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2023.05.30 22:57 autobuzzfeedbot I Dare You To Watch These 12 Movies If You Are Afraid Of Sharks

  1. The Reef (2010)
  2. The Black Demon (2023)
  3. The Meg (2018)
  4. Open Water (2003)
  5. 47 Meters Down (2017)
  6. The Requin (2022)
  7. The Shallows (2016)
  8. Deep Blue Sea (1999)
  9. Man-eater (aka Shark!) (1969)
  10. Jaws (1975)
  11. Sharknado (2013)
  12. And finally, Sharktopus (2010)
Link to article
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2023.05.30 22:45 Parka_lad I made Khan regret

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2023.05.30 22:32 Hunor_Deak A 1924 article imagines "radio-tele-mechanics"-controlled police automatons to quell riots [xpost r/robotics]

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2023.05.30 22:29 pwn3dbyth3n00b How do you guys do job interviews?

I feel like I have a weird anxiety where at this point it doesn't feel like I have SA but in very specific situations it is similar to the most EXTREME SA reaction I tend to see on this sub. The anxiety behind the thought of doing a job interview literally paralyzes my mind to the point I cant even take steps to put myself in that situation, which means I don't apply.
I don't have a fear of going places like the grocery store or public places. I can go to parties feel awkward for a moment but after a while assimilate in or end up playing with the dogs/pets. I have been in "interview" like situations like when I volunteer at places and they literally put me in the office of the person in-charge and have a literal interview to see if I'm a good fit for the position. I when I replied to an email to be a TA for a class I had to go to the professors office and have a discussion to see if I was a good fit to TA.
But getting a job in my career field literally makes me panic, my heart rates, I end up literally having my hand shake and I just end up not doing anything. So I've been free-lancing work so I have to talk to clients to plan/set expectations/etc. I feel zero anxiety doing that stuff and I can communicate normally. It seems extremely irrational to be "normal" except for trying to get a job in the career field I wanted to go to. I've read/watched a bunch of stuff that makes me think its a trauma response but I've never had a negative experience with an authority figure, a teacher or anyone in the field or at my school. I don't feel like I'm "stupid" or incapable of doing/learning something, I was able to graduate with a 3.98GPA and volunteer around. It does feel like imposter syndrome but at the same time I feel like I don't know anything aside what I learned in school so there isn't much to be an imposter of. So it just messes with my mind with how irrational avoiding an interview feels like, maybe its the discomfort of doing something I haven't done before in an official sense that putting me off.
How do you guys just push through this stuff? I feel like I have no issue in an interview except when its directly related to the career I want to go to.
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2023.05.30 22:29 thew0rldisquiethere1 How do I (28f) deal with a friend (30m) who needs constant validation all the time?

I moved to a new city alone a year ago and made a friend the day I got here and we've been friends ever since. He has some me talk health issues (depression and anxiety) exacerbated by the fact that he's never had a job before and lives with his parents. The thing is, he needs constant validation and it's starting to exhaust me mentally. He's so negative and hasn't gone a single hour (on average, I don't physically count) since we've met without insulting himself in some way so that I can refute it and validate him to boost his ego.
A few months ago, I was clear with him and told him it's not my job to give him that constant validation and that I won't do it anymore. Now when he says those things, I either just ignore it or bring up a new topic. I have been hospitalized for a s*icide attempt (wasn't sure if I could say that on this sub) when I was 19, and was in therapy for years and it saved my life, I can't go back to that, but this friendship is draining me and I'm starting to adopt his mindset when he isn't around and that's really bothering me. I told him this a few days ago. I obviously love parts of our friendship, and we have a great time together, until he sabotages and ruins it with these things. I don't know if I'm being insensitive, but it's really getting on my nerves.
It was my birthday 3 weeks ago, and he spoiled me with some gifts I absolutely adore and told him it was honestly the best gift I'd ever gotten, it was spot on. Every time I use it (at least twice a week since then), I send him a picture and tell him again how much I love it. We spent the whole of today together hanging out, playing games, watching movies, and then about an hour ago he looked at my gifts on the table and said, "Do you even like them?" So I said he knows I do, I tell him all the time. Then he gave me this look like he didn't believe me and said, "You say that, but you probably hate it and don't want to tell me the truth. I'm so stupid for getting you a stupid present you probably wish you could throw away." I gave him an incredulous look and just got up and calmly asked him to leave, saying I don't have the energy for this conversation right now. He left and just said, "sorry for being stupid like usual."
This all just seems so bait-y and I'm not going to spend my days recounting my thoughts and feelings on everything to placate him. It's never enough, this just proves my point. I gave him all the validation about the gift, and he still found a way. It's mean of me to say, but I wish I could only have the good/enjoyable parts of this friendship and not this soul-sucking stuff. The good isn't something I want to lose, but the bad isn't sustainable.
TL;DR: My friend needs constant validation and it's breaking me down mentally.
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2023.05.30 22:24 cicadaomega Sellers watched/listened to everyone who viewed their home.

I recently found out that the sellers of the home we bought had cameras on and listened/watched all prospective buyers. According to a neighbor, we ended up getting the house over a slightly higher offer bc the other folks spoke negatively of their home. I feel so unnerved/violated by this. It’s all on the past, but still! Is this legal? Is it normal practice these days?
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2023.05.30 22:23 InformallyVoid p***ed off, kinda

Maybe some of you can relate. Probably over-dramatizing this in my head, but when the same trash keeps repeating it really gets to me. Let me elaborate -
I have a sexual drive that I have to stifle and babysit constantly, which leads to all kinds of bad situations. This concept makes me want to just swing in the jungle like tarzan and yell.
It's not like I walk around daily with my body demanding murder to appease a desire. Yes hatred directed counts as murder in the heart, but it's something that happens in a moment, triggered by something. It's not an innate desire that is dormant. A situation might present itself where one is tempted to tell a small lie, or even do it - but you don't walk around with a constantly dormant desire to do that, do you?
Those kinds of things count as abnormal desires, like compulsive lying etc. Sexual desire is not an abnormal desire, but for me it has to be like that. I did not marry or get engaged at 18, so have fun messing up your brain for years and then carrying an exponential drive alongside it.
So many women I have to play down or ignore, because they don't match the criteria. - What criteria? That they are unbelievers? How do I know their heart, that somewhere deep within they aren't. I have to look at them like aliens, or the "doomed people"? No, I'm supposed to love them (and I mean that seriously) So why is it so important?
Everyone I've found interesting or had a crush on was wrong for me, had a sh** outcome. I know the reasons why, I was attracting those kinds of people because of own issues. Now that I am healed, majorly - I think and expect in the same negative patterns, if I like someone now. It sends me into old habits.
How do you even find someone you vibe with, are attracted to AND they are a believer also. Have fun. It doesn't even work like this, attraction - it's not socially normal in any way.
I kind of want to dumb it down, and get together with someone on simple terms. Why idolize this idea of muh marriage, when I don't see it anywhere around me. It doesn't exist in my reality, as much as I read about it online. Maybe I deserve the consequences of this for my own stupidity.
I'm tired of over analyzing "lust" and this and that, as a single guy. As if wanting to be with someone is some abnormality, and you have some issues. The people that talk like they have it all figured out and apparently none of this is an issue annoy me also. I am happy that you are doing well, but it shoves something within me.
I don't want the quality of my faith (= life) to depend on if I fap or not fap, and how long it has been since I fapped. It's driving me insane.

Hey it's between that option 1 I presented, or I stop caring completely and do whatever I'm doing now. If I stop caring completely, but still have a desire to meet someone - will my non-caring not be counter productive? I know I'm wrong and that God is right, so I'm gonna go with option #2. At least it way lessens the chances of God watching me be disgusting. He warns me too, for my own good. Do I listen? For some reason in those moments I take one step too many, not seeing further ahead are holes.
I'm tired of feeding this sin so much too, I'm tired of being sad over it or reading about it. I'm just fed up. If I had absolutely no one who knew me, I'd probably ask God to just send me up. When I was living wrong I had "friends" - but I don't miss that even. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate life, I'm just fed up with dealing with myself here. Even that would be wrong, because I can still affect other people. But why am I so special, He could easily make someone else do these things and still accomplish his will. Someone more grateful/thankful maybe. Maybe He's just a little bit fed up with me.
Don't misunderstand the notion of my writings please, I'm still on God's team, there's no other way.

Life kinda sucks without real friends and a partner to share with, that's the summary.
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2023.05.30 22:14 fred_lowe Shakedown

>SEARCH FILE “NEC 742533696/A”

"Commander Johnathan Shepherd, XS-104, August 27, 2093, personal log. We really screwed the pooch on this one. I... I don't know where I am. The computer can't recognize the local stellar cartography, at all. I don't even know how long I've actually traveled. It was only about 10 minutes. I guess FTL time dilation is a bitch. The timing was right, but the singularity completely collapsed. My best guess is I'm about 37 light-minutes from an F, maybe G sequence star, sensors are a little screwy so I have to eyeball it. I'm not big on the math, I just fly what and where they tell me.
"I still don't even know what went wrong. I can kind of make out a couple of constellations, but they look... Off. I was supposed to only go a little over 4 light years, a quick jaunt over to Proxima Centauri. I was excited about a chance to go FTL, but now, I don't know. We have a couple of small colonies over there and have had a few successful unmanned runs, along with a light resupply for testing. Given how far off the constellations are, if I'm looking at the right ones, I think I went further, far further than I should have. Heh... I guess manned missions need a bit more work. I keep thinking a little bit about the double-slit experiment. You know, particles acting differently under active observation? Could my just being here have messed things up a bit? I dunno.
"I still have about 80% of my sublight engine fuel and 54% FTL fuel, whatever nonsense they're using to generate that huge amount of power to maintain the envelope. At least THAT math checked out. They wanted a test run of two flights, there and back, with a little extra in the tank, further testing maybe? I could care less right now, and yes, I do care, just a touch. I flipped a 180 now heading back the way I came. If all goes well, I SHOULD be close enough to detect something from Sol. I'm not picking up more than the stellar background so I'm guessing I'm further than man made signals have made it out, or they're just too weak to pick up. At least that gives me some idea of how far out I am, but that really doesn't make me feel better.
"Sandra, I'm sorry, I really thought I'd be back in time for dinner with the in-laws, and no, this wasn't just a way to get out of it. Heh heh. I love you though, I really do, with all my heart. I'm so, so sorry if I can't make it back to watch Beks grow, I'm still going to try my damndest to make it back. I have enough fuel for another shot to make my way, and I'm going to do it. I'll even ask the Devil himself if he'll give me a hand back home, I'm not going to give up.
Rebecca, my sweet Beks, I'm so very sorry if I can't make it back to you. If anything happens, THAT will be my greatest regret. If worse comes to worst, know I genuinely love you and want you to grow strong. I'll always be proud of you. Well, second star to the right, and straight on until morning.
"Computer, prepare a signal beacon and transfer all black box data to it along with this log and pre...."

>LOCATION : SYSTEM TDP - 468 - 72739
>NOTE: “Beacon appears to have been in position and transmitting for 6893 Earth
>days. Petitioning for Commander Shepard’s status to be adjusted from KIA to MIA
>given this discovery.”
>ADDENDUM: DECEMBER 19TH, 2133 - 1837z
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2023.05.30 22:13 russianbot716 Chattanooga 70.3 Race Recap

First shot at a recap so let’s see how we do!
Race Info
What – IM 70.3: Chattanooga
Where – Chattanooga, TN USA
When - Sunday, May 21st, 2023
Overall Goals
- PR - Yes (previous PR was a 5:30:12 at Ohio 70.3 in 2022)
- Sub 5:00 - Heck no
- Not blow up on run - Sorta?
TL;DR and Results
This was my 3rd 70.3 and my first with my coach who has been training me since the start of the fall 2022
Swim – 35:07
T1 – 5:03
Bike – 2:49:55
T2 – 3:13
Run – 1:51:57
Total time – 5:25:14
58th in AG (M27), 579 overall
Was a college soccer player (GK) and after college had a foray into BJJ and MMA with a couple fights. Realized that was dumb for longevity and switched to triathlon
2-3 sessions a week of 2.4K to 3.6K yards per session. Some workouts are speed focused, some are technique focused, so on and so forth. I have seen a good improvement on CSS these last few month from 1:40 to 1:33. I did swim team as a kid so I have been trying to recapture some of that swim experience. I also felt some recent breakthrough with decreasing my stroke rate and using fewer more powerful strokes. Have been very happy with my improvement these last months. I still remain a terrible to nonexistent kicker
Goal split - 35 Minutes
typically rides a week. Longer weekend ride and 2 during the week (on zwift trainer) with focus on cadence or power or VO2. I have a big problem with low cadence, recently been trying to get up into the 80s for when I am normally riding. However when I start putting power down I start reverting to the low 70s cadence of riding. As far as FTP I had worked my FTP up to 257 leading up to the start of the season. However I have felt pretty weak these last 2 month leading up to this actual race. It has been harder for me to put the power down. However on the outdoor longer rides I have felt very strong and very comfortable riding for longer periods. Outdoors I ride without power so will probably need to make that investment soon.
Goal Split - 2:30:00
Running has steadily improved with increased mileage and more speedwork. Recent 5K test had improved me to 6:33 for my fastest 5K. Additionally in the most recent half marathon race I had I finished 1:30:12 with a 6:57 avg. biggest issues I have been dealing with are some pain in my left Achilles at the very start of runs that typically disappears after a mile or 2. Typically 3-4 runs a week (1 tempo short, longer run on the weekend, Z2 10k).
Goal Split - 1:40:00
Race Morning
Woke up at 4 AM to get the body rolling. Had my usual prerace breakfast of 2 English muffins with peanut butter and honey as well as a power armour with caffeine and a cup of coffee. Transition setup right at 4:40 to give me plenty of time for the most important part of the morning, THE BM. Went back to my hotel and was able to get showered and dressed up for the race. Headed over to the busses for drop-off to the swim and get to the swim start 20-30 mins before the race start
Swim – seeded myself in the 30-35 minute group and set off! for those that fear swimming Chatty is a great race. It is a with the current swim so it felt like we were flying down the river. Dealt with a slight leak in my left goggle the entire swim which was pretty annoying but it was far from terrible. Also I forgot that in Chatty the swim is actually 1.4 miles instead of 1.2, so as I swam over 2100 yards I was thinking WTF why are we still swimming? This was the first time I seeded myself in the 30-35 min so I did deal with less of the slower swimmers who seed incorrectly. However I did still find quite a few in front of me who should not have been where they were. Mini Rant here, but seriously people why are you doing this? IDK this is just a huge pet peeve of mine when I have to swim all the way around a person (small problems I know...) rant over. But got through it without any real major contact with anyone
35:07 @ 1:23/100 yards - 7:48 PR!
T1 – Never had a wetsuit stripper before! that was fun. But this transition is long as crap. My watch clocked my total transition distance as almost half a mile which was crazy to me. Also I was a little slow getting my socks on today which was unusual. all and all a odd transition where I just felt slow and unfocused on what I was doing.
Bike – Set off on what had previously been my nemesis for my first 70.3 but felt like I would have an area of great improvement for today! with my goal of 2:30 I knew my goal average speed was around 22MPH, and for the first bit we were well on track! If I look at my average speed through the first 26 miles I was averaging 21.6 MPH. And this is a course with rolling hills most of the way. Goals of the bike were to try and really spin to get through the hill and not stuck grinding it out as this would destroy my legs. Also wanted to keep on my nutrition as I felt this really caused me to blow up on my runs in Galveston and Ohio. Fueling per hour was 1 x 55g carb Gatorade mix bottle and a maurten gel to get to 80 g carb per hours. Would then rinse down the body and sip water through the aid stations. after I burned through my 2 bottles I sipped on the Gatorade endurance bottle taken from the aide stations. In total took 160 g carb + some of the Gatorade endurance for nutrition. So all was going ok until after the "big" climb halfway. Not sure if it was fueling or the headwind that started. But my average speed just tanked. I felt like I had no power. When I tried to flex and stretch my legs I could just feel the damage in them. Not good. Then with the slower speed my mental game fell apart. mile 40-50 I was in a really bad mental spot and had decided at several points to just quit when I got back into transition as there was no way in hell I would break 5 hours. I felt like a failure and a loser. why had I been training 9-12 hours every week to just suck? Talk about a tale of 2 half's. Managed to get back to transition. Mini rant #2 - draft packs... screw you. A literal peloton of 8-10 people 2 abreast 5 deep flew by me at mile 45 and let me tell you I was big mad. Rant over. Also saw a guy lose control at 30 MPH and hit the deck pretty hard, hope he's ok. That was a nice bike to wreck on :( Also another guy almost started peeing on me (I was behind him) near the end and definitely did not use enough water to wash himself down after LOL.
2:49:55 - 20.07 MPH - 11ish minutes slower than PR :(
T2 – Made it into T2 and said alright lets just run the first 5k and see how we are doing then we can DNF if you really are that miserable. So got everything racked and ditched the 10 maurtens I had somehow acquired on the bike. but threw on my trusty Saucony Endorphin Pro 2s and set off
Run – That first hill out of transition took my already bad mental state and threw it into the fire. So I have never come closer to quitting than that moment. I did not somehow. And then the run flattened out. So after 1.5 miles I actually started to feel good mentally and that's when I knew I was going to finish. I also saw how my pace was going and I knew I would at least PR on the day if I just held the pacing I was doing. after the 1st aid station I decided I wouldn't push too hard on the run and simply walk through the aid stations. avg pace as 7:40-8:00 while running then would walk through the aid stations. in the aid stations I would douse with water and take Gatorade in. Also was putting ice in the suit. I think in total I had 2-3 gels throughout the run? and I stopped at every single aide station for drink and splashing myself with water. Besides the aid stations the only section I had to walk was an incredibly steep little hill right before the first bridge crossing to the other side of the river. That hill is a real ball buster. In terms of improvements I think if I really want to chop some time I have some free time if I don't walk through aid stations. I need to get better at doing that on the run to enable me to get that free time. Also I really didn't push at all my heartrate was pretty much in high Z2 for me the whole run. Also I was dealing with side stitches off and on the whole run so not sure how I can prevent that in the future but if I could eliminate that I would be a much happier camper. Also lap 2 on the run was SO CROWDED mind you there were 3k athletes but man that was a busy run course for the second lap. Saw the shoot and had the tear well up a little. Got over the line and had a quick little 30 second sob so that was that.
1:51:57 - 8:31 AVG - 11 min PR
Final Thoughts
Chatty has me feeling some really mixed emotions. I really was sure I was in for massive PR., chopping 30 minutes off my last PR. Instead I got a measly 5. Maybe I am being to hard on myself or am being greedy with the amount of time I feel I should be dropping? However when I think about it practically it is a much harder course with 2.3K feet in climbing over the bike and 600 or so feet in climbing on the run. So to PR on a harder course is good right? Just a confusing weekend for me about how to feel about it. I think nutrition is still and issue as I am left thinking why did I feel so weak on the bike? I have read some literature that 90-100g carb may be even better now so I think I will implement this into training. Also could I have been tougher and gone harder on that run? If you saw me out there I was in an blue and orange suit with a white helmet riding and old black and blue trek equinox 7 or black running hat. Next race is in July with the Happy Valley 70.3 so I have even more climbing to look forward to there. Will I be able to further PR? Let me know what y'all think of this write up or your thoughts on all this!
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2023.05.30 22:10 Fiddler33 Where to find other Sam Hyde content?

Can you guys tell me the best way to see old world peace/MDE stuff? I pretty much only knew of Sam from his TED talk years ago and than heard about him again from that video Idubzz did. Kind of randomly started watching some vids of his and than saw the fish tank trailer and was all in on the show. world peace was his adult swim show ya? Did he have any other shows or just YouTube content etc.
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2023.05.30 22:00 City0fEvil 2 Weeks of Duckweed Growth

2 Weeks of Duckweed Growth
I found some Duckweed in my tank so I decided to trap it and watch it grow. 2nd picture I expanded the growing area.
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2023.05.30 21:57 MeraArasaki Got some questions

What does lining up a GCD mean? I know what a GCD is, but I'm not sure what lining it up means.
I heard it here at around 7:33 minutes mark:
I also don't understand why plunging at the boss like that is bad? Like why is it bad that the boss isn't moving?
Is it like, the party can't attack at the same time as the tank?
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2023.05.30 21:54 Equivalent-Bee3883 Can I ask in-laws to help foot travel bill?

My husband & I have a toddler and live on the other side of the continent from our families (who live about a 1h flight/8h drive from one another). All of our parents were excited about having grandkids and want to be an active part of our kid’s life. All of our family is financially stable - both of my parents (divorced) work; my MIL was a SAHM and his dad “works for enjoyment” (ie flexible job that he does more to pass the time than out of necessity).
Both my husband and I work full-time, pretty high-stress jobs. Our kid is in daycare full-time. We also have senior dogs who have medical needs.
My family has come out a few times since our kid was born, generally for a week at a time. My in-laws have not yet met our kid since they haven’t come out to visit. They were not good travelers pre-pandemic (they’re homebodies) and a few years of quarantining has further weakened that travel muscle. They will say that they’re shooting to come for a certain date (nephews birthday, Thanksgiving, our kid’s birthday, 4th of July) yet they keep changing the goal posts - this has been pushed out well over a year. We haven’t traveled either since our kid was born, since it is its own challenge especially dealing with dog boarding given their complex needs.
My husband is bummed that his parents haven’t met our kid, and suggested that since they can’t seem to realistically commit to any travel, we should go visit them instead this summer. The logistics of us going to them is more complicated, by virtue of both a rambunctious lap infant (or paying for an additional seat) plus the dog boarding which is both scary bc of their health/age and expensive. The cost of us boarding the dogs for a week is about the same as two plane tickets to visit them… and we can’t have friends watch because of their issues.
I told my husband that I’m open to going their way, but that they should contribute to the cost - like paying for the dog boarding. They’re not coming out here because they don’t like traveling, not because of financial constraints. It’s a bigger lift for us to come to them, so if they’re getting that convenience, can’t they offset some of our inconvenience? My husband said “we’ll talk about it” but thinks it’s weird for us to ask them. Prior to the pandemic, they didn’t come out often but did come every couple of years.
I realize that I’m coming in with some hard feelings because they weren’t there for us during the first year, and we had a very rough first year. They always ask for us to send pics, or to facetime. It feels like such an energy suck as those things are for them - our kid doesn’t understand who they are. I just feel like if I also pay a small fortune and take on the dog-related stress to visit them, without any support, I’ll harbor more negative feelings plus it will set the precedent of this as the norm.
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2023.05.30 21:47 AaravR22 One hope I have now that the show is over

I hope that the actors can speak more freely about the show, the choices made by higher ups, and how they felt about it. I don’t think they’re exactly being dishonest right now. There’s really no way to tell, but from how the show declined over the years and how multiple actors were mentally checked out by season 7, I wonder if there was anything bad about working on the show.
Up until this point the show was still airing, and the actors would have had to watch what they said and make sure they didn’t make any negative comments since they were still employed there.
I remember Ruby Rose had bad experiences on the set of Batwoman, but didn’t speak out until quite a while after she left, when she was no longer employed by them and could speak freely. So I wonder if there were bad experiences behind the scenes of this show that were kept quiet, such as a unfriendly work environment for certain actors in any way. If any actors didn’t get along well with the showrunner, resulting in their character getting less focus. You guys see what I’m trying to say here?
For instance: another thing I thought of was how almost no one in the cast even mentioned Hartley Sawyer, when he was fired or later on. The showrunner made a statement, and Grant simply said he agreed with the statement. Danielle Nicolet was the only other one who even addressed it, saying that she held no ill will against her former costar. Probably the actors were told not to address it or something, because it’s really surprising that only two cast members did. Maybe now the others can eventually speak freely. *Side Note: Hartley Sawyer disappeared off the face of the earth after this. Genuinely no way to tell where he is, how he’s doing, or if he’s even alive. I hope we do eventually learn where he’s ended up. I also hope we hear from the cast members whether he really was the way the tweets made him out to be, or if he had really been a changed man by then. *
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2023.05.30 21:46 Nadeoki Steven has too many L takes in regards to digital piracy

  1. Adblockers just modify what you are seeing on your device, you have a legal and moral right to choose what's displayed on your personal devices. (PC, Phone, Tablet, etc) Even platforms, Browser Developers like the people behind Chromium, and even platforms like youtube admitted as much and there's precedence of Court cases proving my point. I do understand the argument against trying to circumvent anti-adblockers. Legally even has been shown to be illegal.
  2. The problem isn't malware, it's ad trackers, and other very sophisticated utilities that malicious actors can use to exploit your connection. Many websites will blatantly not care what kind of ad partners are going to be on their websites and yeah, maybe I don't want to see Grandma's behind on a 200 x 200 animated gif while browsing Food recipes.
  3. Pirating is not stealing! You're creating a 1:1 copy of a file without loss to the original, if you think revenue is an argument for "loss" YOU'D BE WRONG. The European Commission itself had published a report showcasing very bluntly how piracy doesn't actually affect the market negatively, in fact for all but the most Triple A, big budget projects, exposure due to piracy to potential customers who treat it kind of like playing a Demo version before deciding to purchase is actually a NET gain for the publishers!
  4. 90$ for a broken-at-launch game is too much. I don't care what kind of warped logic one must endure to get to any other conclusion. Especially when they'll charge you around twice that in DLC's after. This is not at all equal to paying for older games because we're talking mainly about PC games here. And those were around 20-30$ not too long ago. If you add to that the inability to play offline because purchasing a game doesn't actually mean you own it anymore. (It just means you're borrowing a license now) it makes even less sense why anyone would want to pay that much to play a Full Game in 2023.
  5. Subscriptions suck for the same reasons I mentioned: - you are borrowing stuff instead of owning it - the paid experience is objectively worse than the pirated one. I think this was a good way to put it. - No! Torrenting shit these days is not as much of a hassle as grandpa here likes to think. buying a few TB and a Lifetime Plex membership sets you back maybe a couple 100 $. That's easily making up for the fact that you can have infinite movies, tv shows, anime, music, games, programs, for free of charge, almost all in bluray 4K if you so desire no bullshit Widevine restrictions or Denuvo r*ping your system... I just don't see the cost/effort analysis of claiming that subscriptions are more "convenient"
Sorry for ranting. I realize my language is not calm and collected, I hope the valid criticism is still readable, coming from a non-native speaker, perhaps there can be some understanding.
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2023.05.30 21:42 Emotional_Maximum_59 I think the "creature" we have been seeing came with me from my childhood home

I am hoping someone could help me figure out what this is, and how to deal with it. I moved into this house with my fiance and his family in august 2021. We have the entire basement, excluding the laundry room as our space. I noticed pretty quickly i could hear footsteps going up and down the stairs, and when i brought it up to my mother in law she dropped decades worth of ghost stories onto me.
For as long as everyone in this house can remember, there have been footsteps on stairs, sometimes they will be loud pounding running footsteps. Very much what you'd expect for a haunting, cabinets open, drawers open, doors opening and slamming by themself. We hear footsteps when no one else is home, and the cats have very aggressive reactions to all of this. Never any violence or anything like that.
My childhood home was haunted. It was called "a vortex of negative energy" by my moms friend who came to bless the house. She said whatever was there, had an interest in me. My bedroom had the most activity and as soon as she walked in she said she felt sick. I moved out in 2016 but i think its still with me.
Around the fall of 2021, we started seeing things. In the laundry room, my mother in law and i both saw a small black creature run behind the water heater. i did not get a very good look at it but my mil said it looked like a tiny yeti. Very soon after we saw the same thing outside, right in front of the house. I see it frequently now, usually out of the corner of my eye. Sometimes I will feel like im being watched, so i look and i see it for a split second before its gone.
Every time we see it we get a weird feeling. You know that feeling from being a child and hiding under the blankets because it feels like something terrifying is there? It is exactly like that. Around the summer of last year, my mil and i were in the basement, and we both had that strange feeling. She was standing right next to a sheet we had hanging from the ceiling acting as a room divider, and it looked like a person was behind the sheet, and it grabbed her. She felt it, i saw the sheet move and it looked like hands, like someone trying to hug her but with the sheet in the way. The cats completely lost it, and i have never seen them have that extreme of a reaction to anything before.
It does calm down every once in a while, and then it will come back, and every time it does its more intense than the last time. My sister in law has a lot of this happening in her bedroom too, and we all feel that nervous "something is wrong here" feeling in her closet. She also has things go missing frequently.
In the basement there is an old mirror that i like to keep covered because it kinda freaks me out and others feel the same about it. When the activity starts up again, the cover on the mirror always falls off repeatedly. The cats hate the mirror. I hate the mirror. Looking at myself in it just feels... wrong? Not natural? Nothing weve tried has worked. Holy water, blessing, i had a friend come over with sage and that was the only thing that had an effect but it still came back.
The house i lived in as a child had some of the same stuff going on, and we never got it to stop. Ive considered whatever it is, came with me from that house. No one here saw anything, ever, until i moved in. It got much more intense once i was here. I have no idea what to do. None of us do. I can not properly put into words how terrified this thing makes me. It makes me nauseous. What am i supposed to do? The feeling was never this intense, even as a kid.
I would also like to mention that in my childhood home was also my moms childhood home, and she had the same things happening when she was little. We would frequently see "people" around the house that would just vanish. Like shadows. We heard voices, had strange dreams. We heard voices calling our names but we knew to never respond. Also, very strange but, when i was just learning to talk, i would point at the big mirror in the hall and cry about "the people" i could see in the mirror. As i got older, it happened less and less but once i was in school and learning about native americans i realized- i think that is what i saw. there were just a few of them, and they would just stand there and look at me. I remember them having lots of jewelry, lots of colors, feathers. The one standing in the very front had a walking stick, or just a big stick. Am i crazy or misremembering or is that really what i saw? i dont know but i have to know. My mom thinks they were there to protect us from whatever was in the house. Does it sound like this thing followed me? what is it?
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2023.05.30 21:38 NickB155 [Question] Help finding my new daily

[Question] Help finding my new daily
hi All
I have had my daily driver for over 10 years (2 of the same watch) and Im struggling hard to replace it with the right thing to replace its daily status. Im hoping the wealth of knowledge here can guide me into something I might be missing. Note, I live about 4 hrs away from any major dealers in NY so try ons are limited.
it is a Moved Gentry 84 N2 1890 (pictures added) the lime on this one has ben replaced w a diamond bc it fell out lol.
Why I need new: Its quartz and not as reliable as id like (lacks water resist) and I hate battery changing
What I like: Popular = Love the size and fits under cuff, the overall wearability/style & the bracelet clasp is perfect
What I've tried:
Tank Francaise - too "chubby"
Breitling Chronomat - hate the bracelet
IWC Big P - too big
Santos - Loved it but so hyped imo
Octo Roma - 41mm was too big and the 38mm is discontinued and strap is not swappable but I loved everything else about it
I currently own a Tank MC and a Seamaster Professional
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2023.05.30 21:30 gay-iced-latte Late bloomer anthem? Melissa Etheridge's "The Wanting of You"

Gay icon Melissa Etheridge has a song that explicitly details the struggles of a late bloomer. I've sobbed to this song many a time, so wanted to share it with you. Here's an absolutely killer live performance, and here's the studio version. It's from her 2010 album Fearless Love, on which the title track also speaks to pursuing an authentic life.


She's got her sweet children
She's got her house, she's got some land
Her earthly possessions
She's got a ring upon her hand

She tried to be a good girl
She tried to make everything right
She tried to kill the voices
That haunt her each and every night

She looks up to heaven
And wonders why love is so cruel
She loves him, won't hurt him
Can't stop the wanting of you

She married in high school
Oldest was well upon her way
But that wild night, Chicago
It left a mark she can't erase

A phase you'll just get over
That's what her friends have always said
You dip your toes in water
She's in way over her head

She looks up to heaven
And wonders why love is so cruel
She loves him, won't hurt him
Can't stop the wanting of you

Keeping her desire paralyzed
She catches in the corner of her eyes
Tank top, smooth skin, soft lips, tan thighs
How the hell's this ache ever gonna die?

We make our choices
Doing what we think is good
We deny our own dreams
'Cause we think we've been told we should
We think we've been told we should

She looks up to heaven
And wonders why love is so cruel
She loves him, won't hurt him
Can't stop the wanting of you

She looks up to heaven
And wonders why love is so cruel
She loves him, won't hurt him
Can't stop the wanting of you

Oh, oh, oh, oh
She can't stop
She can't stop the wanting of you
Oh, oh, oh, oh
She can't stop the wanting
The wanting of you
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2023.05.30 21:29 PM__ME__SURPRISES Need help/advice for my little crazy one

This is a long one but TLDR at the end.
I just adopted a little angel from the humane society. She just turned two when I got her, about 2 months ago. She was there for a while because previous owner said she didn't get along with other cats & was aggressive. Of course when I walked in, she immediately won me over by coming up to me & loving on me -- she seemed friendly (aggressive in a good way) and very smart.
I live alone in a 1 bd apt, and don't plan on getting any other cats so that part didn't bother me. As I've gotten to know Lizzie, I've noticed what they meant by aggressive. I work from home and Lizzie requires a lot of attention/exercise. And if she doesn't get it, she is very good at making you pay attention.
I've had cats before, I know their tricks and how people generally handle them. I know to give them plenty of exercise. I noticed Lizzie needed a lot right away, I play with her at least 3 times a day -- morning, lunch, and late afternoon -- for about 20 minutes. I make sure she's going hard too, always go until she's winded/slowing down.
However, that is not enough. Lizzie will try to get my attention throughout the workday by doing things she presumably learned pissed off her old owners: chewing/scratching the cords from the computer I am using, eating and messing with plants/dirt in the plants, biting/scratching [insert anything here]. If she is frustrated enough, she will go into sicko mode and start attacking me, biting & scratching at me and treating my hands/feet as if they are toys (taunting me to fight her by attacking them). I am pretty sure the previous owner either played with her using their hands/feet or accidentally created this habit because she defaults to it if she doesn't get her way.
Now I know ignoring these things is likely the best solution. Don't show attention to attention-seeking behavior. However, she does not quit, and she is smart. She's chewed clean through two of my cords and knows how to turn off the computer (it is a desktop so she just jumps on the front and hits the button on the top of it). I know she knows because she doesn't escalate to these things until I've ignored everything else. And its obviously deliberate when she shuts it off -- she gets into jumping motion right in front and then looks at me. Sometimes she is hard to ignore. For example, I am on phone calls for work and she starts attacking my hand or threatening to turn it off (I am on zoom a lot of the time) so I am probably to blame at least a little to reacting to her shenanigans but at the end of the day, I have to do my job and will sometimes have to put her in the other room for a while. Not long, 20-30min as a timeout. My apartment is very open with the main space and only one closed off room. It is not uncomfortable for her to be in there but I'd like for us to live in harmony.
Furthermore, she sometimes escalates to sicko mode and attacks me (claws/bites) even if I am not working and giving her attention. She will flip on a dime -- we're snuggling on the couch, watching tv, she rubbing her head into me and then I touch her wrong, she immediately starts biting me. Her affection sometimes includes biting too, but it is soft then, not like these times I am referring to. Like I said before, I think part of this is her trying to play (and perhaps she was taught wrong before?). But sometimes she seems really defensive: she sometimes has really strong reactions to me standing up or making a sudden move -- sudden to her. And gets scared sometimes when I come in the room unexpectedly or in a rushed manner. I don't know, some behaviors seem to indicate she was abused from her previous owners. Not accusing, just possible reason for that, I guess and trying to give as many details as possible here.
I've tried other things besides ignoring her behaviors, tried the squirt bottle. She's impervious, just keeps coming. Like I said, sometimes during the workday I have to separate her for a short period of time because she just keeps going even if I ignore or spray her.
My question is, what are some other methods to stop these behaviors? Ignoring bad/attention seeking behavior doesn't seem to work, giving her something negative when she does a behavior I don't like doesn't seem to work either. Maybe there is another thing I can do when she exhibits attention seeking behavior that I don't know about? Or perhaps positive reinforcement works better? My old cats weren't that hard and ignoring/water worked on them so I am a little out of my element on this one. I've read a little about clicking tools and that method, can anyone relate their experience with that? How do you use that to stop negative behavior? Or you just keep rewarding good and they eventually stop the bad? She's super picky with her food and I haven't found a treat that she loves yet, I'm not even sure a click and a treat when she exhibits positive behavior would be motivating for her (lol also need suggestions on best treats). She is definitely bored and I wish I had some more things to keep her occupied while I am working. I have one of those laser toys that goes on its own trajectory but she's bored of it after 10 min. Her favorite is the wand which I do the three times a day thing with. Pretty much ignores other toys. Any other toys or things you can give your cat so they can entertain themselves? Not boxes guys, I got those!
I would let her outside if I could but I live in the city and it just is not an option. I know redditors would hate me for that anyway, but I can tell she's dying to get outside. I got her a leash but she does not like it. Will claw to the death when I try to put it on and if I manage to, doesn't know how to walk around with it and just flops over whenever any resistance is applied. I also got one of those carrying cases that has a big see-through portion to at least just show her around outside. She doesn't hate that as much, but doesn't seem to love it.
What am I missing? Are there any other cool toys to keep her busy? Are there any other methods I could try? Including positive reinforcement? Am I just not giving her enough attention/exercise during the work day? What do I need to do differently that I haven't realized yet?
TLDR: my cat has some abnormally strong attention-seeking and aggressive clawing/biting behaviors when she doesn't get the attention she wants, how do I teach her out of this? Or alternatively, any other ways to exercise/stimulate for long periods of time where I don't need to be involved? Also need suggestions on best treats to try positive reinforcement!
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2023.05.30 21:22 Plurpledinosaur I have to disagree. This year's lineup was mid. And it's important that we acknowledge that

This year's lineup was mid. Sorry not sorry. Stop mindlessly defending Insomniac. At a certain point, we need to acknowledge when they're cutting corners. Otherwise, they'll just keep doing it to see how much they can get away with it. It's okay to have had fun and also admit that they can do better.
Insomniac's always been the gold standard for me in the industry.. until recently. The overselling, lack of bathrooms and water, poor treatment of the vendors, and a slew of other issues... and now, the poor line-up has changed my mind.
This was the first EDC where I told myself I would not buy a ticket for next year until I see the line up.
  1. This year's line-up had less diversity. Over the half the line-up was house. Nothing against house but there are so many different types of music, and if you're dedicating that much space to one type of genre, there just isn't enough space for other genres. Some stages were playing house all night. There were times where the only "good" sets that were playing were house. We would move from set to set and it would be like, we didn't move at all, as the music was all so similar. Also, there was a lack of diversity within genres. Basspod was mostly straight-up dubstep or wonky/funky bass. There was little trap, melodic dubstep, etc. It just felt like we were listening to same music all night even within each genres.
  2. There were so many duplicate sets. My god. The entire weekend just felt like we were watching the same people over again. The problem is, there was already a lack of diversity in the line-up... and this just compounded it. Subtronics was great, don't get me wrong. But Griztronics was again the same type of music. Marshmello and Svdden Death were good but their set sounded the same as Svdden Death alone. Again, my group moved around a lot and it seemed like we kept seeing the same artists in different stages.
  3. This year had less headliners. And that matters. You're straight up TRIPPING if you think some of these basspod artists are on the same level as RL Grime. Or you think some of these artists are on the same level as someone like Illenium or Gryffin. There's a reason why they're headliners. They're fucking good.
I can guarantee you Insomniac spent less money this year on the line-up. They stacked a bunch of mid-tier artists instead of getting headliners. More =/= better.
Anyway I know this might come off as negativity but I think it's important that we acknowledge these issues. Pasquale seems to be aware of all the discussions, and have acknowledged the various issues of this year's EDC, and I personally think the Line-up is one of the, if not the, most important thing when it comes to a festival.
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2023.05.30 21:15 MyLifeimprovejourney Day 2 of myself improvement journey

I've been using the "urge Surfing" to help me with food while im not perfect with my diet yet (I still eat a lot of sugar and crisps) but if I use it more it will work.
I'm still doing that freman techique duh, I'm doing it right here.
Today I've became an "action taker" you could say the four things I've learnt are have the right cloths, OODA, Mindset, keeping yourself neet, The OODA stands for Observe, Orient, Decide, Act, I believe this now it has made me take action without needing motivation or discipline, The mindset is abundance mindset so I'm giving away some cloths to chairty, The keeping myself neet I've pulled out a massive ingrown hair in my face also put on skin care to, The cloths has a small effect on the brain I'm using it right now e.g. I have a very smart T-shirt on.
I've learnt when you say to yourself this information is important the brain just rememebers a lot better.
I've learnt something that made my confidence a lot better just ignore people's opions I think of opions as dirt now because people's opions should never stop you from what you want to do in life and, I stand for that.
I did watch too much youtube today but I can improve as a person and grow stronger I've realized my mistake and won't do it tomorrow because I got the calendar working on this computer bit of a pain in the ass for some reason but all fixed and working right now.
I've done a lot of tank quizes and damn I'm good at recognizing tanks most of the time, I found mistakes with the websites, usually get 100% on most of them nice and, a little proud of it that I did that.
I learnt something about social interaction I should stand out in a good way by answering a boring question in a funny way by saying something witty or funny maybe even dumb.
Tomorrow I got some plans on my calendar, But I'll only tell you one, I'll be learning more about Carl Jung the therapist.
P.S I thought this would be ignored but a 1K views good I guess, I'll keep writing then.
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2023.05.30 21:15 SirDoAlot [WTS]»»The Fleet Facto®y«« Vulture LTI $155, Mercury Star Runner LTI BIS 2952 $225, Apollo Medivac LTI $225, Hull C LTI $249, C2 Hercules LTI $285, Odyssey LTI $469, A2 Hercules LTI $469, Andromeda to Merchantman upgrade $279 and upgrades, paints and more. Have a look!

Welcome to The Fleet Facto®y!

Est. 2946
Standalone Ships:
Type Name Melt value Upgrade value Price
CCU'd Vulture LTI $125 $175 $155
CCU'd Constellation Taurus LTI $140 $190 $169
CCU'd Vulcan LTI $150 $200 $179
CCU'd Hurricane LTI $135 $210 $179
CCU'd Terrapin LTI $145 $220 $185
CCU'd Constellation Andromeda LTI $165 $240 $199
CCU'd Scorpius LTI $145 $240 $199
CCU'd Corsair LTI $165 $250 $205
CCU'd 400i LTI $175 $250 $209
CCU'd Ares Inferno LTI $145 $250 $199
CCU'd Mercury Star Runner LTI $155 $260 $209
CCU'd Mercury Star Runner LTI BIS 2952 $165 $260 $225
CCU'd Vanguard Warden LTI $155 $260 $209
CCU'd Vanguard Sentinel LTI $170 $275 $225
CCU'd Retaliator Bomber LTI $170 $275 $225
CCU'd Apollo Medivac LTI $170 $275 $225
CCU'd Vanguard Harbinger LTI $185 $290 $239
CCU'd Eclipse LTI $175 $300 $239
CCU'd Constellation Aquila LTI $185 $310 $245
CCU'd Mole LTI $190 $315 $249
CCU'd Redeemer LTI $195 $325 $255
CCU'd Caterpillar LTI $180 $330 $255
CCU'd Starfarer Gemini LTI $190 $340 $259
CCU'd Crucible LTI $200 $350 $269
CCU'd Endeavor LTI $200 $350 $275
CCU'd Glaive LTI $200 $350 $295
CCU'd Hull C LTI $175 $350 $249
CCU'd Valkyrie LTI $225 $375 $285
CCU'd Galaxy LTI $230 $380 $289
CCU'd Reclaimer LTI $250 $400 $299
CCU'd C2 Hercules LTI $210 $400 $285
CCU'd Hull D LTI $250 $450 $315
CCU'd 600i Explorer LTI $275 $475 $339
CCU'd M2 Hercules LTI $320 $520 $375
CCU'd Liberator LTI $375 $575 $409
CCU'd Carrack LTI $400 $600 $425
CCU'd Merchantman LTI $400 $650 $439
CCU'd Perseus LTI $425 $675 $455
CCU'd Odyssey LTI $450 $700 $469
CCU'd Hammerhead $475 $725 $485
CCU'd Nautilus LTI $475 $725 $489
CCU'd A2 Hercules LTI $425 $750 $469
CCU'd Polaris LTI $500 $750 $505
Special offers, limited numbers:
Type Name Upgrade value Price Quantity
Ship and Vehicle Upgrades:
Type Name Price
CCU 325A to Avenger Titan Renegade $10
CCU Reliant Kore to Avenger Titan Renegade $18
CCU Reliant Tana to Avenger Warlock $18
CCU 325A to Avenger Warlock $25
CCU 315P to Avenger Warlock $30
CCU Vanguard Harbinger to Eclipse $18
CCU Cutlass Black to Gladius Valiant $18
CCU M50 to Gladius Valiant $18
CCU Odyssey to Hammerhead $45
CCU Odyssey to Nautilus $45
CCU Valkyrie to Reclaimer $45
CCU Gladiator to Sabre $11
CCU Super Hornet to Sabre Comet $11
CCU Sabre to Sabre Comet $25
CCU Terrapin to Vanguard Hoplite $25
CCU Apollo Triage to Vanguard Warden $18
CCU Vanguard Hoplite to Vanguard Warden $39
CCU Sabre Comet to Vulcan $25
CCU Super Hornet to Vulcan $32
CCU Freelancer DUR to Ballista $11
CCU Liberator to Carrack $44
CCU Starfarer Gemini to Crucible $18
CCU Prospector to Gladiator $17
CCU Reliant Mako to Hawk $11
CCU Gladius to Hawk $17
CCU Sabre Comet to Hornet Heartseeker $18
CCU Super Hornet to Hornet Heartseeker $26
CCU Prospector to Hornet Wildfire $32
CCU Vulcan to Hurricane $18
CCU Taurus to Hurricane $32
CCU F7C Hornet to Legionnaire $18
CCU Mustang Beta to Pisces C8X $10
CCU Dragonfly Black to Pisces C8X $10
CCU Arrow to Spartan $11
CCU Hornet Wildfire to Super Hornet $11
CCU Sabre to Super Hornet $17
CCU Khartu-Al to Super Hornet $17
CCU Gladiator to Super Hornet $25
CCU Prospector to Super Hornet $39
CCU Vulcan to Terrapin $33
CCU Crucible to Valkyrie $44
CCU Endeavor to Valkyrie $44
CCU Hull C to Valkyrie $44
CCU Gladiator to Khartu-Al $11
CCU Prospector to Khartu-Al $25
CCU Dragonfly Black to Nox $11
CCU X1 Base to Nox Kue $12
CCU Vulcan to San'tok.Yai $33
CCU Mustang Alpha to MPUV Cargo $11
CCU Razor to SRV $11
CCU Tracker to SRV $18
CCU Andromeda to Merchantman $279
CCU Avenger Stalker to Mustang Delta $10
CCU 300i to Mustang Delta $17
CCU Andromeda to Ares Inferno $18
CCU Andromeda to Ares Ion $18
CCU Valkyrie to Genisis Starliner $44
CCU Nautilus to Hercules A2 $45
CCU Hammerhead to Hercules A2 $45
CCU Valkyrie to Hercules C2 $44
CCU 400i to Mercury Star Runner $18
CCU Andromeda to Mercury Star Runner $33
CCU Cutlass Black to Buccaneer $17
CCU Hawk to Buccaneer $17
CCU M50 to Buccaneer $17
CCU Mole to Caterpillar $25
CCU Sabre to Cutlass Blue $11
CCU Prospector to Cutlass Blue $32
CCU Reliant Tana to Herald $17
CCU 325A to Herald $24
CCU Dragonfly Black to Mule $11
CCU Andromeda to Corsair $18
CCU Starfarer Gemini to Endeavor $18
CCU Hornet Tracker to Expanse $17
CCU Sabre to Freelancer MIS $10
CCU Gladiator to Freelancer MIS $17
CCU Prospector to Freelancer MIS $33
CCU Spartan to Hull A $17
CCU Arrow to Hull A $23
CCU Cutlass Red to Hull B $11
CCU Starfarer Gemini to Hull C $18
CCU Prowler to Hull D $19
CCU Perseus to Odyssey $44
CCU Tracker to Razor $11
CCU Freelancer DUR to Razor $17
CCU Hornet Ghost to Razor $32
CCU Razor to Razor LX $11
CCU Tracker to Razor LX $17
CCU Freelancer MAX to Razor EX $11
CCU Razor LX to Razor EX $11
CCU Retaliator Base to Razor EX $11
CCU 325A to Reliant Tana $10
CCU Arrow to Reliant Sen $17
CCU Reliant Tana to Reliant Sen $17
CCU 325A to Reliant Sen $24
CCU Gladius to Reliant Mako $10
CCU 325A to Reliant Mako $36
CCU Mole to Starfarer Gemini $41
CCU Starfarer to Starfarer Gemini $58
CCU Dragonfly Black to 100i $17
CCU Ursa Rover to 125A $17
CCU Avenger Titan to 125A $12
CCU 100i to 125A $17
CCU 125A to 135C $11
CCU 300i to 135C $17
CCU Mustang Gamma to 135C $17
CCU Andromeda to 400i $18
CCU Aurora CL to 85X $11
CCU Mustang Gamma to G12 $11
CCU Mustang Gamma to G12R Racing $11
CCU Avenger Stalker to G12A Military $11
CCU G12 to G12A Military $11
CCU G12R Racing to G12A Military $11
CCU Reliant Mako to M50 Interceptor $11
CCU Gladius to M50 Interceptor $17
CCU Dragonfly Black to X1 Velocity $11
CCU X1 Baseline to X1 Velocity $11
CCU X1 Velocity to X1 Force $11
CCU Dragonfly Black to X1 Force $17
CCU X1 Baseline to X1 Force $17
CCU Apollo Triage to Apollo Medivac $38
CCU Vanguard Warden to Apollo Medivac $27
CCU Vanguard Hoplite to Apollo Triage $26
CCU Aurora MR to Aurora LX $11
CCU Razor to Mantis $10
CCU Hornet Tracker to Mantis $18
CCU Hammerhead to Polaris $45
CCU 85X to Ursa Rover Fortuna $12
CCU X1 Force to Ursa Rover Fortuna $12
CCU Cyclone to Cyclone RC $18
CCU Cyclone to Cyclone TR $18
CCU Cyclone to Cyclone RN $18
CCU Cyclone to Cyclone AA $37
CCU Cyclone RC to Cyclone AA $25
CCU Cyclone TR to Cyclone AA $25
CCU Cyclone RN to Cyclone AA $25
CCU Ursa Rover to Cyclone $11
CCU Ursa Rover to Cyclone RC $25
CCU Ursa Rover to Cyclone TR $25
CCU Ursa Rover to Cyclone RN $25
CCU Ursa Rover to Cyclone AA $45
CCU 300i to Cyclone RC $11
CCU 300i to Cyclone TR $11
CCU 300i to Cyclone RN $11
CCU 325a to Cyclone MT $18
CCU Arrow to Cyclone AA $11
CCU F7C Hornet to Nova Tank $17
CCU Mustang Alpha to Ranger CV $11
CCU Mustang Alpha to Ranger RC $11
CCU Ranger CV to Ranger TR $11
CCU Ranger RC to Ranger TR $11
Ship Name Price
Aegis Avenger Blue and gold ILW 2950 $15
Aegis Avenger Solar Winds Paint $15
Aegis Gladius Solar Winds Paint $18
Aegis Vanguard Solar Winds Paint $22
Anvil Arrow Twilight ILW 2950 $15
Anvil Legionnaire Shadow Strike Paint $18
Anvil Valkyrie Splinter ILW 2950 $24
Anvil Liberator Condor $35
Crusader Mercury Fortuna $23
Cursader Spirit Crimson $20
Cursader Spirit Intrepid $20
Cursader Spirit Olympia $20
Drake Dragonfly Ghoulish Green $15
Drake Cutlass Ghoulish Green $15
Drake Cutlass Scull and Crossbones $19
Drake Buccaneer Ghoulish Green $18
Drake Caterpillar Ghoulish Green $22
Drake Herald Ghoulish Green $18
Drake Mule Ghoulish Green $14
Drake Mule Smokestack $9
Drake Vulture Ghoulish Green $20
Gatac Railen Hyaotan $23
Greycat STV Blue Steel $9
Misc Freelancer Paint pack ILW 2950 $23
Misc Starfarer Paint pack ILW 2950 $43
Misc Expanse Stardust $20
Origin 400i Fortuna $23
Origin 400i Penumbra $23
Origin 400i Meridian $23
Origin 600i Fortuna $29
RSI Aurora Blue and gold ILW2950 $15
RSI Constellation Blue and gold ILW2950 $22
RSI Scorpius Stinger $25
BUKs, modules and more:
Type Name Insurance Melt value Price

Type Name Price
Flair Gamescom 2946 subscriber trophy $11
Flair Gamescom 2946 trophy $11
Flair Citizencon 2946 subscriber trophy $11
Flair Citizencon 2946 trophy sold out
Flair Citizencon 2947 trophy $11
• CCU = Cross-Chassis Upgrade. • Melt value = what you get if you decide to exchange your ship for store credits. • Upgrade value = this is the value you upgrade from if you decide to do that. • LTI = Lifetime insurance. • MI = Month insurance. • OC = Original Concept. • Prices include PayPal fees. PayPal invoice will be sent. • Buyer must be PayPal verified, I am since 2008. • I do not have a Discord account and I do not middleman! • HOW TO BUY: PM me what you would like to buy together with your PayPal email. I will then send you an invoice. Once the invoice has been paid the bought item will be gifted to your PayPal email. You will then receive a mail from RSI which contains a gift link. The link transfers the gift to your Hangar (RSI website, if you are logged in, or it will ask you to do so). • If you are interested - send me a PM. My down time is usually between 11 pm - 7 am UTC (CET) 
Have a good day!
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