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2023.05.30 23:58 Mpr820 Lapse in Coverage

Hello insurance,
I am looking for advice after a particularly stressful Tuesday. After reviewing my bank statements, I noticed this month’s Traveler’s withdrawl was particularly low at $17.00 (usually ~275.00). After checking the app, and a less than helpful phone call to customer service, I was made aware that my auto policy was terminated as of 5/17/23, and only my renters policy was renewed. I was informed that a letter was sent to my address, but it was unfortunately never received (I am a bit anal, and thoroughly open and read every letter that arrives, so I am certain it was not overlooked). Traveler’s was unwilling to offer any additional assistance. I scrambled for a few hours to try to find a comparable policy, but after filling out several applications, I was only able to get a quote from GEICO, as no one wanted to offer a quote to an individual without coverage, and with 2 accidents in the last 5 years. This policy comes out to roughly $600/month, which is obviously much more than I am looking to pay. Because I need to be able to get to work tomorrow, I caved and purchased the policy. I am wondering now that I have coverage, will other insurance agencies be willing to provide quote, and if so, how quickly can I change? What should I expect to pay after making a switch?
From looking online, there appears to be a $8/ day fee from New York State DMV for a lapse in insurance. When can I expect to be billed for this? Are there any other foreseeable issues with the DMV? I was apparently uninsured for 13 days
For context, I am a 26 year old male living in New York State driving a luxury SUV
Any additional advice is greatly appreciated!
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2023.05.30 23:57 amw260 More on the moon…

Saw u/allcapsoneword ‘s post about the mention of the moon across Tom Waits’ albums. I actually wrote a paper about this very topic last year. I’ll share here in parts in case anyone wants to read.
Lunar Phases: The Moon as an Evolving Symbol in the Lyrics of Tom Waits
Part 1:
“Well, the moon is broken and the sky is cracked / Come on up to the house / The only things that you can see is all that you lack / Come on up to the house”. Tom Waits barks the opening lines of “Come On Up To The House”, the final song of his 1999 album Mule Variations. A laidback symphony of upright piano, tenor saxophones, and a meandering, tremolo-effected electric guitar surround his unmistakable voice. A spacious drum kit is played in half-time, alternating between kick and snare that drag behind the beat. During the chorus, a tambourine joins in on the two and the four. The song bears a stripped-back, almost drunken gospel feel; it carries a contented, weighty momentum as if the band has been playing the song for hours. Lyrically, Waits invites the listener in, as if speaking to an old friend seeking refuge in a time of turmoil and uncertainty–a world in disrepair with a broken moon and a cracked sky. Mule Variations was Waits’ first album in six years, after his 1993 work The Black Rider, which featured studio versions of the haunting and surreal songs he wrote for Robert Wilson’s avante-garde theater production with the same title. Instrumentally, Mule Variations evokes a mature revisitation of the minimal, acoustically oriented arrangements of his first albums from the early 1970s, namely Closing Time and The Heart of Saturday Night. It is as if his jazz-inflected city scenes have been retired to a rustic countryside after decades of meandering through his more surreal, theatrical sonic landscapes; the affected string sections of Blue Valentine and Heartattack and Vine, the darkly carnivalesque organs, brass, and tuned percussion on Swordfishtrombones and Rain Dogs, the chaotic, metallic, often horrifying atmospheres of Bone Machine and The Black Rider. Waits’ music has gone through monumental aesthetic and conceptual shifts throughout his career—indeed, his work from the early nineties barely resembles his first musical endeavors. However, one concept that appears again and again in Waits’ lyrics, regardless of the era, is the moon. This paper explores the possible meanings of lunar imagery and metaphor as it has evolved throughout Waits’ albums from Closing Time to Mule Variations, and beyond. To track its figurative trajectory between concepts of romance, idealism, companionship, nostalgia, excess, disillusionment, and disorder, among others, I situate Waits’ use of lunar imagery in a cyclical progression, not dissimilar to the phases of the moon itself.
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2023.05.30 23:56 GreenandWarm Been fired from a part time job with no notice

My friend has been doing a part time job at a restaurant alongside his studies. He has been there for about 2 months and does a couple of days a week. His manager asks occasionally if he can come in at short notice, and most of the time he does as he’s coming to the end of his uni year.
He was asked to come in today at short notice. The manager was clearly in a bad mood and within half an hour he had spoken to him in a very rude and unpleasant manner, which shocked my friend. My friend went shortly after to speak to him in private to say he was going to go home and that he doesn’t expect to be spoken to like a child, and then left the premises.
There were a couple of fairly innocuous texts between them after this to which the manager stopped replying and has now removed him from the employee WhatsApp group. My friend is taking this to mean he’s fired.
There is a work contract that says there’s a 2 week notice period, which obviously hasn’t been upheld. My friend isn’t bothered about the job, it’s just a part time job in what sounds like a badly run business that he wasn’t planning to stay in past August.
He isn’t bothered about the job as it was just something to keep him busy, it isn’t going on his CV and he won’t be asking for any references.
My two questions are, how should he go about making sure he gets paid for the few days he’s not yet been paid for, and is it worth pursuing in terms of the breach of this contract? Is it worth contacting ACAS?
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2023.05.30 23:56 magentastic my hair is developing new texture and i have no clue where to start

my hair is developing new texture and i have no clue where to start
hi all! i (22f) have noticed that my hair is starting to develop something along the lines of waves… maybe… you tell me!
i am AWFUL at keeping up with my hair, i’ll just use whatever shampoo i find that doesn’t have too much artifical stuff going on and call it a day, and i rarely use conditioner (not bc i don’t want to!)
i think (??) it might be on the thicker side, but i don’t know anything about porosity and such
scrunching it after a shower seems to make whatever shape there is a little more pronounced, and i’ve tried some of my moms curl products which definitely also have an effect but it does tend to wear off
but sometimes it’ll dry almost completely straight… so idk what to think
i have chronic pain and am really apprehensive about trying to work in any wave pattern, as it seems like many methods are quite physically straining
but it that even relevant? would you consider my hair to have the potential?
i’ve attached a photo of my hair when wet, then dry afterwards (a few hours before bed) and 24 hours after (tired headphone photo) where it has flattened
  • an overly glam representation of my hair with some sort curling aid (a diffuser after washing and the kevin murphy beach spray i believe… maybe mousse)
where should i start? SHOULD i start?
thank you for reading ! love scrolling through the forum and admiring all your progress and beautiful hair <3
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2023.05.30 23:55 Jaded-Yesterday2342 Do all pastors act like this?

Baby Christian here I’m a [18]F as well. So I’m not in a church yet and I have slowed down on reading my Bible because I’m excited about joining the military, but my friend(Muslim) ran into this guy and he was telling her about Christ. She was like I have a friend who just turned fully Christian and she told me her testimony to him and he was like Oh I’d love to meet her and talk with her so my friend wrote down his number and gave it to me. I decided since I had asked for a sign from God to speak to meet that this was it, but then a when I text him and stuff he first off has kids and then he asked me about life on campus. I’m like yk it’s good but I’m not staying since I’m going to the military and he’s like “oooh did you ask God if that was the right thing to do?” I was like yeah I asked if I should continue the process. Then he goes I love to see you at the church I’m like ok I can make it well I actually couldn’t cause my mom had the car but at the time I didn’t know🤦‍♀️. So I’m like right when the service starts “I can’t make it sorry, but is there any other services?” He waits like 4 hours and calls me, but I didn’t feel comfortable talking on the phone so I didn’t answer and he goes “ I called you and wanted to say too sad you didn’t show up I really wanted to meet you” and I was like “my bad I couldn’t show and meet too, but is there any services during the week?” Then he waits til the next day to reply and say yes they have some during the week day. After that he texts me saying “hey do you want to go get coffee I’d like to get to know you?” And yk I’m [18]F and idk how old he is all I know is that he graduated(college) in 2019. So I go like “unfortunately I will not be on campus since the school year has ended for me” and he goes “Hey that’s great. So are you out til fall? Or for the military?” You know I don’t know what’s going on I ask because do all pastors well I don’t think he’s a pastor maybe just a sort of leadership. Do all pastors act like this?
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2023.05.30 23:55 Peridot14 Friend & Neighbor's Dog Separation Anxiety

I have a dear Friend who moved into our apartment complex after a time of housing insecurity. We advocated for this friend to get them into our close-knit small apartment unit because we knew they would be good for rent and we could support each other by being in the same building. Overall it's been wonderful save for one thing.
Friend has a really sweet senior Shiba Jack Russel terrier mix named Jack. We genuinely love Jack, but since Friend has been going to work in a new job, Jack mournfully howls every. single. time. Friend leave for work- and their bedroom where Jack chills shares a wall with ours. For the past couple of months pretty consistently jack howls for 15-25 minutes when Friend leaves and wakes me up an hour and a half or so before my alarm. I work retail and I'm a designer and really need my sleep to recharge from human interaction lol.
Friend knows this and we have been brainstorming solutions. Friend rides a motorcycle that is parked right outside their window and we discovered that Jack hearing the bike was upsetting him (he loves to ride with Friend) so Friend will push their bike out of the alley to the street before starting and Jack will still bark and howl. Jack is not food motivated so a snuffle treat mat and peanut butter in a Kong have not provided real distraction. We put an audio book on while Friend is gone so it's not quiet and still no luck. Jack obviously is just very distressed by Friend's leaving- previously Friend did not live alone. Friend is very good about walking Jack and getting him outside before and after work.
I feel bad because this is putting a strain on our relationship. Jack has been registered as an emotional support animal which is how he could get in in the first place in our dog-free building. I've noticed lately now that it's warmer and the windows are open Jack is even MORE sensitive to other noises. I've heard him barking at my other neighbors when they are parking, when people come & go in the building, and even at times when I'm playing a podcast through our speaker system in our place. I am growing increasingly worried that our other neighbors (who do not have a friendship with Friend) will start to complain. Since Friend does not have much money and had struggled to get into an apartment, there's been a lot of stress about this.
Can anyone with experience offer some advice? Anyone had a similar situation you were able to resolve? The only thing I can think of is that Friend already wanted a cat... I want to be like GET THE CAT NOW so Jack isn't as lonely lol. Thank you!
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2023.05.30 23:54 Esis94 The issue with the extruder driver

The issue with the extruder driver
Hi, I have a Prusa i3 clone, and there is always overheating problem with the extruder motor and driver chip.
when I adjust the current by rotating the potentiometer on the driver chip, just two things happen and there is no balance:
  1. the motor gets hot and cannot extrude material due to low torque.
  2. The motor works well but the driver chip gets hot and dies after 3-4 hours of work.
it's an A4988 ...
V-1 Hurricane

V-1 Hurricane
I was printing this baby and after printing two sections, the driver chip died. :(
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2023.05.30 23:54 Professional_Elk1921 WAMC- please help and be realistic.

Hey guys, first time posting here. So, I just graduated college after 3 years this May (was in an early college in high school) and I genuinely want some honest feedback on my application chances for right now and where I should shoot in terms of MD schools. I will be applying for 2024-2025 cycle.
I have ties to New York, born and raised in Long Island move to North Carolina when I was a freshman in high school, however a big chunk of my family and godmother lives in downstate New York still. Also have ties to central and southern Florida as another big chunk of family lives there too. (I have a big family as you see). And my immediate family live in NC.
Here's my stats for context:
uGPA: 3.62 sGPA: 3.45 strong upwards trend MCAT: 520
So, I would have to calculate my cGPA due to the dual enrollment courses taken in high school. I didn’t do as great in high school but I was 16-17 and not as mature then. So, my cGPA might actually sit at 3.4-3.5. I'm not sure how much my high school dual enrollment affects my application but please let me know!
Major: Public Health with a conc. in pre-health
Goals: to serve my community, advocate for health equity, leadership in medicine, work in underserved communities
non-Trad student, just graduated this may but will apply next year
NC resident, URM - Black (Caribbean), Latina (Caribbean)
Clinical paid: 1000 hours in urgent care in an underserved area will have 2000+ by the time of application
Non-clinical volunteering: 900 hours as group leader for kids at my church (have been doing it since high school) will probably be at 1000+ by the time of application.
Research - I did nonclinical research on STDs among college students for a semester approved by the Institutional Review Board. This research was required for my class so idk if this counts.
Shadowing - none yet, working on getting those.
Other ECs/Leadership:
Leadership: was an Ambassador for my Major for a year
was in a minority pre-health honor society for 2 years
was in 2 school non-profit organization of young professional and collegiate students who dedicate the time to push towards the advancement of women of color
Was also in Modeling organization at my school as well (really stepped out my comfort zone here lol)
love traveling: have been exposed to many different cultures from this. (that and from being from New York too.)
School List:
Brody School of Medicine
Wake forest
NYU Long Island
SUNY Downstate
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
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2023.05.30 23:54 LewisDoesGaming My grandparents put me through hell, is there anything illegal here?

This story starts when I was 12 years old (for context I am now 18)
My mother lost custody of me and all 4 of my siblings (5 now but at the time was 4). Me and my siblings began living with our grandparents and have lived there ever since. My grandparents were fine at first, but in late 2020 began getting really bad towards me specifically.
They had stopped giving me dinner if i wasn't immediately down the stairs at the same time everyone else ate (there was food in the house for me to make myself though)
They had began forcing me to do harsh labour for little to no gain. This labour included:
Clearing up all the rubble from the roof being renovated, so many days and hours were spent around that time just clearing rubble. I didn't get food until after. I'd be late to college constantly due to clearing the rubble (this wasn't optional, and i received no payment and no compensation)
Helping build the roof on a house extension. Again, i had spent hours doing this with no compensation whilst being put into excruciating pain due to it.
Last year (august 2022), they had forced me to go to spain with them and refused to take no as an answer. They kept saying there was nowhere for me to stay despite the fact that my dad and older brother had offered to let me stay with them. My grandparents refused. They had told me that there was a bedroom for me to stay in whilst in spain, but i was left with a sunroom/conservatory to sleep in. This had no solid walls and was completely infested with mosquitos. I was severely sunburnt and covered in mosquito bites every morning after waking up. This is the most serious thing they had done and mostly what I'm wondering about.
Edit : clarifying that i live in England.
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2023.05.30 23:54 No-Cantaloupe213 Looking for solidarity

My baby is 12 weeks old, 3 months next week. He’s an angel, generally quite a chill and happy baby but I’m thinking he has to have really low sleep needs or something. During the day he fights naps. Will only nap 30 mins in the snoo/crib and I can get him to nap longer by putting him in the baby carrier and bouncing on a yoga ball. If I stop bouncing he’ll usually wake up. He won’t nap in his car seat or pram. I usually try to get him around 5 hours of day sleep in 4-5 naps. Overnight he’ll usually do one or two 3.5 hour stretches of sleep in the Snoo then maybe another hour. It’s not uncommon for it to take 1 hour to get him back down after he wakes up. I track him on Huckleberry and always try to put him down at appropriate times wake window wise. He’s only getting around 12-13 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period and the Snoo doesn’t seem to have progressed his sleep stretch wise (other than the very odd night where he’s given us 5-6 hours) since he was about 4 weeks old. Just wanting to know if anyone else is in the same boat because I’m going crazy!
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2023.05.30 23:54 WelpOopsOhno Construction? in complex + less than 24 hour notice that I need to relocate

Hello there! (Sorry for the long post and I hope these questions qualify for this subreddit). If I choose the option of a makeshift stair from the two options given to me this morning, and they can't do that now, do I still have the option for them to put me up in a hotel? And how much notice are they legally required to give me before I have to leave? Does the landlord showing up at my door and making an offer he can't or doesn't keep constitute as a notice that I need to relocate? I'm in New York State.
Here are all of the details just in case they're important: I am in a new apartment (~2 months). There is a hired company here doing work to replace things that violate a code. I rented under the knowledge that my apartment was newly renovated (the apartments being in the process of being renovated is why the complex's buildings were no longer condemned), that the balconies of all the buildings would be replaced in a few days (it's been over a month and they just started today), and I was under the expectation that I would be living in my apartment during the process of the upstairs deck being replaced. The property management company (we'll call them B) has office hours that end at 4pm. They're the company that manages the landlord's (we'll call him A) properties. We'll call my housing program case manager C.
Reasons I didn't want to relocate to a hotel (that were also explained to the landlord and the property management company): I have 1 cat and of course his litter supplies, food, pet fountain, and litterbox. I'm on food stamps and most of my food is currently refrigerated and needs to be cooked prior to eating it. I'm low on food stamps because I won't receive next month's allotment for a few more days, and I'm expected to have relocated by tomorrow morning and will not be returning for a few days until the work is finished.
  1. @ 11am - 12pm: at some point A knocks on my door and explains the city said they're overdue and they have to fix the code violations, and that's why it's noisy, becqusw th balconies are going to be replaced. A says they can either put me up in a hotel or try to make a makeshift stair for me while the deck is being renovated, because of safety reasons. I choose the makeshift stairs.
  2. @ 3:08pm: the property management company (B) calls me and says that because I don't want to move to a hotel, I can move in to another apartment for a few days, but I have to leave today. I ask if I can bring my cat, cat supplies and litterbox, if I can bring my food, and is the other apartment clean. B says yes to all of that and explicitly tells me "it will be clean before you move in".
  3. cont'd I say that sounds great but I can't agree to anything without speaking with my housing program case manager (C) first. B says okay and they can contact C for me. I say okay if they want. B hangs up. I send C a text about their incoming phone call.
  4. @ 3:37pm: C calls me back (she missed the call from B) after seeing my text. I explain things as best I can but I'm interrupted by a call from B, so I merge the two calls. We're not in a three way conference call: B, C, and myself.
  5. cont'd B tries explaining the situation to C. Nowhere in any of these conversations has B mentioned what hotel I would be going to and talked over C while C was asking. B says that I can move into another apartment for a few days, but I would have to do so tomorrow morning. C asks if I will have any access to my apartment during this time. B says no. C asks when I have to be out. B says I have to be out by tomorrow morning.
  6. @ 3:43pm C excuses herself to find something out and hangs up. B also hangs up. I try to call B to clarify something that was said - that the entire 2nd floor needed to be renovated - because I was told before moving in to my apartment that my apartment was already renovated. I also want to know what hotel I would put up in. So I try to call B multiple times but there is no answer except voicemail.
  7. @ 3:48pm C calls me back and says she had made a call to find out if there was any transitional housing space available, but the answer is no. Me moving into another apartment for a few days is nixed due to known bedbug concerns from an apartment in the same building as the one I was offered. C wants to know what hotel the landlord would be putting me/the others up in. I tell her I don't know and I can't get ahold of B.
  8. @ 3:50pm C hangs up and tries to call B. After, she calls me back and says she also couldn't get ahold of B so she left a voicemail and sent an email. Neither of us know what to do with me at this point. I say I'll ask the on-site maintenance guy for the landlord's phone number. I don't know if my friends who I stayed with in March/early April would be willing to take me back in with my cat, because they already have 6 cats, and they just lost a rescue cat they were really close to, but I'll ask them.
  9. @ 4:03pm I text the maintenance guy asking for the landlord's phone number. He asks me what's going on. I detail the situation of the phone calls. He says the company should have notified me a week ago. I say they did not. (B didn't even try to call me! I don't erase anything from my phone logs and I checked for any missed calls from them. Other than today, the last call I had from B was on the 17th because they wanted to make sure I was going to pay my rent, but I had turned the money order in already and I had the receipt from it. I also have pictures of the money order and also pictures of the receipt after turning the money order in, but I didn't mention that part. I also checked my mail on Saturday evening/night for my electric bill but my mailbox was empty.)
  10. @ 4:38pm The maintenance guy texts me that he tried to call the company, no answer. So he also tried to call the landlord, no answer.
There is 1 actual hotel that I know of in my city. Nearby to where I live are three motels, two of them are well known for being seedyrowdy/unclean, and the other one chose not to renew my lease last February. All three of the motels usually have DSS tenants and all three of them are interchangeably called hotels and motels.
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2023.05.30 23:54 beebeeeh Does alcohol ever help your POTS symptoms?

After a day being on my feet too much and I'm dehydrated(I'm always dehydrated) and lightheaded, headache(I always have a headache), weak, fast heart rate, etc. nothing calms things down like a smidge of alcohol. I know when I say that it sounds like alcoholism but I swear it raises my blood pressure just enough to get through making dinner and loading the dishwasher since I can't just sit when I need to. I honestly don't drink much because is DOES dehydrate me after it wears off and I usually have to pay for it the next day with worse symptoms (even one drink) but it helps immensely for an hour or so. Everything I've read everyone says it's a terrible trigger for symptoms. Anyone else find it to be a stellar bandaid on a situation you have to pay for later? Totally worth it sometimes IMO.
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2023.05.30 23:54 ripeart A couple of things I've learned recently

I've been mixing semi-professionally for several years. My gear, plugins, and workflow have changed over time and I've grown accustomed to my monitoring and room. I've noticed there are some things I do regularly that help me get to the sound I'm listening for quicker. However I'm still slow and I spend far too much time choosing a reverb, drawing automations, deciding if I need +4 at 3k or 5k, etc... It's all groovy and fun for me so I don't mind that I'm slow. Here are some things that I've learned to do (ITB) that have a significant quality and speed impact on my work:
Some of the things I don't pay too much attention to:
In the end the single biggest takeaway I've got from this subreddit is that if it sounds good to me, it is good. But I had to go through all the steps before that to understand for myself that this is true. Time takes time and after all the years I've spent behind a monitor or console I still get excited when I sit down with a bunch of fresh tracks.
Thanks for being here and contributing your experience and thoughts. It's really lovely to have a place to talk about these things in detail. I've enjoyed reading long-ass posts about nuances. Most of the people I engage with are artists and "producers" who often have no idea what the hell I'm talking about.
PS - Someone once said here that mixes are never really completed, just abandoned - and I feel that in my soul.
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2023.05.30 23:54 giov1234 I need your help, I can’t smoke anymore

Dear fellow stoners, I’ve been smoking for 9 years, but since this year I can’t enjoy smoking weed anymore. It all started when one day after a joint I was feeling as if I couldn’t breathe and I needed air, and also like a pain in my chest, it was horrible it was as if I was dying. I’ve tried to smoke a couple of times more but I was always feeling terrible. After a couple of weeks of not smoking I was still having random anxiety attacks and I even went to the emergency room thinking that I had some heart issue, but the doctor said everything was fine. After not smoking for a couple of months I’ve decided to buy a Pax vaporizer, which finally gave me back the joy of smoking. However even if I don’t get panic attacks anymore, I feel like I’m not breathing right or enough and it becomes a conciouss obsession to focus on it, it’s like a lump in my throat, I only feel well after an hour when I still feel stoned but I don’t have this sensation anymore. Did any of you experienced something like this ? Did you overcome it ? I really miss smoking as in the old days, I would sell a kidney to be back smoking a joint in my bed with my girlfriend. Also, some of you might need to read this, DON’T SMOKE TOO MUCH ! It’s okay to smoke but don’t start smoking all the day everyday otherwise you will probably end up like me
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2023.05.30 23:53 Throwawheyyeye Battery question

I have a 2010 ford escape that sat for 2 months without ever getting cranked. It does and I got a jump and drove around for an hour and then went to advanced auto parts to get the battery tested. They said it was a little under the minimum voltage to crank the car. I decided to go to autozone and was told the battery was perfectly fine.
I’ve had my car die and needed a jump in the past and it ran just fine and cranked back up after going to work and back. I’m being told I should just replace the battery but i wouldn’t be able to do that until my next payday. It’s running well and I’ve tuned it off a few times and it’s cranked right back up. Basically my question is how reliable are the battery testers at these auto parts stores? If my car sat for that long dead will it affect the battery? Should I just replace it or keep driving until an issue arises. I’ve never had battery issues with this car. Just on one or two occasions leaving lights on.
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2023.05.30 23:53 Public_Veterinarian4 Looking for unity devs to collaborate om building VRJAM

Hi guys
VRJAM is an immersive live events platform thats been used to create real time immersive events for some amazing clients and content creators including Twitch and Red Bull over the last 3 years.
With a small in-house team we published an MVP white label product in 2019 that created instant traction with clients in the conference and business events vertical.
After 3 more years of hard work we finally launched the beta of our public live events platform, marketplace and nft solution last month.
These products have been designed to help game developers and studios add value to their games and communities using web3 / immersive tech.
Next week we begin rolling out these solutions which will empower game developers monetize in-game content from avatars to game worlds.
We're looking for 2 experienced unity devs with slills in multilayer game dev, ux / ui and also 1 technical artist with 10 to 15 hours per week available to work on continuing to develop the platform for specific use cases in the gaming vertical and who are happy to be remunerated via a mix of cash and equity.
This work will focus on adding a range of gameplay features that will expand the platform to be both an MMO game and an immersive live events platform.
More on us here:
Feel free to message me on Telegram (@VRJAM) w any queries or reply here
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2023.05.30 23:52 Tavister Looking for Players! [D&D 5e] [Roll 20] [Paid]

Hello everyone,
I am looking for more players to play in my D&D 5e homebrew campaign! The weekly game times are:
Wednesdays @ 6pm MDT (5pm PST, 8pm EST)
Sundays @ 6pm MDT (5pm PST, 8pm EST)
The premise of the campaign is this:
After a great calamity befell Faerun and the Forgotten Realms, an organization of dragons decided they should rule and protect a realm of their own to avoid further strife. Tired of the Faerunian gods screwing everything up, they took upon their wings the best exemplars of each race and brought them to the far-away continent of Arescent, an ancient land where primordials, giants, old monstrosities, and peoples of lost civilizations once roamed. That was seven hundred and fifty years ago, and today, Arescent is a place filled with thriving communities, impressive settlements, hidden secrets and vibrant magic. However, throughout the ages of this fledgling nation, there has always been a question long forbidden; is the absolute authority of the dragons truly the best way of life for those who call Arescent home?
There will be equal parts combat, exploration and roleplaying with an emphasis on providing numerous fun and interesting encounters for players.
Some info on me as a DM: I have been playing D&D for 14 years, started with 3.5e. I am 30 years old and I am currently a college student. My hobbies include reading non-fiction and fantasy fiction, playing video games and table top games, listening to music, philosophy and science. Basically, I am a big nerd. I have DM'd three large campaigns before that lasted months to years.
Campaign info: I am looking to run D&D as a part-time job while in college so this game will be $15/session to play. This game is LGBT+ friendly and a welcoming space for women as I am of both categories. The campaign themes will not be overly gruesome, violent or contain themes commenting on race, politics, ect. (no 18+ content). New players are welcome. Each session will run for at least 3 hours, depending on players' wants. Games will be played on Roll 20 and use Discord for chat/game music.
Link to Wednesday game: Here
Link to Sunday game: Here
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2023.05.30 23:52 DMofthings [Online][5e][EST Fridays, 8pm][Newbie Friendly] Game for newbies - need 5 players

Hello Reddit! I'm starting a fresh D&D 5e campaign and looking for dedicated players to join the adventure. I love introducing players to DnD and am primarily interested in new players committed to a long-term engagement. Some slight experience won't exclude you but longtime players and veterans would not be a fit for the pace and vibe I am running. We will be doing one of the Starter Set modules as a way to introduce people to the 5e system.
The game itself is set to begin in the next 2 weeks, with sessions taking place at 8pm EST on Fridays, occurring weekly and lasting each session lasting between 4-5 hours. We'll use Discord and DnD Beyond to play. I like to adapt my games a bit to try unique elements and character-backstories for a more immersive experience, aiming to create a friendly, engaging, and enjoyable atmosphere where players actively engage in roleplay and invest in their characters.
As the DM, I value collaborative storytelling and emphasize roleplay and character development over constant combat. Sessions may vary between RP or intrigue and combat although I still feel most aspects are represented. While I mostly adhere to the rules, I embrace the "Rule of Cool" for added enjoyment. My goal is to create a fulfilling experience through captivating story arcs, character growth, and friendly banter, sprinkled with humor and shenanigans.
Not looking for:
If you're interested, send me a private message with:
I may be in touch on Reddit or Discord for a chat after you apply, so watch out for a friend request from me, thank you!
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2023.05.30 23:52 boxingoffice AITA for expecting to be welcome at my childhood home even though my dad's new girlfriend also lives there now?

My (33F) father (61M) is now living in my childhood home again after my mom moved out after their divorce in 2016. His girlfriend (54F) partially lives there with him but also has her own place in a different town where she works. My and my father have always been very close and I've always gotten the feeling that she didn't like that for some reason. This past weekend there was a family thing in my hometown and my dad had already asked if my sister and I would come up north and spend the weekend there. My dad has two spare-bedrooms (mine and my brother's from childhood, my older sister grew up with her mom so she didn't have a room) but only one of them has a bed. Since my sister and her daughter would be taking the spare bed I said I'd bring an air-mattress. We didn't talk about this again for a few weeks. Both busy with work and such. My sister then goes up north on Friday and texts me in the evening asking when I'll be there. I respond with "not until tomorrow, btw I forgot to tell dad I'd come on Saturday and only stay one night. Can you brief him in?" and she was like "Haha, sure". An hour later or so I get a call from my father saying that his girlfriend had left. I was like "Uh, ok?" since I didn't even know she was there in the beginning. So the reason why she left is that she didn't know I was coming and that I was staying and she hates how comfortable I am in her house. I grew up there for 18 years so I'll just get food from the fridge without asking, take a bath etc. Apparently she finds this extremely rude. I had no idea. Personally, I don't think that it's weird behaviour but I honestly don't know. Dad's understandably sad about everything because she didn't even say goodbye. She just heard that I was coming and that I was staying the night and packed her bags and left for her house in another town and didn't respond to my dad's calls and texts. When my dad told my about this I offered to just stay in a hotel. He said that it probably didn't matter now because his gf probably wasn't coming back for the weekend. I stayed in a hotel anyway, just in case it made things easier for my father.
I called my dad today to see how he was doing after the weekend and he said that he finally reached his gf a few days later and they were talking again and that he needed to place firmer boundaries with me and that I couldn't behave anyway I wanted. I had to respect that this wasn't my home anymore but a home that he shares with his gf and I need to follow their rules. I must admit it feels like their her rules but idk.. am I the asshole?
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2023.05.30 23:52 bellatango Burning up on re-entry. Breaking my fast makes me hot.

Diagnosed as a T2D 8 years ago and using keto without cheating - ever - I lost 250 pounds in 2 years and my A1C, which started at diagnosis at 8.9% has gone down, and stayed, in the mid to low 5% range.
Sadly, after all of that weight loss I was still in the Obese category and so I started Intermittent Fasting after watching Dr. Jason Fung on youtube. Once I successfully went from one keto meal a day (OMAD) to a 3 to 5 day water fast more weight just dropped off and my A1C dropped to 5.2%, so I was relieved that it was working. I'm down to 170 now.
I'd say it is amazing except for ONE thing.
When I break my fast, let's say a 3 day fast, I get SO HOT for a few hours to where sweat actually forms on my body, which is not normal for me. I don't exercise ... (weird reasons.)
Does anyone else experience this, and does anyone know what its cause is?
I break my fast with a small keto meal then sometimes wait an hour and eat a larger keto meal.
Best of luck to my fellow IF Members!
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2023.05.30 23:52 qalex678 I spoke to my spirit guides and it was a crazy experience

Hi! I’m new to this community and was going to post this in a different subreddit, but it’s not allowed there so I came here because I still wanted to share my experience. I’ve really been wanting to talk to my spirit guides because I’ve been seeing a lot of angel numbers constantly and just wanted more guidance and clarity. So, I found a couple videos talking about how to connect to your spirit guides and I did it. I basically got into a really deep meditation and called them in. The first thing I felt was a weird almost tingly sensation in my hands, but it felt exactly like someone was holding my hands. It was kind of surprising but I could tell it was my spirit guides. From there, I started asking questions and for a lot of questions, I would get an answer before I was even done asking, kinda like they already knew the question. The first thing I asked was what their names were. I immediately got Rachel, then George. I thought that was interesting because it wasn’t what I expected their names to be, so I knew it wasn’t my mind making it up. Many years ago, I did a meditation to see your spirit guides and I still remember what they looked like, but I didn’t speak to them. When I did that, it was a man and a woman and they were both very otherworldly. So, yesterday, after getting their names, I asked if they were the two people I saw many years ago and immediately got a yes. From there I was asking them for guidance on what I should do. Their answers were kind of short, but they made sense for my situation. They were telling me to be patient, and some other things like that. Then, I asked them a specific question about when something would happen in my life. They gave me a really clear answer, but it was sooner than I expected, so I kind of started doubting it and wondering if my mind was just answering instead. I kept asking the same question and I kept getting the same answer. So, I finally thanked them and asked them for one more thing. I asked them to show me a sign: if the information I got from them was all correct, I asked them to show me a ladybug. If some of it was wrong and came from my own mind, I asked them to show me a cricket. I came out of the meditation and went on with my night. I was watching a video about an hour later, and in the video, there was a picture of a ladybug, clear as day. It was pretty crazy and came out of nowhere, so I was shocked. I had to pause the video and just stare at it for a moment. So, yeah, that’s my experience! I thought it was pretty crazy and just wanted to share.
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2023.05.30 23:51 True-Communication86 Cartridge Filter Pressure and Flow

My mind is boggled. 20,000 gal, in-ground pool has cartridge filter new last year. Starts at 10 psi with amazing flow to all returns. After about 2 hours, we are at 30 psi and the flow to returns is weak. Filter was just cleaned. Makes no sense.
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