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2021.01.05 15:17 Sessamy God’s PERFECT word to the English speaking people. The King James Bible.

First and foremost, is our belief in the perfect authority and innerancy of the KING JAMES VERSION. We do not teach that it is an “accurate translation” or that it “contains the words (or message) of God”, but that the text of the KING JAMES VERSION itself, are the actual written words of God to the English speaking people.

2017.08.07 10:55 Sessamy God’s PERFECT word to the English speaking people. The King James Bible.

First and foremost, is our belief in the perfect authority and innerancy of the KING JAMES VERSION. We do not teach that it is an “accurate translation” or that it “contains the words (or message) of God”, but that the text of the KING JAMES VERSION itself, are the actual written words of God to the English speaking people.

2023.05.30 22:03 Redditor999420 Random deposit

Random deposit
Checked my bank account and saw I had 35 more dollars than I thought, and it came from DoorDash. I haven’t doordashed literally at all this week lol had the app on in the background to potentially make a lil money on the side but did no orders. Is there any reason for this random payment?? I don’t usually DoorDash I have a job this is just something I do to make a lil money for food, so maybe there’s something I’m missing. Low key scared to use the money cuz I feel like they might try to take it back lol
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2023.05.30 22:03 lawfullytired Is there a way to convince a job offer to change from part time to full time?

I just got two competing job offers, and the one I prefer is a housekeeping position at a hotel. They pay 15 an hour, with around 25 hours a week. I’m currently saving up over the summer for some pretty big life expenses as a college student, so while the pay is fine, I really can’t work that little. They also offered me great benefits for when school starts again- I’d be able to do the front desk position as well in the evenings, and do some homework.
I really love this job, but I need to work at least 40 hours a week to make enough. Is there any good ways to convince them, or is it a lost cause? I got another job offer that pays the same but it’s night shift (so around 10:30-7am) and I would really prefer a daytime shift.
I don’t know how to negotiate and if it would even be possible to get 40 hours a week from them. They really want me but I need at least 40 hours.
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2023.05.30 22:02 fashaow Would really love input on layout and flow! And opinions on having guests move chairs or another solution

TL;DR - I'm looking for advice about using both the first floor space and the courtyard space for the full event, and also wondering if it's too much to have guests move their ceremony chairs into the reception so that the courtyard could then be used for cocktail hour. And if I shouldn't ask guests to move chairs, should I hire someone to do it and plan to use the courtyard for anything? Or should I maybe downgrade my rental space of the courtyard down to just an hour, even though they are giving it to use for free during the ceremony and we are currently contracted to pay for it for the 4 hour event time. Or...idk!! I feel stuck on what to do.
My partner and I are getting married in October at a museum! We are paying for gallery access for our guests, and are allowed to have people go basically anywhere around the museum, we just have to pay for renting spaces where we plan to set things up. So our rental contract is for the first floor and adjoining courtyard. Meaning they have additional rentable spaces that we are allowed to use, but not set things up in.
They are very kindly allowing us an extra 45 min at no cost to have our ceremony (not having a 45 min ceremony, but like time for guests to arrive and sit and start the ceremony and then start cocktail hour a bit before our official rental starting time so we can catch sunset for couple photos).
Our current plan is to have the ceremony in the courtyard, then have people go inside for cocktail hour and to check out the gallery. However, drinks/food are not allowed in the gallery (second floor), and so our cocktails and appetizers will all be on the first floor. Tables and chairs will already be set up, and we can probably fit some belly bars around as well. Then the reception will still be in the same space. I'm not sure if dancing will fit well in the same room as all the dinner tables/chairs, and have included a layout of the venue from All Seated, with my own tables and chairs plan added as well as some notes.
I am struggling to figure out how to better utilize the courtyard since we are paying for it for the full reception time, but only really are able to use it so far for the ceremony, and they are allowing us to do that for free anyway (I don't mind paying something for it, but it does feel a little silly to pay for it for 4 hours and only use it in any official capacity for the free ceremony time). We have the rental company coming at 3pm to set up tables and chairs for the reception and chairs outside for the ceremony, then they will leave.
Should I hire someone to fold up all the outdoor chairs during the cocktail hour to then use the courtyard for...something? A dance floor if there isn't enough space inside for dancing? The DJ is able to have set ups in multiple locations for no extra cost.
What I reeeally wish I could do is just have all the guests take their ceremony chairs inside for the tables...but I worry that is just not appropriate? But it would just solve so many issues! The chairs would be out of the way immediately instead of hiring a few people to take a few minutes to get it done, and then we could instead have cocktail hour out in the courtyard AND use it for dancing later on. Plus we'd only need to rent half as many chairs. I would need to make sure, but I believe the caterers could set up the cocktail hour appetizers in a way that they would then quickly be able to get the food out there after the chairs are cleared away, and I am hopeful that at least some guests will also be excited to go up to the gallery instead of immediately go for drinks and food.
My friend whose wedding I officiated did a 'backyard wedding' (it was at her husband's parents very large estate/farm with a private lake, so a very beautiful and grand feeling backyard wedding!) and as part of my announcements after the ceremony, we asked everyone to carry their ceremony chairs over to the reception tent to place at tables. Everyone was happy to do so, and helped out for any guests who were unable to carry their own, and it went very quickly. I would really love to do this but something about it being a backyard wedding vs a more formal venue makes it seem wrong.
If we don't do that, should I plan to hire people to fold up the chairs and try to then get people back outside for cocktail hour after a few minutes? Or do I need to give up on using the ceremony space for cocktail hour. Is it advisable to at least use the courtyard for dancing? Is it awkward to split up the space where dancing will occur from where we are eating dinner? I don't have a fully formed timeline yet, but so far it's something like:
3:00 - rentals arriving, coordinator at venue, family and wedding party photos around area near venue
5:00 - guests arriving
5:15 - ceremony
5:45 - cocktail houcouple sunset photos (sunset at 6:10pm, hoping to make it to some of the cocktail hour)
6:45 - first dance, parent dances
7:00 - dinner
8:00 - toasts then dancing/partying, dessert coming out at some point, or toasts could be just before dinneafter dances
10:00 - end
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2023.05.30 22:02 Perfect_Ability_1190 Fun Facts With Hedera

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2023.05.30 22:02 Short_Algo $ACLS Awaiting Short Signal based off 5 signals on the 15-min chart. Free trial at

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2023.05.30 22:02 ImmediateHumor6 Updated Schedule

Updated Schedule
Feedback? Freshmen year schedule
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2023.05.30 22:02 Short_Algo $ACCD Awaiting Short Signal based off 10 signals on the 15-min chart. Free trial at

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2023.05.30 22:02 Short_Algo $ACER Awaiting Buy Signal based off 6 signals on the 15-min chart. Free trial at

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2023.05.30 22:02 Private_Parts87 Canon AV-1 no power

Canon AV-1 no power
I have a canon av-1 with a broken battery compartment. I put tinfoil in the bottom just to get a connection but the shutter and winding handle are still not moving. The battery check also doesn't work.
The mechanical side of the camera seems good, everything is spotless clean inside and we'll lubed so I'm pretty sure the issue is electrical.
I can get 6v between the battery negative (tinfoil) and the shutter when closed and the red wire at the front. Which the arrows point to in the picture.
So just wondering if there's anything else I can check, if any one has the service manual or if I should just give up on it.
Thanks in advance
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2023.05.30 22:02 NobleSoldiers Balanced module suggestion

Rule Breaker (armor)
Ever wanted to become an asshole without consequences? I got ya mate!
When equipped on your armor, will allow you to break any game rule for a specific amount of time
Lvl 1 : 3 seconds Lvl 2 : 5 seconds Lvl 3 : 7 seconds Lvl 4 : 9 seconds Lvl 5 : 12 seconds Lvl 6 : 15 seconds Lvl 7 : 18 seconds Lvl 8 : 21 seconds Lvl 9 : 25 seconds Lvl 10 : 30 seconds
Cooldown : 20 seconds for all levels
So if you're looking for some hacking fun or you just want someone to take some anger on then this is the perfect module to use.
Cost : should cost 2.99$ for lvl 1, 1.99$ to level up by one level.
Perfect for those with anger issues who just wanna take a magnum shit on more skilled players for wrecking them in deathmatch.
Also perfect for those losers with no friends who want to hack pixelgun to feel dominant because they know damn well they will never feel dominant in the actual world.
Also perfect for the filthy degenerates who do unspeakable things in sandbox. (Yes. This module works in sandbox too! How awesome is that!)
Also amazing for those sadistic kids who want to bully people after beating them calling them "trash" or "noob" despite spamming the ultimatum the entire match!
With this awesome module, you can be a piece of shit and not get punished for it!
Amazing idea. Looking forward to having it implemented 👍
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2023.05.30 22:02 Responsible_Buy9325 33.1% YTD

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2023.05.30 22:02 BarelyHumanAnymore First Sleep Paralysis Experience

Hi all,
I just want to begin by saying for those that experience this all the time/frequently I am so sorry. I will admit for a long time I was a person that just said "oh it's just a bad dream, you're fine" and for that I am regretful for my ignorant thinking for all those years. I had a short but horrifying experience for the first time in my life and it feels like it's still kinda affecting me, even days later. I'm not one that has bad dreams, or dreams in general very frequently but this is one that will probably stay with me for the rest of my life.
Me and my hubby were on vacation at his childhood home for Memorial Day weekend. We had family and friends over, a cookout, yard games, and just an overall great weekend. Once everyone left and we got the house/yard (somewhat) picked up me, hubby, and in-laws went inside to wind down and get ready for bed. I hopped in the shower last so I could take the longest as I needed to wash my hair and hubby and in-laws watched some TV and scrolled on their phones. When I was waiting to hop in my FIL had on something about the Coca Cola 600 that got delayed that day and I was really just scrolling on tik tok and snapchat to see what all my friends did over the weekend while I was away. I showered and when I was done, I joined them in the living room and watched TV with them for about 15-20 mins till my eyes were getting heavy and I knew I needed to go to sleep as we were leaving at around 4 am to head back home (10ish hr drive). I will say when I got back they were watching some of the "spooky" shows of "real ghosts/spirits" caught on camera but that's something hubby enjoys so it's nothing out of the ordinary for us to watch right before bed and the stories we watched weren't anywhere near as scary as what we have seen before.
It was around 10-10:30 when we went and laid down and probably closer to 11-11:15 when we finally fell asleep. Both me and hubby are light sleepers and we toss and turn quite a lot, along with being in a queen bed when we're used to a king we don't get optimal sleep when visiting his parents but it has never been an issue before. We woke up around 2 am, him adjusting the fan to point more towards him and I had to go pee. When I checked my phone right before I fell asleep again to make sure the alarm was set it was 2:07 and I fell back asleep pretty fast. This is where the paralysis kicked in. I had a dream that we were back outside during the cookout and I started to feel a bit woozy and light headed, I walked inside with my MIL and she told me to sit down while she grabs me a water bottle from the garage. I did as she said but when she came back I was on the floor being picked up by what I thought was my husband. I tried to look behind my shoulder to him but I couldn't, and I go super nervous and could only look forward to my MIL standing in front of the couch looking down at me saying "it's okay, you just had a bit too much to drink, you'll feel better soon. (Note: I did not have too much to drink that day/night. I had maybe 3 highnoons all day and never once even got tipsy, I'm not a heavy drinker by any means but I do drink occasionally and can hold my liquor fine and I know that has nothing to do with it.) I kept trying to look back but couldn't but the arms were getting tighter and tighter around me. While at first I thought it was my husband picking me up I quickly realized it was not him at all. Whatever had me didn't even feel human. I was being dragged into the bed room and when I would take a deep breath to scream NOTHING would come out, I tried multiple times and the last time I did my eyes shot open and I realized it was just a dream. I laid there for a minute just staring at the wall to calm down and my mouth was wide open and super dry so I tried to grab my water bottle off of the nightstand to take a sip but I couldn't make myself move. I kinda fought with myself for a bit to force myself to grab the bottle but stopped when I felt the arms slide around me again. I tried to move, even just clench my fist together, I could maybe flinch my fingers in the slightest movement, just enough to know my limbs were still attached but they were completely useless. I heard my husbands voice for a split second, I couldn't make out what was actually said but it sounded like him and then it just didn't. I was like a crescendo of whispers, on top of more whispers, all saying something clear as day but getting muffled out but the others. I couldn't make out anything but I felt surrounded by the noise and it just got louder and louder. I could feel myself getting scared again and wanting to scream but the same thing. I would take a deep breath, go scream but nothing would come out. I realized then that I was having sleep paralysis and just thought "it's okay, you're okay, this isn't real, it's just a dream, it'll be over soon." I kept repeating that to myself in my head over and over again for what seemed like forever while the arms around me seemed to pull me in closer and tighter and then the whispers suddenly stopped all together. Silence. Like an eerily, sudden silence that almost hurt it happened so close to the loud whispers. I hear a distorted version of "my husband's" voice say "oh, is it? are you? are you sure?"
Then I finally came to for real this time. My eyes were wide open and all I could make myself do was move them around for the first few seconds, looking around the room making sure it was real this time. My breathing was super short and fast, heart rate felt like I had just sprinted a full mile. Under my pillow I moved my fingers to touch my thumb, again making sure I was really awake this time. Like in my dream, my mouth was wide open and dry as the Saraha Desert, I drank that entire bottle in about 3 seconds and just laid there till my alarm went off. I was a bit in shock just because it felt so real, I had to lay there and make sure what really happened vs. what I dreamed. My alarm started beeping shortly after and once my hubby was awake and moving I asked if I made any weird noises or anything like that while I was sleeping and he didn't remember anything but said he didn't sleep good so he didn't pay much attention to me.
I was still creeped out pretty much the entire trip back. I didn't want to dwell on it and freak myself out even more but it was also just something that kept popping into my mind. I kept apologizing to my husband for talking about it so much, especially since it was just the same thoughts on it over and over again. He assured me it was okay, and I can talk about it as much or as little as I need. Once we got home I took a quick cat nap and thankfully didn't have any dreams or anything but I started house/dog sitting last night and I will say it took a bit of courage to finally let myself fall asleep, especially away from my husband, and in a house and bed that's familiar, but isn't mine. I don't want to develop anxiety towards sleeping but I feel a bit uneasy about it. It was the first time I ever had an experience like that and nothing out of the ordinary happened to cause it. It was one of the most terrifying moments of my life, and I hope the only time it ever happens.
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2023.05.30 22:02 kit112 Cipralex Withdrawal

Hi everyone, writing this post on behalf of my husband who does not have Reddit…
Looking for advice/support regarding SSRI withdrawals. Background story is that my husband was (in my opinion inappropriately) put on anti-depression/anxiety meds 2 years ago by his doctor after a 15 minute chat with her about how he felt stressed about his current life situation. We were in the process of buying a house and planning a wedding at the same time all while a close family member of his passed away. My husband had NEVER struggled with mental health in the past - this was just a stressful season in life and his doctor without even suggesting therapy or other methods of stress reduction prescribed him with 20mg of Cipralex daily. Over the last couple of years, my husband struggled with ED and several other issues related to the pill, and we even stopped having sex altogether because he developed a fear of being unable to perform. I was supportive of course as I knew it was out of his control. We recently decided that we want to start a family, so he was exploring the idea of tapering off of the pill to see if it would help. We went on vacation recently and he actually forgot his medication on the trip so he thought to himself, by the time I get home it’ll be over 10 days without the medication so I’ll just stop taking it altogether (DO NOT DO THIS - it is extremely dangerous). He and I both know how dumb that is but it was his decision and he was determined to get it over with.
It’s been about 13 days since stopping cold turkey and he has had some pretty irritating symptoms. Bad nausea, had diarrhea for a few days, extreme brain fog, irritated, restless leg, dizziness, etc. Since he’s not really prone to anxiety/depression, we haven’t seen any bad mental side effects yet.
Has anyone had a similar experience? And how long did it last? I know everyone is different but I’m hoping to see the light at the end of the tunnel soon..
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2023.05.30 22:02 ShqkyUHC Absorbed UHC Season 15 - Episode 3

Welcome to Absorbed UHC. For those who don't know, Absorbed is an ultrahardcore Recorded Round created by Organized by PotteryTNT & Shakster. This season we will be doing Love At First Damage, Secret Teams, Cutclean, THS3 Terrain, Kill Reveal, Enemy Recon and Nerfed Absorption
Love At First Damage - When you take damage, you will be put onto a team.
Secret Teams - The teams are not colored, thus for players to guess on who is on what team.
Cutclean - All ores and animal food will be dropped in it's smelted version.
THS3 Terrain - The terrain is a mix of Flat World, Amplified, and Normal terrain. Dungeon rates are increased and fit every mob type.
Kill Reveal - The teams will be secret until players get a kill. Once they get a kill, their color is shown on the tab list. Players must figure out on who is on what team to determine on what the actual team is.
Enemy Recon - Whenever you get a kill you will earn 1 recon. This recon will allow you to spy on what the player has in terms of inventory and information. By using the command /er it will use 1 recon, and it has a 30% chance of broadcasting in chat on who you are spying on.
Nerfed Absorption - Whenever you eat a golden apple and have 0 absorption hearts, you will get the absorption hearts first then once you eat another golden apple and you have the absorption effect, then you get the regeneration.
Players and Episodes
Players Links
Team 1
broccoliar Slain by idklyn
Luca_Kgaming Slain by DJoee
nug17 Who Knows At This Point
Team 2
idklyn Computer Crashed
Kaismartypants Didn't Hit Record
ScaryPumpkinFace Can't Do Much
Team 3
LightingMC Full Footage At End
TacoDab Audio Only
Tunaisheree Full Footage At End
Team 4
ArcticSeagull Killed trying to hurt Guardian
Kaddyn Fell from a high place fighting Fcrm
Ninetals38 Fell from a high place fighting Fcrm
Team 5
AdonisGaming Footage
Glarza Episode 3
Shqkster Many Mistakes Were Committed
Team 6
BENIDK Full Footage At End
Jimmyjegs Episode 3
RollRealQuick Episode 3
Team 7
Fcrm Episode 3
fruitlogic Episode 3
Bornyo Slain by KennyTee
Team 8
1mmortal Episode 3
bayweafs Full Footage At End
PotteryTNT Slain by Kaismartypants
Team 9
BuildingBard300 Episode 3
JaqOnCraq Episode 3
Stravilight Full Footage At End
Team 10
AshRiolu100985 Slain by Bornyo
KennyTee Left Discord, Not Uploading
MichaelPlayMC Episode 3
Team 11
Abyr Episode 3
DJoee Episode 3
stupidsylvia Episode 3
Team 12
Chainge Combined w/ Ep4
HalfLechuga "Accidently Lost It"
HeyItsJBug tried to swim in lava to escape TacoDab
Previous Episodes
Episode 2


Organization - PotteryTNT & Shakster
Server Host/Coder - ArcticMC: Fcrm
Intro - AR10
Renders - AR10
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2023.05.30 22:01 raphaellaskies The girl in the box: the mysterious crime that shocked Germany. On 15 September 1981, 10-year-old Ursula Herrmann headed home by bike from her cousin’s house. She never arrived. So began one of Germany’s most notorious postwar criminal cases, which remains contentious to this day

The girl in the box: the mysterious crime that shocked Germany. On 15 September 1981, 10-year-old Ursula Herrmann headed home by bike from her cousin’s house. She never arrived. So began one of Germany’s most notorious postwar criminal cases, which remains contentious to this day submitted by raphaellaskies to truecrimelongform [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 22:00 retroanduwu24 today in orange bird land

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2023.05.30 22:00 trackerjacker666 Yeah I win these

Yeah I win these
Second time this has happened this month
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2023.05.30 22:00 fastaaron12 Jordan 4 A Ma Maniére ¥248

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2023.05.30 22:00 Etienne-Roi2023 My ranking of the 119 episodes of Distractible (had to split it up, too long to fit in one post)

1 Beware the Candy Uncle
2 Pet Stories
3 Dangerous Coasters
4 Bob’s Fridge
5 Funniest Joke in the World
6 Oh Shit Moments
7 How Dare You
8 The Bobs & the Bees
9 Anything Goes
10 Kids Are Stupid
11 Dreams and Nightmares
12 King of Meat
13 Disappointing Our Parents
14 Who’s The Worst
15 Hair
16 Perfect Crime
17 Riddles & Rhymes
18 Worst World Records
19 Conspiracy Theories
20 We Are All Going to Die
21 Bad Habits
22 Young & Stupid
23 The Perfect Meal
24 Good Bad Habits
25 We Got Screwed
26 The Boys Bet It All (moved down 5)
27 Go With Your Gut
28 Supernatural (moved down 7)
29 One Paw In The Grave
30 Superstitions
31 Distractible: The Musical
32 Would You Rather (Part 2)
33 Waste of Money
34 Bob Doesn’t Know
35 Camping
36 The Atrocities of Summer
37 Change (moved up 2)
38 The Wheel of Fate
39 Old Men
40 Naked
41 Million Dollars, But…
42 The Fairest Episode Ever
43 Hold My Beer
44 Never Give Up
45 I Was Wrong
46 Good Advice?
47 Dating Advice
48 Don’t Laugh
49 Fuck You Energy
50 Body Odor
51 Hypocrisy?
52 Fears & Fetishes
53 Would You Rather
54 Wade’s Silly Choices
55 I Tried So Hard And I Got So Far But In The End It Didn’t Even Matter
56 Transportation
57 How to Make a Best Friend
58 Life Plan
59 Happy Funerals
60 Hill I Will Die On
61 Will You Press The Button?
62 Lies From Parents
63 Big or Small
64 Wade’s Questions
65 Failed Resolutions
66 Just Relax
67 We Die on Your Hills
68 That One Guy
69 Worst Piece of Shit Episode Ever
70 Broken News
71 The Distractible Gameshow
72 Christmas Gone Wrong
73 Cryptids Are Scary
74 Musical Memories
75 Aliens Among Us
76 Friendship Test: Mark Edition
77 Three Peens in a Pod
78 Solving The Unsolvable
79 Ohio Stuff
80 Video Game Tier List (Part 2)
81 Thank You
82 The Shoe Game
83 Wade’s Secret Words
84 The Bait Debate
85 The Ick
86 Bob’s Baby
87 Am I The Asshole?
88 Fast Food Tier List
89 Our Firsts
90 Conventions
91 So Bad It’s Good
92 Criminally Subliminal
93 Before We Die
94 Wonders of Our World
95 Profession Confessions
96 Video Game Tier List
97 Devil’s Advocate
98 We’re NOT Getting Old
99 Serotonin
100 I’m Better*
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2023.05.30 22:00 Original_Speed_9086 Mythical Jellybeans

Mythical Jellybeans
Descripcion: “Spawns random buffed jellybeans”
Similar to the jellybean it will spawn jellybean tokens but these tokens’s boost will be x2.5 better than the regular jellybeans, also these jellybean can spawn 5 new jellybean tokens
Sugar jellybean Grants 30% bee energy, 10% movespeed and 5% gather speed
Sour jellybean Grants 10% pollen, 5% movespeed, 1% honey
Black Licorice jellybean Grants 30% attack, 5% white pollen
Blue raspberry jellybean Grants 50% blue pollen, 1% blue bee stats
Super jellybean Boosts all bees stats by 10% ability rate by 5% and gather by 20%
These can be obtained very rare from mob drops and can be given from quests they can be crafted from 1 mythic egg and 15 jellybeans for 20 of theses (I know it sounds bad but mythic eggs become useless when in end game)
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2023.05.30 22:00 code_hunter_cc kubernetes k3s agent can't connect to master CA/SSL error

I am trying to deploy an application with k3s kubernetes. Currently I have two master nodes behind a load-balancer, and I have some issues connecting worker nodes to them. All nodes and the load-balancer runs in seperate vms.
The load balancer is a nginx server with the following configuration.
load\_module /uslib/nginx/modules/ngx\_stream\;events {}stream { upstream k3s\_servers { server {master\_node1\_ip}:6443; server {master\_node2\_ip}:6443; } server { listen 6443; proxy\_pass k3s\_servers; }} the master nodes connects through the load-balancer, and seemingly it works as expected.
[email protected]:/$ sudo k3s kubectl get nodesNAME STATUS ROLES AGE VERSIONip-172-31-33-183 Ready control-plane,master 81m v1.20.2+k3s1ip-172-31-20-78 Ready control-plane,master 81m v1.20.2+k3s1 However the worker nodes yields an error about the SSL certificate?
sudo systemctl status k3s-agent● k3s-agent.service - Lightweight Kubernetes Loaded: loaded (/etc/systemd/system/k3s-agent.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled) Active: active (running) since Sun 2021-01-24 15:54:10 UTC; 19min ago Docs: Process: 3065 ExecStartPre=/sbin/modprobe br\_netfilter (code=exited, status=0/SUCCESS) Process: 3066 ExecStartPre=/sbin/modprobe overlay (code=exited, status=0/SUCCESS) Main PID: 3067 (k3s-agent) Tasks: 6 Memory: 167.3M CGroup: /system.slice/k3s-agent.service └─3067 /uslocal/bin/k3s agentJan 24 16:12:23 ip-172-31-27-179 k3s[3311]: time="2021-01-24T16:34:02.483557102Z" level=info msg="Running load balancer -> [104.248.34.Jan 24 16:12:23 ip-172-31-27-179 k3s[3067]: time="2021-01-24T16:12:23.313819380Z" level=error msg="failed to get CA certs: Get \"
level=error msg="failed to get CA certs: Get "": EOF"
if I try to change K3S_URL in /etc/systemd/system/k3s-agent.service.env to use http, I get an error saying that only https is accepted.
Answer link :
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2023.05.30 21:59 WolfMaster1997 Full guide on how to start sending 1000 targeted cold emails coming soon.

As soon as this community reaches 100 members, I'll drop a complete guide on how to start sending 1k cold emails per day and book 10 - 15 sales meetings per month.
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