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2023.05.30 23:59 BeautifulAndBroke Hello I'm new click for click? 🙂

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2023.05.30 23:59 turbo_556 CCW interview

Hello everyone, I have a CCW interview this week with the Santa Clara Sheriffs dept. I was just wondering if anyone had any advise on what to prepare for I uploaded all my documents when I applied and printed a copy of the app to bring with because the website says to. Is there anything else I should bring? Also anyone have advise on dress code, I was thinking wear a shirt and tie to look professional or is that doing to much? My buddy said to just go and be yourself and wear jeans and a plain t shirt. Any tips would help on what they ask and what the parking situation is like?
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2023.05.30 23:59 jenncenn Cast Removal Sensations

Hello! Looking for anecdotes on what sensations you had after cast removal. My 4 yr old broke her femur in a car accident and she had her cast removed today. No one in our family has ever broken a bone and I’m having a hard time understanding what she’s experiencing now. She says her leg feels “tight” and she doesn’t like “the wind blowing on it” (I’m assuming she means air exposure as she wants to keep it covered). Can you explain to me what she might be feeling? The doctor wasn’t exactly helpful. She’s all clear for weight bearing. I want to help her through this and help her to get moving it but I don’t know how to help her overcome her fear when I don’t even know what she’s going through. Thanks so much!
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2023.05.30 23:59 Hermes3000Typewriter Brother Deluxe or Olympia Splendid 66

Hello, I am thinking of purchasing a 1960s Brother Deluxe typewriter, but for a few pounds cheaper there is an Olympia Splendid 66. Based on key feel a like a snappy, responsive touch and I like a well made machine. So what typewriter would you recommend to me?
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2023.05.30 23:58 Cole_muha 2016 Civic EX 2.0L AC question

Hello, I bought a 2016 Civic ex in early 2021. The car has been great so far, besides the center console screen flaking out some-what often. Not a big deal.
What is a seemingly big deal, is the AC not working. I live in the midwest, it just hit 80s (f) and I went to crank my AC this week. It isnt hardly cold at all. I did some digging and apparently there is a warranty extension.
Its my impression that all 2016-2018 civics had this? Im just wondering how to check if my car is covered, if anybody here got it replaced, for free? I am just looking for more context or where to go from here.
ps.. my E brake switch is also broken, like its not in the latches that hold it anymore, its still useable, but janky. Anybody else had that issue?
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2023.05.30 23:58 BeautifulAndBroke Hello I'm new click for click? 😊

💗🌸💗🌸💗🌸💗 ✨ Hello Friend!✨ 💗🌸💗🌸💗🌸💗 I hope your having an terrific Tuesday! 😊 Let's win some prizes together! 💕 ⚜️Click my link. 👆🏻 ⚜️UpVote 🔼 ⚜️Leave your link in the comments and enjoy your click back!⭐💝😍 This would be my 1st time winning on Temu! 💖🌸🥺💗🥺🌸💖
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2023.05.30 23:58 HULeaked Baby Tee POD Supplier?

Hello guys, I've been researching for two weeks trying to find a good y2k baby tee supplier, and I haven't had any luck.
Looking for a solid POD supplier that can provide something similar to the image I linked. Any help is appreciated greatly
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2023.05.30 23:58 newby_720 C++ Recursion Question

Hello. I am currently taking a C++ fundementials class. I know a little bit about Python from a prior class. During this weeks assignment, I recursivley called my main function back into my program. My teacher said this was bad practice, but he refuses to say why. Can Anyone explain why it is bad to use call back the main function in this situation?
Here is my code. Please forgive all the comment marks. My teacher demands that we justify everything.
//Imports the input output stream #include //Imports the standard namespace using namespace std; //Initializes the main function int main() { //Creates a variable for both interger that will be input by the user.... int interger = 0; //And a variable for the sum of the interger int SumInt = 0; //Console output prompting the user to enter an interger cout<<"Enter a interger between 0 and 999 : "; //Actual console input that the user enters cin >> interger; //Checks to see if the given interger meets the requirements given in the prompt. if (interger >= 999) { //Notifies the user that they need to folow the directions given in the prompt cout<<"Invalid interger. Please follow directions."<
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2023.05.30 23:58 Historical_Orchid171 Am I the jerk for telling on my co-worker when they are constantly out of line? Regardless of how talented they are

I am a 25 year old male and I help manage a swim school that teaches from infants to adults how to swim and I love it so much. I love seeing that moment when someone accomplishes something they never thought they would be able to do. I have been teaching swim lessons since high school. And have been doing it on the side ever since, throughout college and my young adult life, now it’s my full time occupation and it pays very well. I take pride in my craft. I remember what’s it’s like to meet someone new and being scared to engage. Which makes my job so challenging. I love a challenge. I have been working for this company for the last 2 years and helped it grow from having 3 full time employees to having over 7 in two locations. We have just hired a new team member that we will call “Rufus”.
Rufus came into this job brazen, almost like a bull in a China shop. About what he will and will not tolerate, and what preferences of the types of classes we would be teaching, he actually had an issue with the fact that he would have to teach entirely. He actually said “ I cannot respect a business owner who can’t teach his own swim lessons.” The pure lack of knowledge, I’m pretty sure the CEO of any grocery store does not know where each item goes on the shelf. He even told me that he does not respect my co-manager because of the way she “carries herself” and she is one the most positive influential teachers I have ever worked with. At the time of his arrival I was running the non-competitive swim team for the past year. I had no swim team coaching experience prior, but did my best to make the practices engaging and fun as possible without going to against cooperates clear boundaries about what I can and cannot do. So Rufus wants to “help” coach the swim team. So me wanting the best for the children, I accommodated his request since Rufus did have swim coaching experience. And possibly I could get some ideas from him to help myself improve in areas I maybe lacking. So with him leading the team he is now ignoring all of policy procedures that our business owner and cooperate has explained in detail. We are a survival school not a performance competition team. The swim team is for the students who have graduated the curriculum but want to keep swimming with us until they would like to compete and I would write a recommendation letter on their behalf as I do have a positive reputation in the childcare community. And instead of telling me or asking me could he have the lead for the swim team, he attempted to have a coup with my fellow co-workers by telling them he wants control, and they just referred him back to me.
He’s telling parents that we are going to start competing when that is not something we offer. Rufus is even going as far to tell me that I’m teaching my lessons incorrectly loudly in front of clients. When our goals for each level of swimmer is clear. They’re only 5 goals. So it can’t be that confusing right? Rufus is very talented teacher as well, he can get the kids to connect with him and they respond well to him. But he teaches his classes the way “he” sees fit. We have a 25m pool and we teach on opposite sides of the pool. And I’m looking at 4 first time swimmers on my side of the pool struggling for air with nothing but a kick board. This not what the beginner level entails. Strictly essential survival skills like rolling over to breath and call for help and just to have them acclimated to the environment of lessons.
I’ve attempted to have to have professional conversations with Rufus but it’s like talking to wall. He listens to respond but not to understand. Now this morning was the last straw. Rufus texted me this morning asking about our paycheck and did I receive mine yet. I haven’t. But he asking questions about how to login to see his paystub. He follows up with “The CEO f’d up again”. I told him to stop saying that. He was complaining that money was missing from his paystub. He asked me to “do the math” while simultaneously cussing at me. Even thought this not my department but I can empathize with someone who is concerned about their livelihood. I check it over, and the money that was taken out was for his taxes. I respond with, “ I’m not minimizing or dismissing your paycheck being short, but one, you are not going to talk to me like that. I’ve been nice and professional. But your pressing me about something I have literally nothing to do with using words that people use when they are About to get into a physical altercation. Please stay off of my phone as it is my day off, and this topic can be handled by the man who signs his paychecks. He responded like a victim saying how I’ve been mean to him, for the last two weeks I’ve been cold to him. To be completely honest I have, I’m a firm believer that coworkers don’t have to be friends. Just be courteous and professional. If it’s not about swim lessons then there is nothing left to discuss. He finishes off my saying “ I’m going to let you calm down so yOu can see how big of a jerk your being.” You just can’t make this stuff up
After that inappropriate long text thread that I have now muted and stopped responding I just sent the screenshots of his rant to the owner of the company.
So, Am I The Jerk?
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2023.05.30 23:58 Mpr820 Lapse in Coverage

Hello insurance,
I am looking for advice after a particularly stressful Tuesday. After reviewing my bank statements, I noticed this month’s Traveler’s withdrawl was particularly low at $17.00 (usually ~275.00). After checking the app, and a less than helpful phone call to customer service, I was made aware that my auto policy was terminated as of 5/17/23, and only my renters policy was renewed. I was informed that a letter was sent to my address, but it was unfortunately never received (I am a bit anal, and thoroughly open and read every letter that arrives, so I am certain it was not overlooked). Traveler’s was unwilling to offer any additional assistance. I scrambled for a few hours to try to find a comparable policy, but after filling out several applications, I was only able to get a quote from GEICO, as no one wanted to offer a quote to an individual without coverage, and with 2 accidents in the last 5 years. This policy comes out to roughly $600/month, which is obviously much more than I am looking to pay. Because I need to be able to get to work tomorrow, I caved and purchased the policy. I am wondering now that I have coverage, will other insurance agencies be willing to provide quote, and if so, how quickly can I change? What should I expect to pay after making a switch?
From looking online, there appears to be a $8/ day fee from New York State DMV for a lapse in insurance. When can I expect to be billed for this? Are there any other foreseeable issues with the DMV? I was apparently uninsured for 13 days
For context, I am a 26 year old male living in New York State driving a luxury SUV
Any additional advice is greatly appreciated!
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2023.05.30 23:58 blazinkeeks My cat hulked out and bent the track on my closet door :((( see body text

My cat hulked out and bent the track on my closet door :((( see body text
As you can see in the last pic I have a little “pet stopper” for sliding doors so I could finally have some clothes that weren’t pre coated in kitty…. Haku said f*ck that and damn near ripped my door out to get in. The tracks now bent and idk how else to stop him from going in now that he fully broke it. This feels like the equivalent of having your teenager punch holes in the wall cause they’re PO’d. I swear this fuzz ball does p90x when we’re sleeping because how tf is he strong enough to fully bend the track with a big ass door attached. Anyone got any tips on how I can stop this mf from getting into my sliding door closet?
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RESTOLIN HAIR GROWTH REVIEWS -❌CAUTION❌ - RESTOLIN HAIR GROWTH - RESTOLIN REVIEWS RESTOLIN HAIR GROWTH REVIEWS -❌CAUTION❌ - RESTOLIN HAIR GROWTH - RESTOLIN REVIEWS ✅Official Website Link: https://bit.ly/OfficialStore-Restolin ✅Official Website Link: https://bit.ly/OfficialStore-Restolin Hello, how are you? Today I decided to talk a little bit about Restolin. A hair supplement that is being considered #1 in HAIR GROWTH! I am sure that by the end of this Restolin review, you will feel safe to try this supplement. ✅ RESTOLIN is a powerful formula consisting of amazing vitamins and plants. This supplement that enables hair to grow in a very healthy way. ✅ RESTOLIN INGREDIENTS: Restolin's ingredients consist of amazing vitamins and plants, such as Vitamins C and E, BetaGlucan, Pine Bark, Essiac Tea Complex, Quercetin Dihydrate, Arabinogalactan, Cat's Claw, Lycopene, along with: Graviola (Leaf), Turmeric, Grape Seed, Mushroom Complex, Pomegranate, Olive Leaf, Garlic, Green Tea, Panax Ginseng ✅ RESTOLIN - SIDE EFFECTS: Each capsule is made in the USA, in FDA approved and GMP certified facilities , under sterile, strict and precise standards. Restolin capsules are non-GMO and safe. You can be assured that they contain no stimulants or dangerous toxins and, most importantly, are not addictive. Thank you for following this review of Restolin. I hope your problem will be solved as soon as possible. ✅ RESTOLIN - MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If you do not see any CONSIDERABLE improvement or the expected results, or if you are not satisfied for any reason request a full refund! Just contact the producer within the first 60 days after purchase, even if you have used the whole bottle or not, they will still refund your money. Try it! ATTENTION: All you need to remember is that Restolin can only be found on the official website and is not available for purchase anywhere else. So take advantage of the only chance to get this exclusive formula. RESTOLIN REVIEWS ❌ CAUTION ❌ - RESTOLIN HAIR GROWTH REVIEWS RESTOLIN HAIR GROWTH RESTOLIN REVIEWS ❌ CAUTION ❌ - RESTOLIN HAIR GROWTH REVIEWS RESTOLIN HAIR GROWTH #restolinhairgrowthreviews #restolinhairgrowth #restolinreviews
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2023.05.30 23:57 zoomaenia Update: The Introverted Girl & Her Classmate

Sorry I didn't update last week (I had to deal with a situationship with a friend; he had been MIA during his trip to Japan, got back last week to tell me how he missed me, wanted to hug and kiss me (even got me something from his holiday!) only to block me a day later. I'm not ashamed to admit that I had been crying over it last week and lost appetite and whatnot, but I'm slowly getting over it. Had he left me on the silent treatment, probably won't hurt as bad. He had to get my hopes so high up before he suddenly blocked me; last conversation wasn't terrible, no fights or anything. But enough about that).
So last week, nothing much happened. Besides my disclaimer above, I didn't want to always appear like I wanted to talk to my hot classmate lol
Today we had an interesting topic about digital marketing; we're always split into respective groups with neighbours of our seating area, so my hot classmate was with this other group on the other side. Anyways, after the rest of the class has spoken, when it was his group's turn had finished I jumped in to say something about their points.
I said something about how could we put so much trust in data when we know consumers could falsify about them and thus make our analytics inaccurate. Just as I finished my sentence, my hot classmate goes, "Oh, yes, that's right. That's very true." He looked at me as I went on and he started talking about fake reviews and bots, so the whole class started raving about it.
Then when the class ended, I sneaked out of the row of seats and nearly bumped into him.
"Oops, sorry," I said.
He had a wide smile and nodded, "No, it's alright. After you, please."
I smiled, said thank you and just went off. I used the staircase; I needed to head to the loo and I don't see him or anyone there actually. But when I was downstairs, I had to stop by one of the benches to fix my shoelaces. Had to duck away from a couple of people who passed by too closely to my head as I was looking down.
When I looked back up, I caught him walking past and fixing up a bicycle helmet on his head. We locked eyes and he smiled again.
"Heya, you alright there?"
"I'm just fixing my shoelaces. See you"
That was it.
But next week!
I'm going to try and ask him out. I'm ready for rejection, ngl. Like there's no way someone like him is single or if he was, maybe he's gay. Of course, it's entirely fine for him to want to be single and is happy being that way. I'm also ready if he says he's not looking for anything, which is why at this point, I'd settle to have a (guy) friend, I'll be honest.
I've been emotionally wrecked by that friend I mentioned and I nearly felt hopeless over meeting someone (even as a friend), but I decided to see things differently. Sure, I'm hurt and things but I don't regret meeting him and this experience opened my eyes on a lot of things about myself and things I've missed out on. I've also missed out on potentially better guys out there.
I know I'm an introvert and I'm happy that way, but I want to be able to compartmentalise being happy alone and yet able to mingle if I must. I like to socialise but I do have a limit to it (social battery). I'd hide away and hibernate after a few days of mingling, lol
Anyways, yeah, I'm getting better at forgetting that "friend" of mine. He was doing something immature just because he couldn't sit down with himself and accept his insecurities/trust issues (he's done this to another girl where they had an almost long distance relationship; the moment he gets close to someone, he pulls back). I could theorise all day about this but it doesn't stop the fact that he didn't treat me fight nor as a adult (and I'm 5 years older lol).
So yeah, I'm moving on... even though I had real feelings. I've watered this plant for so long when he said he missed me I thought I was finally "seen". But he just stomped on it. I'll still care for the plant, it's still valid and real just because someone else doesn't/can't appreciate it.
OK so look forward to next week lol 😆
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2023.05.30 23:57 Intelligent_Pizza_55 How to revive an almost-dead orchid?

How to revive an almost-dead orchid?
Hello! Looking for advice on how to bring new life to this orchid that has new roots but is otherwise suffering. We are listing the new roots but I’m not sure what do to otherwise. Please and thank you so much!
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2023.05.30 23:57 Lost-vamp I (20f) used to cough hard and throw up nightly for a period of my early childhood (3-5). No explanation was given, what could have caused it?

When I was a child I used to wake up coughing in the middle of the night and then throw up from the coughing. It happened almost nightly if not nightly. Even though I don't remember a lot about my early childhood, I remember this and this has been confirmed by my entire family. I was taken to the doctor, and according to my mother he said there was nothing wrong and that my airways were just too narrow (??). My mom tried to eliminate fatty foods from my dinner so I wouldn't vomit, and later she tried having me eat my (light with no fatty food) dinner early and not right before bedtime, but nothing helped. At that age I also had really bad motion sickness where I would also vomit every time I took the bus or went by car, even though my mom would give me motion sickness med before I went out. I had a designated vomiting bucket near my bed and my mom would usually wake up as soon as she heard my breath changing in my sleep (I assume it's wheezing) so she could "help" me vomit (making sure I vomit in the bucket and not all over myself, get me water to drink etc) then I would cough, be out of breath and vomit. That lasted for years, but eventually it stopped. The motion sickness induced vomiting continued until I was about 9 though.
Over myself now: I was never diagnosed with asthma, although I have always thought I had some minor breathing system related issues. I have some shortness in breath and taking deep breaths sometimes leaves a burning sensation in my chest. I'm also not best athletically and never were. Attempting to run or do any exercise is really heavy on my heart and lungs, and as I grew up it kept getting worse. I experience chest tightness quite often, but I've always blamed it on my anxiety and depression. I still have motion sickness but it's more manageable especially with meds like cinnarizine. This year I started taking the antidepressants escitalopram and bupropion. My parents were heavy smokers growing up and would smoke at home. As an adult, I have tried to smoke recreationally once or twice but failed miserably. When I tried to inhale what I was smoking it hurt a lot and resulted in me coughing hard. I don't vomit nearly as often. I have vomited due to coughing twice this year; the first time the coughing was induced by crying and the other time I was coughing due to a cold.
Extra context: I've never vomited voluntarily or induced vomiting on purpose. I've never had an eating disorder. I became chubby around the age of 5 or 6 but was skinny before that and generally healthy. I had a non-restrictive middle eastern diet as a kid and my parents made sure we ate well. Non of my 3 older siblings had experienced similar symptoms, even the motion sickness.
I'm still trying to figure out what caused the coughing in my childhood in the first place and if it could've been caused a physical condition I still have now. I also wonder if it could have been a psychological symptom of something else, similar to bedwetting, but I doubt it. I would really appreciate your insight on this.
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2023.05.30 23:57 SneedsFeedAndSeed54 Botting in Air RB. Major Issue.

Botting in Air RB. Major Issue.
Hello, a little bit of back story before I go into this. I’ve been playing the game on and off since release. I’ve taken long breaks, I recently came back and have been enthusiastically grinding out the US Air and Ground trees. I’ve noticed a worrying trend, which is that bot accounts seem extremely common, and unfortunately are getting MORE common as I play.
Using today as an example, I played about 20 games, I noticed 3 definite bots during my gameplay. I wasn’t looking for them, I just happened to notice because of how they were flying in game, and then confirmed my suspicions based off of their player stats.
What I’ve observed, is that in air RB, there is a not insignificant number of bots programmed to fly a premium plane, bomb a single base, and either fly into base AA, or fly straight towards the edge of the map, and fly until they run out of fuel or the game ends. These players make no attempt to flare, they don’t change trajectory, they don’t respond in chat, and they are clearly NOT just noobs in prems.
This player in particular was in an F4S, bombed one base, flew directly into base AA and died. The only reason I noticed was because he was the last player alive on the enemy team. His account has almost 1400 games with the F4S, minimal kills, almost no survived games, although it does appear that at some point a real human was playing on it.
This is a MAJOR issue. I noticed 3, I’m sure I didn’t notice many more in just 20 games. To put it into perspective, that’s 1300 games that the one player ruined for their team, by not being a real player. The WR reflects that, as I’m sure as the F4S, he was his teams top BR’d plane for many of those games.
There is currently no option to report these bot players to Gaijin. I recently left a game (EFT) after years of playing it because of the developers inability to combat cheating. It would be a real shame if this game goes that route, and from what I can see, the cheating epidemic is only getting worse.
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2023.05.30 23:56 Dingleator I cannot deal with people

I made a post here a while ago about how my parents dogs killed a pet tortoise and basically the whole point was to illustrate don't have predator and prey animals together as pets. The world isn't a dream land where Bugs Bunny and sylvesta the *** get along. Dogs will eat animals that can't defend themselves for sport and food.
Follow up from that is that my parents lied to my sister and said that the tortoise had died coming out of hibernation and he died peacefully in his sleep.
I told my dad things like this will always balance out and protecting people now will only cause harm later on. things always balance out. I think specifically and have told both my parents that not telling her this information may mean she gets a pet tortoise again in the future and has it in conjunture with pet dogs, which will inevitably lead to the same thing that has happened twice before already.
This week I overheard my dad ask my mom whether my sister had mentioned about getting another tortoise... I'm not 100% what he meant by this. He could be considering getting another tortoise which I now find to be sick and am really questioning their intelligence at this point or he could generally be worried that she may want another one and that of course is not a good idea at all with 2 dogs! He also said he had a hard time Picking him up so understood my moms reaction. Again I didn't like it either and am now an advocate for not having pet predator and prey animals.
Anyway. A few days later, I also found out that someone who lives a few streets away has a greyhound dog and 10 bunnies and now muzzle the dog because it killed 2 of their previous bunnies. Who the fuck owns 12 bunnies and and a dog?! What is actually wrong with people?
I don’t know I'm just so angry with people. I sat out a pub last week and had a dog barking endlessly. People get animals because they are cute and sometimes cuddly and have no responsibility towards it's self or other animals that it may come into contact with. These are adults, making shitty decisions that cause harm to other animals. There was actually a post on here a few days after mine about someone having to tell an owner to get their dog away from a tortoise at a park. I think she thought that her dog wanted to play. What world do people actually live in. They think dogs are cute and harmless but it's basic biology how the animal kingdom survives through a food chain.
Again, if anything is taken from my post, as most of you are dog free anyway, don't let other people have predator and prey animals without knowing the stupid risks you are taking when doing it. I actually don't have a problem with people owning a dog. But please for the love of God, have some responsibility and keep that predator away from prey that it simply sees as food!
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2023.05.30 23:56 dant-cri How to have Stable Diffusion without installing it on PC and without limitations

Hello everyone! I'm looking for ways to have Stable Diffusion as complete as possible, without having to install it or NSFW limitations.

Hopefully if you have to pay some type of subscription that is as cheap as possible.
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2023.05.30 23:55 Moths_to_Flame First OE opportunity but I’m getting cold feet

Hello! I have my first opportunity for OE, but I’m getting cold feet. I currently work at a large corporation and have a job offer at a smaller but similar company. Here’s the catch: they are within the same industry and therefore competitors. It’s a research heavy field, so many companies are worried about trade secrets & keeping information confidential. However… the jobs are completely different (J1 is more in line with copy editing; J2 is data). I know accepting two jobs within the same industry is generally frowned upon in OE, but I’m confident I could manage both positions and fly under the radar. Neither job required an NDA or non-compete, but it’s clear these companies would not be happy, should they ever find out. It’s definitely a risk, but the financial payoff is very tempting. What do you think? Should I accept or turn J2 down and look to OE in a different industry? Is the risk worth the reward?
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2023.05.30 23:55 Dardafed Camping, activities and things to do in northeast Ohio recommendation?

Hello! I am looking for a place that I can tent camp, hike some trails and things to do.
I like mohican campground but I've been there too many times lol. I'm looking for something similar but something with places we can visit if we're not hiking or in the water.
I'm in northeast Ohio but I'm willing to travel a bit if it's worth it. Hocking hills is amazing!
Suggestions? Thanks in advance!
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2023.05.30 23:55 Encarguez Any Day Traders In Abq?

Hello dear friends! This is pretty random, I know, but I still need to ask. I’ve been learning trading for the past 6 months and I was wondering if there was any day traders in Albuquerque willing to share their trading knowledge and experience with a new trader, I’m not even close to be profitable, I’m trading forex mainly focused on EUUSD XAU/USD but I’m looking for mentorship, currently have an online mentor but we’re in different time zones and it’s very hard for me to operate when he’s operating, if you’re profitable day trader would you consider having an apprentice? Please let me know! 🙏🏽
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2023.05.30 23:55 Oofer_Raven [A3][Recruiting][Star-Sim][US] 87th Legion

[A3][Recruiting][Star-Sim][US] 87th Legion

We are the 87th Legion. Not to be mistaken as the 87th Sentinel Corps, we are a new late clone wars era unit that specializes in multiple fields of combat. The 87th Legion has a wide range of assets at their disposal which is what makes us an extremely versatile unit.
Some Unit Details.
Our unit has our main ground forces, which are the squads of Clone Troopers with a range of roles, or our small teams of ARF Troopers to support them. We will mostly make use of these two assets in most operations. On the side the 87th has access to an Airborne Detachment that will work very closely with our Pilots. At the time Airborne is only just a role that our gamemasters might have us use. Similarly, the 87th also has access to Clone Commando teams. These units strictly exist to help our gamemasters with more operation ideas, these Commandos will not be used often as they are not the focus of our unit. Then finally, our Pilots. As mentioned before the Pilots will, when in use, work very closely with our Airborne Detachment. Otherwise, Pilots are key units to assist our ground teams with transportation, CAS, and general support. As Pilots are very valuable but powerful units, we won't have too much of them until a later time.
Custom Armor Disclaimer
The 87th Legions armor uses a simple design theme and a dark purple color pallet. You may ask for custom armor once you have been active within the unit for at least a month, but this does not grantee you will get anything. The 87th strives to try and be quite uniform with what armor we have.
What roles do we have?
  • Rifleman - The Rifleman Role is the backbone of most units, typically useful in most infantry fighting scenarios and a useful support.
  • Anti-Tank - The Anti-Tank Role is the best role for destroying most types of enemy vehicles. Can play an important role in the survival of the group.
  • Heavy Weapons - The Heavy Weapons Role utilizes a Z-6 Rotary Cannon to help clear out large groups of enemy infantry quickly.
  • Marksman - The Marksman Role utilizes a longer ranged weapon such as a DC-15X or Valken. These units, not as skilled as an ARF Trooper Sniper, will stick with infantry and are useful in taking out backline enemies during a firefight.
  • Medic - The Medic Role is key to keeping everyone in the fight, a unit cannot function without these clones.
  • Engineer - The Engineer Role is useful for defense. These clones have the training required to repair vehicles, construct fortifications, and disarm explosives.
  • RTO - The RTO Role is mainly used closely alongside any kind of leader, these clones are used to help relay tactics, commands, and information throughout the chain of command.
  • Pilot - The Pilot Role is quite self-explanatory; the Pilots will use what air vehicles they have available to assist with transportation and heavy fire support.
  • Support Pilot - The Support Pilot Role is a specific role designated to assisting Pilots, Support Pilots will always be the copilot or gunner for our Pilots, while also managing any type of radio traffic.
  • ARF Trooper (Hand Picked) - The ARF Trooper Role is a Recon/Support role used in pre-operation recon. These units will also occasionally be supplied AT-RT walkers to utilize with assisting infantry.
  • Team Leader - The Team Leader Role is the manager, and leader, of a small infantry team within a squad. These units are essential in the command structure of a unit.
  • Squad Leader (Hand Picked) - The Squad Leader role is essentially the ARC Troopers of the unit. These units come from hand-picked Team Leaders that have proved themselves capable of unit management and leadership. ARC Troopers must work closely with both teams within their squad and help out wherever they can.
(Roles are subject to being closed when joining the unit so keep your mind open)
When are our operation times?
Sundays and Tuesdays at 7/7:30 PM EST.
Attendance is not mandatory.
We are not a MILSIM unit. We take things seriously during operations in a more laid-back manner, but there's always a time and a place. This doesn't mean we don't know how to have fun.
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