Dog trazodone dose calculator

Appetite stimulants available in Canada for 13 y/o male dog with stage 3 renal failure

2023.05.30 23:25 kimfoy Appetite stimulants available in Canada for 13 y/o male dog with stage 3 renal failure

Hello. My sisters dog was dx with this last week. No other issues but prior to dx had incontinence, N/V, decreased appetite. He was put on Cerenia 160 which he now takes daily. Drinks now normally no vomiting but appetite is a huge issue. He was put on Mirtazapine 15mg but seemed not to help and was sleepy. She cut the dose to half and appetite still not great but he is perkier after the med. she ordered CBD oil to try. She wanted to try ENTYCE but apparently not available in Canada. *** what could u suggest to help increase his appetite. He still has a reasonably ok quality of life and things that he seems to enjoy. Thanks !!!
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2023.05.30 23:04 rudenewjerk Heartworm meds retroactively?

Hello! Me and my dog visited an area with heartworms prevalent. Before going, we spoke with the vet, and decided the weather was still cold and mosquitoes wouldn’t be around. Well the last day, we both got bit by mosquitoes. I happened to actually see one fly off his belly. So anyways, we went back to the vet a week later and were given Sentinel by the front desk without seeing the vet again. They gave us a five month supply. So far I have given him two doses. I have three remaining. I was told that the med works retroactively. So do I need to keep giving him three more months of Sentinel? They don’t expire untill 2025 and we will be visiting this area again before then. Thanks! MODS: this is my first post here, please remove if inappropriate :)
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2023.05.30 22:51 HauntingPangolin1965 Tell me about Lexapro and your sleep (?)

I have been considering Lexapro, but I already have very bad sleep maintenance insomnia due to hormonal stuff. I have tried other psychoactives in the past that have triggered even worse insomnia (sleep onset insomnia). (Wellbutrin, Prozac, etc.)
What is the story with Lexapro? Overall, do most of you sleep more or sleep less while on it? Does sleep change at different doses?
I tried Trazodone just for sleep and it actually triggered bad insomnia too. But it is a different class of drugs (SARI) and it is not really intended to be prescribed for sleep. They prescribe it off label, so it's kind of a crap shoot.
I know I need an antidepressant for mood regulation and anxiety, but so many of them trigger worse insomnia for me. I was hoping maybe Lexapro wouldn't...
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2023.05.30 21:59 Vanllas Hcl powder

Hcl powder
Finally got my hands on some powder for the summer. Have taken underdosed pills a good handful of times, prior being last year.
First time getting the chance to dose properly so that's exciting, weather's looking to be mint tomorrow so gonna take 25-28mg +/-5mg but I weighed it multiple times so am confident in the dose. But will take my dog for a run around the local dog park and see how it goes. Then I'll likely next use it in early July for a nexus flip at WAH's day rave. 🤙
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2023.05.30 20:27 xphoidz New Job Oppurtunities

I have been looking for a new job lately and it seems that in my field, Controls Engineering, that either moving or a travel position would be most likely. There aren't that many jobs around me and even less that pay more than what I make. I make about $75,000 in Central Arkansas. My wife makes about $45,000. We do fine, but our incomes haven't kept up with inflation so I started looking for other opportunities. I currently travel about 10-20% and she does Monday-Friday as a Nurse at a Clinic.
We have a mortgage and three dogs and both of our families lives within half an hour. My issue comes in with I think for me to get a proper income bump, that we would have to move for a job, or take one that has more travel. The travel one is kind of not really a choice as we have been trying for a baby and have been on a schedule. So that really only leaves moving. My concern is that if I am able to get a good job, that the rent will be so high (among everything else) that we won't really feel like we are making that much more.
I have been using this calculator when I see a job I might like to see if the salary range would be in line with what I am wanting.
I am just wanting some advice on all of this. For example, I was looking at a job in Denver, but Denver is about 20% more expensive to live in so I would have to make about $90,000 just to break even and my wife would have to make about $54,000. If I include a 20% bump then we would be at around $107,000 and $65,000. I am just not sure if this really is feasible.
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2023.05.30 19:48 beccuhs Third eyelid?

So for context, 2 of my 4 dogs deal with green eye discharge and allergy symptoms around this time every year. When it first started happening a few years back, my vet advised eyedrops (just saline) and zyrtec to manage symptoms until it passed. So we typically do not take them in to be checked unless they have prolonged symptoms. This year all four of my dogs are having the gross eye discharge so Sunday morning I gave everyone a dose of Zyrtec snd flushed all 8 eyeballs with saline. My Doberman is not usually affected by allergies and has never been given Zyrtec up until Sunday. I noticed Sunday night that my Doberman’s third eyelid is covering 1/4 of his right eye. Skipped Zyrtec yesterday (Monday). Today the third eyelid is still covering 1/4 of the eye. He has no other symptoms. My vet is out of town until next Monday and my doberman already has an appointment for his yearly next week. I called to see if anyone else could see him this week but since Monday was a holiday and they are short staffed they have no availability.
So my question, is this common with allergies? Could it be irritation of the eye causing it or could it have been the Zyrtec? He has been given Trazodone in the past for nerves and it makes his eyes look the same (third eyelids out , looked high as hell) but it affected both eyes and obviously they went back to normal when meds wore off. The tech I spoke with at our vet didn’t seem concerned but Im not sure if she really knew what I was trying to explain either. She just said to mention it to our doc at his appointment next week and continue allergy routine if he isn’t having negative symptoms from it.
Age-8 Breed-Doberman Weight- 72 lbs Medications- Monthly Nex guard Heartguard, daily joint supplement, daily cbd
Dose of Zyrtec given was 10 mg, which is what my vet advised for my other dog who is 60 lbs.
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2023.05.30 18:31 Diligent-Coconut1929 Help calculating lemon tek dose

Hi, I’ve never lemon tekked before but I’m hoping for faster onset and shorter duration. I want to emulate around 1.5g for a hike and still be able to drive myself home after 5-6 hours. Should I soak 0.5g? I’ve been fasting for 42 hours as well. Thanks :)
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2023.05.30 18:13 ColonelEwart Second time surrendering my wheaten - cautiously optimistic

Hi everyone, I wanted to share my story, just to get it out I guess.
I have (had?) a two year Wheaten that we got as a puppy from what seemed like a reputable breeder. We got her at the height of pandemic restrictions in our area, so we tried our best to socialize her with other dogs and people while she was young.
As she got older, she seemed to show heightened anxiety and fear-based reactivity (false aggression as one of the behaviorists we spoke to called it). Her triggers were varied, we live on a busy residential street with a lot of foot traffic, we have a young child at home who is busy, loud and rambunctious. It just seemed like she would spend her days constantly on edge. On leash, she was inconsistent, ignoring one person walking by, barking and lunging at the next. Garbage trucks and buses were the bane of her existence. People coming to the house were unacceptable. Her saliva is still dried on the windows besider the front door from telling Amazon delivery to go away. We were constantly concerned that our own alertness and scanning for possible triggers would slip up and she would bite someone. There were close calls.
But we loved this dog. She may have only loved eight people in the world, but she loved us. She was cuddly, affectionate, smart and funny. We tried training (multiple classes, one behaviorist and another over a phone consult), medication (Gabapentin upset her sensitive stomach, Trazodone seemed to work a bit, but maybe that was just confirmation bias?), we changed her diet from grain-free to include grain to help with serotonin and absorbing tryptophan from her calming chews, we stopped having company over, we exercised her more, we exercised her less.
After a year of challenges and six months of really trying everything in our toolbox, we were honest with ourselves that we didn't have the tools or skills. We couldn't change our environment, change the fact we had a child, change the fact that our needs and desires for life didn't align with what we felt she needed. We offered her back to the breeder who demurred for some unrelated personal reasons and so we found a rescue that is supposed to specialize in dogs with anxiety.
It was so so hard giving her up. She was scared, I was sad. I had to leave her in her crate because the rescue was concerned about her on leash (she had this possessive/protective vein with her people, so once I left, she calmed down, but me handing her over wasn't going to work, I guess). So my last view of her was her barking through the crate, scared, confused, angry.
She went to a family who had owned a Wheaten before as a foster-to-adopt. She was there for maybe a month. Something happened with a cat, which I guess surprised the family and the rescue (details weren't really shared with us). She's a terrier, she's never met a cat before, one of her breed characteristics is to chase furry things that dart around. The family returned her to the rescue who then placed her with another family. They had another dog who she got along with, but they also decided she didn't need meds and then felt after a few weeks that she was preventing them from having company over. No shit. It's only been a few weeks. But they returned her back to the rescue.
So the rescue then returned her to us. They, the specialists, said they couldn't do anything more.
I was and am convinced she's a good dog, who just needs some help. I know that we couldn't provide that help, but it felt like a lot of the doors were closed. It felt like everyone had their own bias and their own angles. Behaviorists said it was a training issue and that the vet was only looking to push medication. Phrasing it like that felt like a judgement against us and how we cared for the dog.
We made plans to bring the dog back into our home with no idea what we would do next. My wife and I talked about BE (which our vet was supportive of) and what story we would have to tell our son. I called the breeder again, left numerous messages, begging for her to call back or help in some way.
Finally, she did. She connected us to a trainer who lives in a rural area who was willing to take the dog to foster her, work with her and maybe someday rehome her.
I was able to pick up the dog on Sunday, spend the night with her in a rented cottage and then drop her off on Monday at the new spot. That way we didn't have to bring her to the house and tell another story to our son on where the dog was or where she was going. Her coat hadn't been groomed since we first surrendered her so she looked like she was wearing a rumpled and disheveled suit and given her experience, the visual really fit. She was so relieved to see me, or maybe I just was to see her again. Again, maybe perception bias, but it felt like she was able to finally(?) relax and feel safe in the 24 hours I spent with her. We had salmon for dinner together, slept in the same bed.
Drop off was a completely different story. We went into the house together, she wandered around while I spoke to her new owner. She seemed less stressed, I felt less stressed. We got to say a proper goodbye.
So, I've had to give my dog away twice. Trying to find the best future possible for her. I really feel like she needs a comprehensive approach, possibly both medication and training. Our vet spoke to us about Prozac, but by the time it was an option we weren't in a position to try to transition her across (the vet said it would take 4-6 weeks to take affect).
I still feel like maybe we could have done more, maybe with some more patience, more time we could have cracked the nut for her behavior and had a dog that would tolerate strangers or at least be able to relax after being triggered. I love this dog and it's the combination of the guilt from giving her up, the feeling that I may have been the one who understood her best, the pride that comes with that, but also the acknowledgement of my failures and shortcomings as a dog owner.
Part of me wants her to come back, maybe not now, maybe after she's had someone more skilled help her out, but part of me feels that we don't deserve that or that she doesn't deserve that. Part of me thinks I'm never going to be able welcome a dog into my house again.
I know it's cliche, but the saying about loving something and letting it go rings through my head. It's so hard right now, even as I continue to remind myself that this is the best chance for success she has.
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2023.05.30 17:00 _call-me-al_ [Tue, May 30 2023] TL;DR — Crypto news you missed in the last 24 hours on Reddit


These people are so close..
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#Bitcoin is freedom 🇺🇸
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Buying Bitcoin instead of having a Netflix subscription the last 8 years (DCA $10/month): Invested: $980; Current Value: $18,304; Performance: 1,767%
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For those of you here who lend out their ETH for interest, how has the experience been so far?
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How Reddit is dominating the NFT game
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SELFDESTRUCT: History, EIPs, Future in smart contracts
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The Biden Administration has omitted the 30% crypto miner tax from the debt ceiling bill despite big anti-crypto talks around taxes. It looks even more certain crypto was never a real debt ceiling issue and they just made crypto into a scapegoat and something to be vilified
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Bankman-Fried charges should not be tossed, prosecutors say
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One of the advantages of blockchain is that we can roughly calculate how much money went into scams involving cryptocurrencies, because everything is on the public blockchain. Can the same be said for taxe evasion, bribery, corruption, drug trafficking, and other stuff that don't involve crypto?
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Roger Ver interview to Show me the Crypto!
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How to live on Cryptocurrency with Joel Valenzuela
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Cashfushion keeps failing on my ElectronCash
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There’s a rumor that $SSB may be doing a monster BURN event soon to reduce the supply...
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Do you think low processing fees is more beneficial for merchants?
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Elon's thinking where can he get that sexy hat
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Is this going to be the end of financial advisors?
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Pocket Network has never been closer to the launch of the v1. POKT V1 guarantees a reliable, performant, and cost effective RPC access to the open internet.
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From Banned to BOOM: Hong Kong on Verge of Opening the Gates for Crypto's RETURN to CHINA...
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Deal to avoid US debt default nixes proposed 30% crypto mining tax, says Ohio lawmaker
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Crypto firms jockey for Hong Kong licenses ahead of June 1 retail opening
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Laos government reportedly prioritizes blockchain technology for digital transformation
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Account lock? Main page greyed out.
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Closed Account Woes
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Sold crypto last minute to fund mortgage down payment
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Binance Support Thread
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Fantom Network Holds Strong With 36.7% TVL Despite Multichain Arrest Rumors
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Solana Payments Ecosystem Map 2023
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Solana Sets Sights on Becoming the "Apple of Crypto"
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DEVELOPERS: Solana has a total of 1,234 Developers actively working in the ecosystem.
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1 $NTRN = $0.191 USD
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Juno in freefall
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Weekly Report: Top 10 cryptocurrencies ranked by GitHub commits
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ALGO Xrp and Lbry- why the upcoming clarity for secondary sales is so important for Algorand
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Folks Finance: Supplementary injection of 105,000 ALGO has been implemented to enhance the USDC rewards APY
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Reflections on xGov expectation vs reality
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A new TVL record by Cardano
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Charles Hoskinson - AMA 27th May 2023
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Wtf? Is this right? Is actually meant to take up this much space?
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Monero mentioned by fireship again (last 7 seconds)
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Damn monero is cool
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P2Pool version 3.3 and Monero Wallet
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The Dos and Don’ts of NFT Marketing
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GoMiBo_Art_NFT auction 30 minutes remain
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Untitled this is an artwork that I created
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2023.05.30 16:41 Loud_Strawberry_863 I think I messed up the first time

Second follow up to my last post regarding having to go to the ER for throwing up for 74 hours and sick for two weeks after. This was after my first dose EVER. I expected to be a bit sick, but not like that. I spoke with my doctor and we decided to split the dose and start with half the .25 each time. When I looked at my pen, I realized I think I overdosed myself.
My pen is the 8mg/3ml pen and states “2mg dose”. The instructions state “take .25mg sub every week”. When I took my first dose, I turned the dial all the way to 2mg thinking that it was .2 (yeah user error for sure). After researching I think it’s already a higher dose pen and I think I gave myself 2mg all at once. It’s hard to calculate on my pen though because the only marker is to 2mg and no other indication in-between. I tried calculating myself per clicks (72 clicks). I’m not good at math, hahaha.
So my questions: 1. Am i on too high of a dose? 2. Did I majorly overdose myself the first time? 3. How do you calculate your dose per clicks when not labeled?
Thank you all for your continued help!
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2023.05.30 16:13 Nestledrink Game Ready & Studio Driver 535.98 FAQ/Discussion

Game Ready & Studio Driver 535.98 has been released.

Article Here:
Game Ready Driver Download Link:
Studio Driver Download Link:
New feature and fixes in driver 535.98:
Game Ready - This new Game Ready Driver provides the best gaming experience for the latest new games featuring DLSS 3 technology including Diablo IV. Additionally, this Game Ready Driver supports the launch of titles supporting NVIDIA DLSS 2 technology including System Shock.
Applications - The May NVIDIA Studio Driver provides optimal support for the latest new creative applications including AI-focused updates to MAGIX Vegas Pro, VLC Media Player, CapCut, and D5 Render. In addition, this NVIDIA Studio Driver also introduces AI model performance optimizations for applications running on WinML and offers support for the new GeForce RTX 4060 Ti.
Fixed Gaming Bugs
Fixed General Bugs
Open Issues
Driver Downloads and Tools
Driver Download Page: Nvidia Download Page
Latest Game Ready Driver: 535.98 WHQL
Latest Studio Driver: 535.98 WHQL
DDU Download: Source 1 or Source 2
DDU Guide: Guide Here
DDU/WagnardSoft Patreon: Link Here
Documentation: Game Ready Driver 535.98 Release Notes Studio Driver 535.98 Release Notes
NVIDIA Driver Forum for Feedback: Link Here
Submit driver feedback directly to NVIDIA: Link Here
RodroG's Driver Benchmark: TBD
NVIDIA Discord Driver Feedback: Invite Link Here
Having Issues with your driver? Read here!
Before you start - Make sure you Submit Feedback for your Nvidia Driver Issue
There is only one real way for any of these problems to get solved, and that’s if the Driver Team at Nvidia knows what those problems are. So in order for them to know what’s going on it would be good for any users who are having problems with the drivers to Submit Feedback to Nvidia. A guide to the information that is needed to submit feedback can be found here.
Additionally, if you see someone having the same issue you are having in this thread, reply and mention you are having the same issue. The more people that are affected by a particular bug, the higher the priority that bug will receive from NVIDIA!!
Common Troubleshooting Steps
If it still crashes, we have a few other troubleshooting steps but this is fairly involved and you should not do it if you do not feel comfortable. Proceed below at your own risk:
If you are still having issue at this point, visit GeForce Forum for support or contact your manufacturer for RMA.
Common Questions
Bear in mind that people who have no issues tend to not post on Reddit or forums. Unless there is significant coverage about specific driver issue, chances are they are fine. Try it yourself and you can always DDU and reinstall old driver if needed.
Remember, driver codes are extremely complex and there are billions of different possible configurations. The software will not be perfect and there will be issues for some people. For a more comprehensive list of open issues, please take a look at the Release Notes. Again, I encourage folks who installed the driver to post their experience here... good or bad.
Did you know NVIDIA has a Developer Program with 150+ free SDKs, state-of-the-art Deep Learning courses, certification, and access to expert help. Sound interesting? Learn more here.
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2023.05.30 16:07 Low_Listen8389 Best Veterinarian

Me and my wife just got a new dog, and we’re looking for a good vet in the Bangor area that won’t just dose him with tons of drugs to start out, but we still want one that will vaccinate and chip. Any recommendations on a vet with a good balance between the two would be appreciated.
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2023.05.30 14:51 DigitalDice List of feature requests and bugs - Forward to Nissan?

Reposting my own post from the Ariya Forums here as well:
Where would one go about suggesting features and bug fixes directly to Nissan? I really miss some feedback, roadmap or similar from Nissan. I’m really happy with the car but I expected more from OTA. They shouldn’t be compared but it’s frustrating to see the updates Tesla gets and it’s dead quiet from Nissan. I love the car, but it could be so much better with a few simple updates. To quote Nissan: “With wireless firmware updates, the car's software is upgraded to the latest version. Therefore, a Nissan ARIYA you buy today is just as relevant tomorrow.”
Honestly a full revamp of the many menus, apps and settings would be ideal. A lot of the software seems like an afterthought made by several different teams put together with tape and glue.
Feature requests:
Vent: I'm let down that Nissan opted for a custom OS while the Renault on the same platform uses Android Automotive
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2023.05.30 14:50 throwawayacc0620 I think my anxiety is making me second guess

(TLDR at the bottom of post)
So I was on here about last week worried, with the numbers I gave, everyone said I probably wouldn't pass by this afternoon (although every calculator online said the same thing so I went with their answer).
However, I bought [email protected] tests to see if maybe I could? I also thought well if I use my friends pee I should test it cause she did take a hit off a joint a bit ago but has a slow metabolism. I took one after I got them and tested negative (side note: I was VERY anxious the days before I got them so I used to restroom a lot due to an anxious stomach ifkyk). Of course I was sceptical, it had been only 4 days since I ate a bigger dose of edibles.
So over the next three days I kept testing and all came up negative, I had my boyfriend test (he smokes everyday) and it came up positive, I did this to see if they were faulty. I took one this morning with my first pee of the day with about 30mL of urine just like what they ask you to pee, and negative. Should I stop my worrying and just take the test with my own urine???
TLDR: I've peed negative for 5 days straight with [email protected] tests, should I trust them?
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2023.05.30 14:12 Ahastabel Tylenol's hours start "when"?

When you are in pain and take a Tylenol [Acetaminophen] , and it says on the label you can take it for 4 to 6 hours before you can take another dose, are they counting in the half hour to and hour it takes for your body to assimilate it? Wouldn't that mean that really what they are giving you is 5-6 hours before the next one? If you opt for taking it again in 4 hours, and you know it takes your body at least an hour to feel the effects, should you personally wait 5 hours before taking another one/pair? Or are they including the fact everyone is different into this time calculation, and if I take two at 8am, I should count: 8-9am, 9-10am, 10-11am, 11-12noon, and that is four hours, I can, by their instructions, take more at 12 noon (yes, I am aware no more than 6 tablets in 24 hours - but that wasn't always the case, I have an old empty bottle I keep that says 8). But the timing described here is the focus of the question. I am just never sure when I should begin my count. I am assuming the company starts the minute you swallow it, because they don't know how long anyone specifically takes to see effects. But I wasn't sure if it was prudent to wait and push everything up an hour if you personally know it doesn't work for an hour on you.
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2023.05.30 13:25 LoneWyvern69 Owning a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra - THE TIMELINE

  1. Two to four weeks before decision to purchase - spending hundreds of hours online, checking YouTube videos, reading countless reviews, asking dumb questions on forums, envying the owners, studying comparison charts, checking and rechecking your bank account and calculating your usual expenditures, listing the things you may survive without for the next 2 years and trying to convince yourself that the phone you already have is just fine. But you know is not.
  2. Decision day arrives, it's now or never, what can go wrong, fuck that Ibiza vacation cuz you can go camping in the backyard and have the same fun, you convinced the wife/SO/parents/cat/dog/kids and that cousin who's actually your only friend that this phone is actually a smart investment and your efficiency at life will increase sensibly, not to mention that, this being the apex of all the phones on the planet at this moment, you won't need another phone in the next 6 years, at least.
  3. Purchase day, in many cases the same day as the decision one, grand emotions, you input your bank data in the online form and press enter, then all that anxiety you built for the last month gets instantly topped with a new anxiety: the hope that the courier won't fuck up your precious delivery, so you'll be spending the next hours/days clicking every half an hour on that tracking button on the courier's webpage.
  4. Delivery day, finally you have your precious in your hands. If you got it from a dealer in the town, then the way back home is the longest day: the bus/tube/train is late, then is fucken' slow or, even worse, gets caught is some unexpected traffic which is happening usually only to you, you're sweating profusely because the precious is burning unpacked in your pockets. Of course, on your last hundred meters you'll meet all the lost friends you haven't seen in the last 35 years and need to catch up with you and the last challenge is that old neighbour lady who's kindly asking you to find her cat who disappeared five minutes ago. In the end, you get incredibly lucky and manage to open the door with the correct key in the first try.
  5. The next hours are and will be a blur for the rest of your life.
  6. Next week it's a flurry of events related to your new phone, starting with studying the forums and reading the reviews for the best screen protector and case, ordering it online and install it, only to read two day later that they're shit and you should've order different crap from another manufacturer. You feel a bit empty, but nauseous, after your fuck up with two different TPU screen protectors, £20 each, and they came undone after 6 hours and decide to bite the bullet and buy the fucken expensive dome glass, which promptly arrives and you need to drink half of bottle of scotch to gather the courage to install it, but you manage to do it, again in the first try and, look mum, no bubbles! You're getting more and more confident, especially after you notice that the battery life improves day after day, an aspect you're expecting anyway, since you're smart and read all the damn posts about it on reddit and you're silently congratulating yourself for the best choice you made in your uneventful life so far. You're testing all the photography modes and you're baffled about the moon quality and then you get really confused about it after you read even more reddit posts and online technical articles. You're waiting anxiously for every monthly firmware upgrade, which promises to take your already exceptional smartphone to the next level of awesomness. You don't see any difference, but you blame it on your total ignorance when it comes to electronic devices.
  7. A month passes. You already treat your S23 Ultra like an old friend, there are no general secrets any more, a bit of roughness in manipulating it is understandable, the dome glass is resisting admirably, you've taken a good share of pictures and movies of the neighbour's cat and, somewhere in the deepest corner of your still excited brain, there's a worm telling you that there's not a huge difference in picture quality, but you blame it on your genetic inability to differentiate between a 16 million colour image and 24 million colours image. The sound's a bit better though, although you never waste time listening Spotify on your phone's speaker, but hey, there's an improvement. It's fast and you're still impressed by the speed it opens the apps and it feels good when you notice the the envy in the others eyes every time you take your phone out of the pocket. You're an Ultra fiend.
  8. Three months passed. You're still careful when putting the phone on your desk or nightstand.
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2023.05.30 13:20 ForSubmitting I have toxocariasis and don't know what to do, I need help but can't get any because no one even knows what it is + my perscription to stimulants is being seen as the culprit/rather than a comorbidity of both these things.

(M 21, 6' 0'' 150 pounds, Austria) (May 30th 13:20)
Diagnosed with ADHD a while ago nothing else
(Sorry fo the rambling I simply don't know what to do so if anyone knows a solution write them down or PM me if you don't want to comment on here)
My situation is completely screwed up, I thought this summer will be the first one I could somewhat remember that from here on forward I would be more disciplined more reliable and that I was finally able to help myself. I have two issues the main and more severe one and the second (likely) temporary one.

Main issue:
This unfortunately didn't last long as of May 1st I infected myself by ingesting a fetile larvae egg of a parasite called Toxocara canis after not cleaning my hands this happened after feeding and petting a dog, which was a grave mistake, since I ate right afterwards too (It was 2 am I'm sorry I was really tired /unfocused and just wanted to eat and go to bed). As of last week my situation is deteriorating more and more. I have them occular on the right eye, as well as visceral am feeling constant abdominal pain and pressure in both my abdomen and head, I can't eat and I'm quite nauseous. I know that I have them occular and visceral since I have punctuating pain in my hepar, colon and spleen. For the first 2 weeks my faeces had weird corn shaped things in it (and no I had no corn) and I had constipation and itching at the area of my inner sphincter. After the second week they disappeared what followed was constipation and vomiting, I once got out of bed then all of a sudden threw up in my room everything I ate the day before. (This happened right I away woke up stood up threw up)
How do I know this to be all related to toxocariasis and not my medical persciption, which is also playing a role I am not denying that at all. I have "floaters" in my right eye (They are usually in your Corpus vitreum) and they don't seem to look like the usual type, they are stretched have more curls in them are longer and quite more darker, I cannot not unsee them. I know that they are real since they dissapear once I lay my hand over my right eye. I also pulled an unknown object out of my right eye that seemed to be moving autonomously I also have a video of it, which really doesn't help the situation since it's so small you would think the air made it twitch back and forth and I'm overreacting, but keep in mind I pulled it out of my Bulbar Conjuctiva and it curled around one of my eyelashes along with it, which honestly how does someone even fake that.
What also doesn't help the situation was my panicing and me trying to explain what was happening to my family members, they lovingly and logically denied it all called me a hypochondriac which honestly I would do too and it doesn't help knowing I was crying wolf quite a bit as a kid and had a somewhat fragile personality in terms of stress by the end of covid due to issues caused by my ADHD, so this was appropriate. And I still love them, I can't blame them so there really isn't more they can help out with or do. Which means that I'm fully on my own.

Second Issue:
Something weird happened whilst taking my medication 5 days ago too so this is where you have to bear with me, my persciption (Ritalin LA) was hitting my head quite hard and was lasting longerthan usual. 2 days ago I took a quarter of what I usually take against the lethargy that came with it for the day/which is half to my prior dosage and it had been active for at least 18 hours, which is 2,5x longer than usually and the strenght was too much for me to handle too. Did I abuse my perscription and now I'm hallucinating and making this all up in order to gather sympathy (I wish this to be true, like I really really wish I was just out of it). I think my liver's normal function has been somewhat altered, which would explain the prolonged effects. I sleep 6 hours at best and my mind is fading and out (It's alot better now since I stopped taking them the past 5 days (exepct the quartered dose), I also don't ever plan on taking them again) My sympathicus is overacting and my parasympathicus is not active one bit, which is clearly a sign of an overdose. But here is where it gets really weird, my stare/sight hasn't adjusted yet along with it my facial gesture and my limbic system are altered and they haven't gone back to normal. I have a slightly higher pain resistance, which let's me believe that my abdominal problems are a lot more severe than initially registered and am sometimes not responsive at all. This happened ever since 4 days ago and I think (I'm not too sure if I'm slowly recovering) it will get better in a week.
Am I scared and paranoid out of my mind? I really should be, but I'm still calm and barely emotional regarding these things, had lethargy it came and went by and I still feel weird, I constantly do. I have a friend who was with me at the time who can vouch for me in that regard and I want to entrust him with this information for if something does happen he's there as a backup and a companion. I really need someone to be there for me it will help ease the situation up a bit. Since my family is falsifiying and misjudging the situation for me
Best case the perscription causes all mind altering effects (which it likely does regarding sight and limbic system, and I might be back to normal in no time and can treat my toxocariasis with no issues)
Worst case I end up being called a pathological liar and diagnosed with pseudologia fantastica and won't be bothered with until something bad happens.
Absolute worst case scenario: Mental asylum

1) What do I do, who do I talk to and what is the best thing I should do in my situation, how do I know that someone is willing to help me and not looking for a way to throw me into a psychiatric hospital or looking for issues that are not even there to begin with? I really don't want to take anything else that could end up altering my mind, I just want to go back (I don't care about anything else anymore)
2) What testing can be done regarding ELISA and how can it be done to achieve the best possible result, and when should it be done and how often?
3) Is there someone somewhere that specializes in said area (internationally) and how do I contact them?
4) Are there any alternatives (natural) to Albendazole that could help me treat toxocariasis?
5) Will symptoms get progressively more worse or do they stagnate after a specific timeframe?

I hope I can resolve this issue as soon as possible
Thank you all who've taken their time and read all of this!
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2023.05.30 12:41 Karevan098 Blue Bliss (Borax Combo) Trip Report

25 years old, 67 kilos.
I recently found out about the existence of this combo to replicate MDMA with this combo that claimed to have less after-effects and no emotional downside so I decided to give it a try.
00:00 I took a whole pill.
00:20 I start to feel tingling in my body, I think it's a placebo because I don't usually get high that fast.
00:35 definitely not placebo anymore, I feel a tingling and pleasure in my body, my skin is very sensitive to everything, typing on my computer I feel that the keys are massaging my fingers, I take advantage of this sensitivity to take a shower while the peak is coming. Feeling the water on my body was awesome.
01:00 I start to feel a great euphoria and I see the colors very vibrant, the sky is spectacular, I feel like sharing with my friends how I feel and I write to them, I am very open to talk to people, here comes my first appreciation of difference with respect to MDMA: I feel my euphoria more controlled, I am not a slave of that euphoria, I feel it more "clean" as if I was more in control. I feel very hot suddenly, my forehead is hot, I pour cold water on my face.

1:30 All the effects are intensified, I am reaching the peak and it is spectacular, lots of positive feelings, introspection, I decide to walk my dog and go for a walk around the neighborhood, before leaving I took half a pill more because I read that it was not good to redose too late.

3:00 the effects are maintained, it is being spectacular, I definitely feel like I have more control than with MDMA, it starts to get dark so I go back home to listen to music until the night comes, I took it too late stuck at bedtime, but nothing happens for being a bad boy one night.

5:00 I'm still feeling the intense effects, not as intense as 2 hours ago but I'm still definitely high, the effect is longer, I start listening to music, I have interesting visuals when I let my eyes stay still, not as intense as LSD of course but as if it was a low dose of it.

7:00 I start to be very tired, it was hard for me to fall asleep, probably because of taking it late obviously and the effect of the 2-FMA. In the end I fell asleep around 3:00 a.m. (my first dose was exactly at 18:00).

The next day I only feel a little tired, the normal thing of going to bed late, I don't feel down at all, I don't feel that the drug is "still" in me, with MDMA if I feel it the next day as if it was lowering my mood, it has been a very cool experience and from now on I prefer it to MDMA in my personal opinion, in a few months I will try it again in a more social environment and see how it goes! But it has exceeded my expectations.
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2023.05.30 12:01 very-important-paws 6 Creative Ways To Keep Your Dog Active

6 Creative Ways To Keep Your Dog Active
Hey dog lovers! If you haven’t realized the importance of exercise for your dog, it’s time to hop on the bandwagon. Dogs are like humans – if they can’t get out to walk around, stretch and get some fresh air a few times a day, they tend to get restless, cranky or depressed. You’ll notice a huge difference in your pup’s moods if you start working a little regular exercise into their daily routine. Here are a few good ways to make sure your pooch is getting all the exercise he or she needs!
Dog Daycare Taking your dog to doggie daycare is an excellent way to get them physical as well as mental stimulation. The constant activity, movement and interaction with other dogs gives them a great daily dose of fun physical activity. The best dog daycare facilities have large play areas with interactive ramps, bridges or other structures which give your dog an additional outlet for play and fun. In addition, a facility that offers both indoor and outdoor play areas or play time is essential. Off leash play is always best, just going on periodic walks in a daycare environment is not enough activity to burn those calories and ensure maximum fun so look for a facility that has a large yard or open space for indoor and outdoor activities.
Daily Walks You’re already taking Fido out for a potty break a few times a day why not put on your jogging shoes and turn these times into exercise for you both? Instead of just walking to the corner and back, take your dog for a few loops around the block. Better yet, walk him or her somewhere new every day. There must be areas of your town or city that you haven’t explored yet what a great excuse to go on an adventure. If it’s cold out, be sure to dress warm and get a sense of whether or not your dog could use a jacket they can get chilly too. If you feel up to it, you can even alternate jogging and walking alongside your dog this will give them the impression they’re running free, which all dogs love to do.
Dog Parks On top of daily walks and dog daycare, the local dog park is always a fun and social event for your dog. Most parks are fenced in and give dogs enough room to roam freely. They’ll love the opportunity to socialize with others pups.
Aqua Parks Pools and aqua fun is the latest trend in dog daycare, fun and fitness. Top rated dog daycare and wellness centers offer pools for both fun and aqua exercise and even therapy. Old dogs, young dogs and every age in between will enjoy a cool dip or romp in the pool. Just like in human, aqua exercise uses many muscle groups, burns calories and offers a different and fun method of exercise.
Tricks Teaching your dog tricks in your own house or backyard can be great exercise for them! If you have a dog breed that’s well-equipped to learn tricks, like a poodle, you can teach them to jump through hoops, shake hands, fetch or any number of tricks that requires them to physically exert themselves in some way. Just make sure that the amount of treats they get doesn’t overshadow the amount of work they’re doing or the exercise portion or these activities won’t be doing its job!
Toys at Home Whether your dog is good at learning tricks or not, you can always get them to romp and play at home with just a few dog toys. Or get a soft indoor ball that you can toss across the floor and have them chase or retrieve. While you don’t want them tearing through the house and knocking things over, you can still play games at home that will get their heart rate up and also offer fun bonding time for the two of you.
Remember, ideally you want your dog to have at least 45 – 60 minutes of play and exercise per day and more if your dog is under the age of 5. Be sure to check with your vet to make sure your dog is at the appropriate weight and doesn’t have any health problems that need to be addressed. In certain cases, vets will recommend a little more or a little less exercise for pups depending on their individual needs. Help your pooch to be the happiest and healthiest he or she can possibly be!
Very Important Paws offers hours of play in our daycare, we separate our guests by size and temperament with 4 separate play areas- Puppies, Small, Medium and Large. Each area has tunnel, ramp and stairs play equipment along with fresh filtered water, and an attendant supervising play. Our dog guests go out to our double fenced backyard area every 2 hours throughout the day ensuring they get plenty of fresh air and stimulation. A tired dog is a healthy and well behaved dog!
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2023.05.30 10:27 xxsaramazingxx Caught my (35f) husband (35m) stealing my pain meds... This is the fourth time and I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place.

I'm not even where to start, this is long I apologize in advance for errors, I'm on mobile...
Please bare with me as I have multiple chronic illnesses which cause my brain to be mushy 200% of the time... But I'll try to be as detailed as possible, I don't want to give too much away as this is a very serious issue and could get my husband in some serious trouble. Which he deserves to be in, BUT I'm currently waiting on a decision from social security disability so his full time employment means we have a home, food to eat and food for my 3 fur babies. He is supporting me and I do not have anything to fall back on in terms of support so I'm stuck still living with my husband.
The backstory: we've been together for almost ten years now, married for about 3. I have multiple slow progression painful chronic illnesses, I've been sick my whole life and he's taken on a huge responsibility being my partner... And I thought he accepted me for who I am not what I can offer. Mind you I'm not completely disabled, I'm able to do light housework, make his lunch for work, care for our pets and make simple dinners daily... So from chronic illness standards I'm doing pretty well for how progressed they are. Multiple of my illnesses causes severe pain so I take high dose pain meds to regulate myself on top of getting regular epidural steroid injections and ablations of the nerves in my spinal column to be able to walk. Back to the story, about 3 years into our relationship, the first time I noticed my meds were going missing I was on a low dose pain med called tramadol, he lied but eventually admitted to taking "a few". We moved forward but I had to hide my medication. The second time, fast forward a few years and we had moved into our new house. At this point I was taking lower dose Norco, but I was noticing I was light when I shouldn't have been. Confrontation again and I got a lock box. Third time I was spring cleaning and I found an empty checkbook full of my USED fentanyl patches, I had started using those due to not being able to keep my meds down completely. He had shaken them out of my sharps container then stored them away... Still not sure what he was going to do with them, it's basically skin cells by the time I take it off. I was ready to leave at this time but my parents had just moved 2 and a half hours away in a two bedroom small home. I had/have no where to go and no money to use to do anything about it... Things seemed fine for a couple years. The lock box was protecting my meds and things seemed ok... But I was still weary... Unfortunately my room in which I stored my lockbox got really cluttered due to many reasons so it became hard to use. Another part of me wanted to trust my husband. Stupid me, right?
Well to break down my dosage - I am prescribed a medium dose Norco 4x a day. Usually I only take 2-3 depending on pain and ration the rest in case of med shortage. But I was noticing my extra earrings were not as abundant as they should have been but I thought maybe I was taking a bit extra that month since it was winter. Due to recent medication shortages, my dose was increased but for 3x a day. Which I downgraded my dose to 2x a day to make sure I had extra as my pharmacy warned me they still can't get any in.
Come to the other day and I open my bottle to notice I only had a small handful... So I emptied the bottle and counted, i only had enough to take 2 a day for the next three days leaving me not only 3 Norco short for those days, but three days worth was completely gone... My heart sank because I knew what happened... I confronted my husband who lied about it at first but I asked him again and he finally admitted to taking "a few". I screamed at him for awhile before telling him to get out of my face and go to work, so he left. Sitting there I calculated not only did he steal about a months worth (1 a day) for May but he had to of stolen another two months worth during the previous months my meds weren't in the lock box... A MINIMUM of 90 Norco was taken from me when I absolutely needed them.
I wanted to file a police report that morning but was stopped by my mom who reminded me that I'm currently depending on him to survive. Only when social security goes through do I have any options of leaving... I currently pay about $315 a month on a student loan I'm not even able to use. It's not for not trying, I started working at the age of 14 but had to stop in 2020 due to multiple flare ups ending me up at 93 pounds plus in and out of the hospital on the regular.
Current situation, it's been 5 days, I asked him if he had anything to say to me at all, he said no. He still says I love you and tries to kiss me... I lean away in disgust... I'm disgusted with his audacity to take the medication that helps me be a person. I'm disgusted with myself that I do still love him but all feelings have been burned from his actions. It's obvious he has no respect for me and I'm not even sure if he married me because he loves me or if he just thought he'd have easy access to my medications for the rest of his life... Well my life. I feel obligated to continue my "wifely duties" such as making his lunch, picking up the house to the best of my abilities, make us dinner at night as he is the only one on the house so it's his, he's letting me stay despite my cold demeanor... Kinda keep the peace until I can figure a way out... It's selfish but so is he.
I do not have money to move on my own and I have to take my two large dogs and cat with me as he will neglect them, not intentionally, he has ADHD so he just forgets things. My parents said I could come up there but that means every doctors appointment I'm driving 5 hours both ways... And I have 5-7 a month. My best friend is in another state, my other bestie has 4 kids a husband and allergic to animals, 3rd friend lives with her aunt and uncle. I could crash at my brother's for a few days but not any longer... And my neighbor can't house my animals... That is my list of people, I have nobody else... Though who would want to roommate with someone who can't pay rent but can contribute to groceries, cook and light cleaning...
I'm not even sure why I'm posting... I'm very lost and confused. I've officially taken off my wedding band, I know I should file a report but he could lose his job which means he loses insurance meaning I lose insurance... I should leave him but I have nowhere to go... I told him the only way I'd even consider working on our relationship again is if he goes to therapy or rehab but he's said he'd go on the past just to not go or go once then never again...
My only plan I can think of is wait for social security to hopefully approve me then I can get my student loan waved, then I can look into low income apartments or housing... But who knows how long that's going to take, it's been in reconsideration since October of last year (22).
I'm gonna go potato now... Any helpful advice would be magical. Thank you
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2023.05.30 08:56 TechieInTheTrees Can taking your estrogen sublingually affect your sleep?

I feel like I've posted on a million different subs about this but okay here's the backstory: Otherwise healthy 26 year old trans girl, 5'7" and 145 lbs, running 3x weekly and longboarding on the weekends, horrific insomnia. I have to take Seroquel to sleep. I've tried Trazodone, Temazepam, Hydroxyzine, everything. I'm not laying awake worrying about things my sleep is just broken and I don't know why.
I hate how the Seroquel makes me feel but it's either take it or don't sleep.
So I'm just exploring every possible avenue. I was wondering if me taking my estrogen at bedtime sublingually could potentially be fucking with my sleep. I'm on the maximum dose so it's a huge spike, I've caught my levels at 950 of whatever units they use in the US a few hours after my dose, and it's supposed to be like 200 or so.
I've been on injections before and worked my way off the Seroquel, but then I fled from Asheville to Denver and the altitude messed up my sleep. I switched to pills and was okay for a bit but then I started needing Trazodone again, and then I was maxed out on it, so I had to go back to Seroquel. It's hard to say for certain if it's related.
The only literature I can find on this is obviously about cisgender women so, I was just wondering if there's anyone more knowledgeable about it here.
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2023.05.30 07:06 reallytraci Guys, I really need some opinions here.

TL;DR: does seroquel give you tachycardia?
I have been taking Seroquel for about 4-5 months now. I have BPD (borderline) and a laundry list of other things including ADHD. To be honest: I don’t have bipolar. My psychiatrist doesn’t think I do either. I have had a whirlwind last 5 years and only recently started to get on top of my mental health.
Here’s my issues guys and I’m freaking out a little bit.
I started taking 100mg (instant release) and things seemed fine. (I also take other medications but haven’t had any issues with them) I have been prescribed this medication MAINLY for sleep because I’m unable to take any type of narcotic medication (or anything heavy like Ambien) for sleep. And since I am a walking ball of anxiety she also thought seroquel would help with that + sleep. I was started on 100mg in February and didn’t see much help. It would always make me fall asleep really well (my wife would joke that sometimes I would fall asleep sitting up in bed) but after an hour or two my waking cycle would start and my sleep would suck for the rest of the night. I talked to my dr about this and she upped my dose in March. I wanted to give it at least a month before complaining that it wasn’t working. So in March she increased my dose to 200mg. I only take it at night by the way. Maybe a week or two after she increased it.. I had a really bad cardiac event. I was walking to my refrigerator to get a drink when my heart rate went from 68BPM to 170BPM like 🫰 that. It took my breath away.. and yes, it freaked me out. But this WASN’T a panic attack. Trust me. I’ve had plenty. My heart rate stayed at 170 for almost 2 hours that night. My wife was out of town and I didn’t want to call 911 and end up in the hospital while she was gone. So I made it through that night and went to Urgent Care the next morning where they did an EKG and said everything was fine.
I already had a cardiologist because of issues with bradycardia last year from taking another medication which has sense been discontinued and I have had no issues and got a clean bill of health from my cardiologist a year ago.
I contacted him and he ran some more tests. He saw I have “mild mitral and tricuspid regurgitation” and a valve that doesn’t squeeze as tight as it should but it didn’t seem like anything serious and he didn’t seem concerned with any of the medication I take as the cause.
My life has been hell lately.. and I’m afraid it’s the seroquel causing it. I had to go to the ER and call 911 out to my home now because of these events. 6 days ago (and this is my fault) I had taken my seroquel before bed and forgot I had to walk my dogs. I got up and leashes them up and made it to my elevator when my heart rate skyrocketed to 171 and this time when it happened it basically took my legs out from under me. It hit so suddenly. It feels like I can’t breathe or move when it’s happening because if my heart rate goes up anymore it’s going to explode. I called my cardiologist after that and they said go to the ER. ER didn’t find anything. My BP was a little high but that’s about it. The ER said if it happens again to call 911 so they can come out and get an ECG and vitals WHILE it’s happening. The thing is; it doesn’t happen every time I take it or I would have quit this shit months ago and only recently did I think it could be because of the medicine.
Saturday night I took my seroquel and 30-45 mins later I was walking through my living room and it hit again. This was the worst one yet. It lasted in total for almost 2 hours. My wife was here this time thankfully and she said it felt like my heart was actually going to beat out of my chest. (She said that after lol) she also said I got REALLY pale (my wife has nothing but medical background so for her to say that is concerning) so we called 911 and they got here pretty quickly and were able to get vitals and an ECG. My BP was 155/80 and my ECG was “okay” they said I didn’t need to go to the hospital but the ECG says “sinus tachycardia and Inferior ST abnormality non specific” whatever the fuck that means.
Now I’m just scared. I don’t want to have a fucking heart attack or wear my heart out taking this medicine. I sleep “okay” with it but the main benefit has been weight gain. I needed to gain weight and have finally been able to with this medicine and I’m scared if I have to quit I’ll lose it. I don’t know.
HAS anyone else had these issues with seroquel?
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