penalties allow therapists to continue to practice without interruption. Revocations or surrenders of licenses for unethical conduct with clients were almost exclusively for sexual misconduct. You could check your state records to see how yours handles things (some reports are hard to find or unavailable). All this said, all disciplinary action is public—available for both colleagues and clients to see—and can affect further employment and malpractice insurance. I also imagine reports from multiple clients accumulate. Just don't expect them to lose their license. Ask yourself if a lenient penalty is better than nothing. If my therapist wouldn’t have lost his license, I would have been devastated to the point of severe SUI. Arkansas has an unusually detailed list of actions if you want some idea. For some states you can read the Consent Orders.
  5. As the FAQ says, be prepared to wait. There may be a quick turnaround, but unfortunately more likely it will take many months, even more than a year, depending on the efficiency of your state board and/or the amount of cases they’re investigating. The wait time could even be longer than the statute of limitations period for a malpractice lawsuit in your state (unfortunate because the report is very useful in a lawsuit). My state’s statute of limitations is 2 years and it’s been 1.5 years since reporting. I still haven’t received closure on my investigation. I spoke to the investigator over a year ago and never heard anything again. Since then the case has changed investigators and my therapist has retired. I’m trying to forget it, since he isn’t practicing, but if he were still practicing I’d probably be losing my absolute shit. Consider if you’re the type to obsess. Will you check every month? Every week? Every day? Is the complaint going to interfere with your own healing for as long as it takes to resolve? And is the complaint worth that? It unequivocally may be, but best to check in with yourself.
  6. For your sanity, it’s important to stay realistic about the guidelines under which the board is working, and the limitations of the system. Some violations are obviously easier to prove than others. The grey area is not actionable. For example, emotional abuse is one of the most damaging experiences one can have in life, but also complex and hard to undeniably prove (“were you just misreading or misinterpreting?”). On the flip, something that hurt you very much may not be unethical, at least not under the ethics code. The violations in your case need clear definition. Some members of the board may even be more sympathetic to you than your therapist, but they still need to be careful in adjudicating because, again, this is a legal process with major ramifications for the therapist. How will you stay stable and safe if your very valid complaint is rejected because it didn’t fit neatly into the box?
  7. Because you’re reporting a traumatic experience, it’s really best to work with a therapist if you’re ready and able. A therapist can ask you questions, and you can ask them questions, within an actual conversation. They can help you figure out if a report is warranted, then help you process and understand your goals, if you even want to file, and then consider if it might be potentially harmful enough for you to postpone the report. And, if you do file, they can help with the preparation as appropriate, and to keep you stable during it. I can’t emphasize enough how important my therapist has been in my pursuit of justice and closure. I truly think she saved my life.
I’m sure others here have been through the process and can share their own experiences. Just thoughts from my limited experience of the process.
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2023.05.30 22:46 Uncuredweiner93 How do I get him to leave?

I (48F) have been with Peter (52M) for almost 10 years. We live together (I own the house) but keep finances separate.We were engaged at one point, broke up, but he never moved out.I have not been invested in this relationship for years. We don't sleep in the same bedroom, I cringe when he touches me. We basically only get along well when we are both drinking alcohol (which is another problem. I want to quit and live sober, he likes to get trashed a couple times a week. This is making it very difficult for me to quit). There are many other problems too. Too many to bring up here.
He knows I'm not feeling this relationship and complains about it. I ask him why he sticks around if he's so miserable and he talks about how our dogs and I are his only family or says that he loves me and wants to make it work. Despite us both having good jobs, we live in an area where housing prices are insane and cannot afford to live alone.
Like I mentioned, I own the house, so I cannot physically leave. I have no other romantic prospects or else i would use that as a reason to get him to leave. How do I manage to get out of this?
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2023.05.30 22:45 ScantlyChad [DIPLOMACY] The End of the Ottoman-Safavid War of 1517-1518

Though Shah Ismail Safavid had won two great battles against the Ottoman-Georgian forces which had invaded his realm, his realm could fight no longer. These two victories had come at extremely high costs, rendering the Sfavaids unable to continue the war in any useful capacity. The remnants of Ismail's army was a force less than half of what it once was; it had been reduced not only by Ismail's costly losses on the field of battle but also through disease and desertions, both maladies which now plagued his realm at large. And though he might have wanted to try for a third great victory, it was only after a great deal of protest from his advisors that Ismail was convinced that it was not the external invaders which were the largest threat to his rule, but the rising challenges from within. It was time to make peace.
And so, the Shah dismissed his levies and nomads, wintered in the interior of his realm once again, and then sent representatives to Tabriz to make peace with the Ottomans and Georgians. Ismail's heavy losses, inability to liberate his occupied lands, and piling internal debts and threats meant that his negotiating position would be weak. But, to their credit, the representatives were able to avoid the most extreme of demands, such as the recognition of the right of Hasan Sultan to rule in Shirvan, as well as securing a peace treaty without the unpopular provisions of previous Ottoman-Safavid peaces.
And so, the following treaty had been agreed upon and signed by both parties:
Article I: All parties agree to total, unrestricted cooperation in protecting against pirates in the Persian Gulf and the Indian Ocean.
Article II: All parties agree to uphold the ancient rights of merchants in each other's realms. This includes providing for their protection, ensuring they are given the same rights as native merchants, and that all debts held by merchants in one realm is considered valid in the other realm.
Article III: Shah Ismail will cede the regions of Armenia and Far Northern Tabriz to Georgia, along with the Melikdoms of Karabakh (Guylistan, Jaraberd, Khachen, and Dizak). Shah Ismail will cede the regions of Van, Mosul, Baghdad, Basra, and Western Ardalan to the Ottomans.
Article IV: To promise peace, Shah Ismail agrees to send his nephews, Hosayn Khan and Durmeş, as hostages to the Ottoman court for the duration of this peace.
Article V: The existing peace will be renewed in five years, upon which, the hostages presented will either be still in their position or be replaced for the sake of peace.
Article VI: The Sublime Porte agrees to pay Shah Ismail 400,000 civilian florins to help rebuild Tabriz.
Article VII: Shah Ismail agrees for Georgian agents to locate and rescue captives within the Safavid realm for a period of five years.
However, with all such peaces, this was nearly immediately broken.
Durmish Khan Shamlu had spent the last year of his loyal service to Shah Ismail skirmishing against the forces of Prince Demetre and Hasan Sultan, and he had been winning! And now, there was news from the Shah that rather than rewarded, he and his brother would be removed from command and sent as prisoners to the Ottomans? The insult was too great.
In what appears to be the first of many such instances, Durmish Khan Shamlu and his brother have renounced their allegiances to Shah Ismail. With such great losses, this Shah Ismail cannot be the prophesized, ever-victorious Shia warrior that was said to be sent by God, and why follow anyone if not that great warrior? The prophecy of the Mahdi has not yet come to fruition, perhaps it will come about another day.
In an attempt to restore some of his prestige and reputation as that of a Shia Gazi warrior, Ismail has started to make good on his promise to his fanatical Ulema and Qizilbash followers that his heretical SUnni subjects will be converted to Shia Islam by any manner possible, no matter how harsh. Mass conversions of the Iranian population have only just begun, with some efforts more brutal than others, sparking yet another round of malcontentment amongst the ever-troubled populace.
However, even with this attempt to restore his reputation as a Shia warrior, Shah Ismail is still losing even his most trusted followers. Several Turcoman tribes have migrated away from his realm, some returning to the Ottoman Empire where the new rhetoric of the Sultan Korkut appeals to them, others to the freer territories of the North Caucasus, and some even pressing further east into central Asia. Some of these tribes remain within the realm, such as the Shamlu brothers, who have taken with them a few hundred followers and continue to make war in the north against not just Hasan Sultan but also the people of the countryside. Such acts are common among the now disgruntled class of Turcoman nomads. Brigandage is on the rise in Shah Ismail's troubled realm, spurred on by wild fanatical nomads and Sunni Gazi resistance.
Such issues of the breakdown of the realm peace have also spread to Georgia. Though Armenia was ceded to the Georgians in the peace deal, their grasp over this region is tenuous, as it remains plagued by marauders from Ismail's army who came to this region in chase of the Georgian army and never left after the war was ended. Now, they roam the countryside in search of revenge and plunder against the local Christian population.
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2023.05.30 22:45 Fun_Temperature_1568 He badly bruised my ego, twice in 16 years

This is my first try at posting something.
I (32F) have always been very conscious about my appearance and not so good looks, as a fat girl among a bunch of healthy and fit relatives. I always knew that I will never be successful in the romance department, no guy would ever want me. I have heard comments about my looks from people from a very early age. So, all these resulted in low self esteem, and confidence. I had crushes on boys when I was 14/15, but never let anyone know because I was afraid of judgmental eyes.
But somehow I got confessed to when I was 14, by a boy who was a neighbor of my then bestie. He was my age, good looking, and very smart. I knew he was above my league, and I happened to be crushing on one of my classmates at that time. So, I rejected him. Just after my 15th birthday, I got a written confession from another boy (he was almost 21), he said in the letter that he had loved me for 3 years at that time. (I know it sounds fross now, a 18 yo falling in love with a 12yo, but it didnot at that time.. Also it's fairly normal in our country/society.) I was well acquainted with him, and I tbought of him as a brother. So rejected him too. Though I rejected these two, they gave boost to my self esteem. "So I don't really look that ugly" was what I thought.
A year later, I was 16, and one day one of my classmates and myfriends (Call him B) confessed his love to me. He had written a love letter actually. I was attracted to B already, and after reading his heartfelt declaration of undying, everlasting love for me, helped me make up my mind. I was ready to accept him as my bf, but I still said I need some time to process. He told me, "Take as much time as you need. I will wait for you no matter how long." For a teenaged me, he sounded so convincing that I told my then bestie that I was going to say yes. But unexpectedly, two days later I found out he confessed to and got together with another girl (P). That girl was way way better than me in every thing. My bestie advised me to take the love letter to that girl, so that she knows what a jerk B is. But I didn't, why break up two people who love each other! But I expected an apology from him, turned out he was worse than I thought. B took back his love letter from me through a mutual friend giving me a flimsy excuse. I knew then, I don't have a chance in hell against P. I was hurt beyond what I could understand at that time, as this was the incident which led to many of the terrible mistakes I made later on in my life. Only now I'm beginning to realize how that blow to my self esteem had changed me inside. The hard earned confidence was all but gone.
Few months after that I fell in love with a guy (R). He knew I loved him, he rejected my love. But kept me strung to him by trying to be my bff. He would share everything with me, every little thing that happened on day to day basis. Once I asked him very sad and tired, "Why can't you just love me?" He immediately told me that our friendship was over, since he didn't want to keep hurting me.( At that time he had no gf.) But almost a week later he contacted me again, sayong he couldn't live without me as his friend. I stayed as hisfriends, sometimes he would act as though he loved me back, but hadn't realized yet. Then one day I was told by a mutual friend that he has a gf, they had even spent nights together. This I considered as breaking my trust, since he never told me about any gf and instead was behaving as if he was falling in love with me too. That was the second and even more powerful blow, because soon after Iwenrt back to normal, I confessed to a guy (H). I was 18, he was 26. After just a little over a year, we got married. It was rushed, I was in a hurry, to not be left behind again. I once told H that if he ever falls in love with someone else, just let me know. I will leave without making a fuss. He was not happy that I said it. Couple years later he cheated on me, multiple times. Once when I was pregnant. Another blow. Not only this blow, H had burnt out the last bit of confidence in me. I grew insecure, I felt inferior to everyone. Years later I gathered enough courage and left him.
A year later, I was healing from all the trash I have been through. One day B called me, said he regrets playing with my feelings like hedisd years ago. Then he confessed to me, again. Like the first time, he said all the right things, did all the right things. I was thinking of giving him a second chance, but suddenly he left from my life. I was worried at first, may be something bad had happened. But now I know better. He comes online on Whatsapp, facebook. But never sends any reply to my sent messages, forget about him sending me something, anything .But he hasn't called/texted anything since last saturday. I have a feeling that history is repeating itself, he found someone else. I understand that. This time too Im expecting an apology from him, but I wouldn't hold my breath.
I only hope that that vicious cycle of betrayals that started with him, ends with him this time. I wanted to tell him all these at first, but I know now, he doesn't deserve to know.
(Will update y'all if there's any news.)
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2023.05.30 22:44 Dracosworld i want to break up with my girlfriend but i love her so much that i can’t bring myself to do it

this is my first reddit post and i’m not a very good writer so sorry if it’s messy… i find it hard to write my thoughts and not be everywhere at the same time
We met somewhere around September 3 years ago, my best friend liked her so he invited her to hang out with me and him… as soon as she stepped out of her car i knew she was going to be a big part of my life, i just never thought it would be like this.
My girlfriend is the most kind and funny person i know, but she has a lot of things she has to work on and i don’t know if i can handle it anymore. she is super skinny because she won’t eat well to the point where she is super pale, she fears trying new food, she doesn’t put any effort in finding what she wants to do with her life, we have been dating for 3 YEARS and she still doesn’t talk to my parents about anything, she is super negative…etc.
I’ve tried to help her eat and get her out of the comfort zone but after many failed attempts i decided to speak to her about everything and i asked her “how are you not feeling sad with your life right now” which she responded with “i like how easy my life is” which reminded me that she has been spoiled by her parents and family members her whole life, which is horrible because she has never really experienced working hard for something.
i’ve been thinking about breaking up with her for a long time now, i just can’t do it anymore, it takes a big toll on my life, it gives me anxiety and it makes me angry because she keeps saying that she is going to change but never does anything, and just when im feeling ready break up and tell her… beautiful memories start going through my head and i get scared so i don’t say anything and end up crying for a while.
i love her so much and it makes me sad the fact that i’m giving up on her… i feel like i’m betraying her just by thinking that i want to break up, i just want her to get a slap in the face by life because i feel like that’s the only thing that can help her at this point. i just can’t bring myself to do it and i want the best for her.
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