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L2D - Learn to Draw

2012.06.16 05:34 L2D - Learn to Draw

New to drawing? Let us help you learn how to get started! Drawing is a skill, not a talent. It doesn't matter if you can draw or not, with practice you can be the best. We welcome you to our community. Learn with us, the future artists of reddit. Good luck!

2014.10.10 16:33 CUNexTuesday Isbu shipping containers, used as building blocks! Cargotechture

This sub is for folks interested in "Intermodal Steel Building Units" aka shipping containers aka Cargotechture, and their use in building homes & other structures. Here, we can discuss plans for building, share videos and resources for the diy types, and explore how awesome these Corten steel boxes can be. Tiny houses made from 20 or 40 foot hi cube containers will give you roughly 160/320 square feet per box.

2011.12.10 09:21 Stencil Templates

Stencil Templates is a home and archive for the digital copies of stencils. We seek to produce and catalog all stencil templates in the world in one easily searchable place. We have two rules: follow the tag system and be excellent to each other.

2023.05.31 00:05 smartybrome List of FREE and Best Selling Discounted Courses

Courses for 31 May 2023

Note : might expire anytime, so enroll as soon as possible to get the courses for FREE.
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2023.05.31 00:05 smartybrome List of FREE and Best Selling Discounted Courses

Courses for 31 May 2023

Note : might expire anytime, so enroll as soon as possible to get the courses for FREE.
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2023.05.31 00:04 Jgrupe I'm the New Sheriff in Hollow's End. People in Town Keep Disappearing...

Part 1
I took a deep breath before blowing into the little straw attached to the breathalyzer test.
"Keep it going, another few seconds," the newly reinstated sheriff's deputy Randy said from the passenger seat next to me.
Finally the device made a noise and the numbers 0.07 appeared on the screen.
"Okay, I'm good to drive. I'll need to keep ingesting roughly one beer every hour from this point on."
Randy nodded.
"Okay, now you go," I said, replacing the disposable straw in the breathalyzer test.
He blew into the straw and after a few seconds it came up on the display.
"O.16. That’s not gonna do it with your tolerance, bud. I'm gonna need you to drink something, Randy. You gotta be sharp for this."
He pulled out a bottle of whiskey and unscrewed the cap, taking a long swig of it before belching. When I was satisfied he was intoxicated enough to avoid seeing any more invisible monsters, I told him to buckle up.
Normally I don’t condone drinking and driving, even if it is technically within the legal limits, but these were special circumstances. Randy had infected me with some sort of… Well, I don’t really know how to describe it. Ghost virus? Hallucinating monster plague?
I was seeing things in mirrors and reflective surfaces now, just like he had been. It was as if they now served as peepholes into another dimension. Therefore, we had covered up the rear view and side mirrors with duct tape. I had also gotten rid of my aviators, which was a shame, because they completed my whole outfit. I was even growing a mustache to complete the small town Sheriff everyman appearance, but the hair growth on my upper lip was patchy and gross-looking still.
Before growing it, I hadn’t realized facial dandruff was a real thing. Well, it turns out it definitely is.
Sorry, I’m getting tangential again. That happens to me when I drink.
To sum it all up, Randy was the old sheriff in Hollow’s End, but he’d run into some kind of trouble recently. This trouble had caused him to see horrible things which appeared in reflective surfaces - windows and mirrors all over town which had been smashed by him in what I at first assumed was a drunken rage. Now I realized he was drinking to drown out the demons. The liquor made them less noticeable, and less frequent.
“This case has to be connected with everything that’s happening,” I said as we started driving - our destination still unknown. “That man who disappeared. In such a small town, these things have to be connected.”
“Not necessarily,” Randy replied. “This town is weird as hell, dude. Fucked up shit happens here literally all the time. You just haven’t lived here long enough to see any of it.”
I ignored this and pressed onward, trying to get something useful out of the man.
“Okay, you’re not much help. Is there someone in town who is in the know? Someone who can give us the low-down?”
“Well… The only person I can think of like that would be the butcher. He’s sort of like the unofficial mayor of Hollow’s End," Randy explained. "But he’s not exactly the talkative type.”
“Great. That’s something, at least. Point me towards the butcher shop. Let’s go have a chat with this guy," I said to Randy, only to realize he had promptly fallen asleep after his last statement.
I drove towards the commercial district, eyes peeled for a Butcher Shop sign.
Eventually I found it.
We pulled up in front of the place and I could tell right away that something was off. And by that I mean there was a terrible smell that I associated with spoiled meat. Something inside the shop was long past its expiration date, and the rank odor was making its way out to the street.
There was a closed sign hanging from the door, despite the hours indicating it should be open. Alarm bells started ringing in my mind even louder than before and I told Randy to watch the front of the shop while I went around to the back.
He was now wide awake again, acting as if he hadn't just been asleep seconds prior.
After knocking on the back door, I tried the handle. To my surprise, it opened.
I went inside and was hit with a knockout punch of decay right to my nose. My eyes started watering at the smell of meat gone sour, the sound of buzzing flies growing louder as I stepped inside the kitchen.
There was blood everywhere - and not just in the usual places where you would expect it to be in a butcher’s shop. It was splattered on the ceiling and all over the floor. There was one particularly large bloodstain in the far corner of the room that was in the shape of a human body, and judging by the deep crimson color of it whoever had been laying there had lost a sufficient amount of bodily fluids to render them dead half a dozen times over.
I heard footsteps from the other side of a translucent plastic curtain which separated the kitchen from the front of the shop. Pulling out my service revolver, I took a cautious step forward and pulled back the hammer, ready for anything.
My heart was pounding fast as I spoke in my best 'don't fuck with me' cop-voice.
“This is the sheriff. Whoever’s behind the curtain, come out with your hands up. Do it now!”
There was an identical sound on the other side of the divider, indicating another gun was being readied for action.
“No way, man,” said a gruff voice on the other side. “You’re not taking me alive.”
My heart skipped a beat as I realized I was potentially about to die. There was going to be a shootout. And a lot more blood was about to be decorating the walls of this butcher shop.
Then I realized the voice sounded familiar.
He came through the curtain and I almost shot him anyway.
“Oh, sorry. I thought it was a bad guy impersonating you,” Randy said.
“So you decided to impersonate a bad guy? How does that make any sense?”
“They wouldn’t kill one of their own, man. Think about it.”
I let out a deep breath and counted to ten in my mind, trying to think of other ways to stop myself from murdering him.
Would anyone notice if Randy went missing? No, don't think like that. Only bad things will come of it.
I tried to focus on the case.
“That’s a lot of blood,” I said, pointing at the man-shaped brownish-red puddle in the corner. “Looks like some bad shit went down here. Maybe this butcher guy is good for the murder of our missing man.”
“Nah,” Randy said, waving it off. “That puddle has been there for weeks. We play poker here every Friday. It’s, well, it would be too hard to explain what happened. But just trust me that the blood-letting was consensual, even if it did get a bit out of hand.”
“I don’t even want to know.”
“Well, you asked.”
“So all of this blood looks NORMAL to you?”
“For this place, yeah."
"And the smell?"
He nodded.
"But I did notice one weird thing.”
“What’s that?” I asked, completely exasperated by this point.
“No mirrors anywhere. There’s usually a couple of them out front in the customer area that are gone now. And he hasn’t cleaned his knives. That's not like him. He loves these knives like they're his own non-existent children. It’s like he didn’t want them to be shiny. He wanted them to stay bloody.”
Mirrors. Glass. Steel can be polished to be so reflective you can see your face in it. Or other things.
“He’s infected too.”
“Yup. This shit’s spreading. Who knows how far it could get if we don’t stop it.”
He held up one finger, produced a flask from his pocket, and drank a large swallow of whiskey.
“Alright, where to next?” he asked after burping loudly. “This was a bust.”
We were walking out the front door of the place when we saw a car pull up to the curb. A young man got out, looking like he was in his late twenties.
The car had a company name on the side and I realized it looked familiar. It was actually the next lead I was planning to follow up on.
J&M Delivery Co.
Booze, burgers, pizza and MORE!
Delivering to all citizens of Hollow’s End
(Unless you're a Subterranean)
(No forest deliveries after 4PM)
I read the sign twice and was about to ask the man why they didn’t deliver to the Subterraneans, and who the Subterraneans were, and who the hell would order pizza from a forest, but decided it would be better to stay focused.
“What are you guys doing here?” the man asked, heading towards the shop.
“Hey, Jay. We were looking for the butcher, but he’s gone,” Randy replied quickly. “Where’s Muriel? Maybe she knows something.”
“She’s been gone since last night. There was some sort of crisis and she ran out of the house without saying goodbye. I figured the butcher might have an idea where she went.”
“We were just in there. He’s gone but the doors are unlocked. Must’ve left in a hurry,” I said. “Does she have a cell phone? Maybe we can track her with the GPS.”
“Nah, she’s not really into technology. She has one of those brick Nokia phones that she’s managed to keep alive for twenty years or so, but she leaves it at home most of the time, and the rest of the time she’s at the casino where there’s no signal.”
“Okay, maybe that’s where she is.”
“I checked already. None of the employees have seen her since the weekend.”
It occurred to me suddenly that there was another missing person who I was investigating, and this man was a potential witness.
“I need to ask you about something else,” I said, pulling out a picture of the missing man. “Do you know this person?”
He squinted at it for half a second.
“Sure, that’s John Grayson. He’s a delivery driver with our company.”
“Are you aware that he’s been missing now for nearly two days?”
He hesitated, then looked at Randy.
“Is he cool?” he asked cautiously.
“Yeah, he’s already got the curse. He’s good.”
I looked back and forth between the two of them.
“What the fuck!? So this is like, just a known thing around here? If I stay in town too long I’m gonna become cursed by this place?”
“No, no. No. Well, kinda. It’s hard to explain. And even more hard to explain because of all the weird shit going down,” Randy said. “Now the important thing is this town has its hooks in you. And because of that, you’ll have a very difficult time leaving this place. You’re a part of it and it's a part of you. That's the way it works. One way or another, if you stay in Hollow’s End for too long, you’re gonna get bit by something.”
“I didn’t think it was possible for me to be any more confused.”
“Do you have the monkey paw?” Randy asked Jay, making me even more confused.
“No. But, I’m starting to think it might be the cause of all of this trouble.”
Feeling like I was about to lose my mind, or had already done so, I put my foot down and yelled in my loudest, most authoritative voice.
The two of them looked at me stupidly.
“Monkey paws? The butcher? Disappearing people all over town? Just… Tell me this is a prank. You guys are messing with me because I’m new in town. Right? Is there a YouTube video being filmed? Am I being punked? Is this a reboot!?”
The two men stared at me a moment longer then went back to talking as if I weren’t standing there.
“It’s definitely got something to do with that paw. The butcher should have just gotten rid of the damn thing when he found it in that shipment of discarded monkey carcasses. Everyone knows monkey paw wishes are tainted. Who the fuck would be dumb enough to actually use one of them?” Jay was saying.
“Well, I mean, how can you possibly know just by looking at the monkey paw that it’s evil? There have to be at least a few GOOD monkey paws out there that grant wishes, right?”
Jay and I suddenly shared a psychic thought connection, and I saw he had the same idea I did, at the exact same moment.
“You made a wish on the fucking monkey paw, didn’t you?” we both blurted out in unison.
Randy looked down at the ground. It took a few seconds for him to confess. When he finally did it was in the most obnoxious, affected, half-apologetic tone of voice I'd ever heard.
“I always wanted to be able to teleport like Nightcrawler from X-Men. I didn’t realize it was gonna open up a series of gateways to alternate dimensions, potentially causing the destruction of reality. That part was completely unexpected.”
It took me a few moments to figure out what he meant. But then it all came together.
“It was your fault! You made me see the monsters in the mirrors! It was all because of you and your STUPID monkey paw WISH!”
“Yeah,” he admitted. “But on the plus side, check this out!”
He jumped into the nearby front window of the butcher shop and, instead of shattering, it rippled outwards from its center like a pool of water disrupted by a stone being thrown into it. He disappeared into the glass and was gone.
The two of us stood there for several minutes in stunned silence, unsure if he was going to come back. I went into the shop to see if he was in there but it was empty.
Just as we were about to walk away awkwardly, he leapt back through the liquid glass carrying a bag of fast food in his hand. The paper bag was stained with grease and said, “KFC” on it.
“See!? We don’t even have one of these in town! I just teleported to Pittsburgh and back!”
The window glass continued to make ripples and didn't settle down into its usual smoothness, I noticed. Not only that, but there was now something moving in the glass. A huge dark creature with long limbs, crawling on six legs. It was sniffing the ground like a dog hunting a rabbit. Then it turned sharply to look at us through the glass. There was no question in my mind that it saw us.
"Randy, did you ever consider that using the powers granted by the cursed magic monkey paw might be a VERY BAD idea?"
He looked at me stupidly.
A strange sound began to come from the glass window of the storefront as a set of huge legs came through from the other side, followed by another, and another. It was an indescribable sound, but if I had to compare it to anything it would be like if fingernails on a chalkboard and microphone feedback had an ear-splitting baby together.
Sitting atop the legs with too many joints was a horrifying creature with a long snout lined with sharp teeth. Odd openings split its rough alligator skin in places, looking like gills, but not quite. Its eyes were black and dull as it surveyed the downtown street of Hollow's End.
After it was through the glass it sniffed the air, and I hoped that maybe this creature didn't breathe oxygen and it would keel over, dead, from the toxic air of our world.
But of course the stupid thing was fine. I guess whatever world it came from had a similar atmosphere to ours.
A second later it spotted us and began to race toward us with murder in its eyes.
"RUN!" I yelled, and turned around to see Jay and Randy already in their respective vehicles and ready to drive away without me.
"Hop in," Randy yelled shifting over into the passenger seat. "Come on man, get away from that thing. Whatever it is, it looks PISSED!"
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2023.05.31 00:04 O_pv Some small changes PD could do to improve a lot my gaming experience (and maybe yours too)

We all know that GT7 is not a perfect game, it has its problems that we always complain about, like rigged roulette tickets and lack of races with good payouts. However, what annoys me most about the game is not even the big fishes, but little things that could be easily solved with a few changes in the interface during races or even in the menu, and I would like to share with you to see if you have the same issues.
Pit Stops
This is a pretty common complaint I've seen around here. The fact that there is no way to cancel a wrong choice at pit stops has bothered a lot of people. Particularly I never suffered from this, but it's something that also makes me uncomfortable, mainly because it's something very simple to be solved, like simply putting a cancel button.
Livery tool
Creating liveries is still one of the things that I enjoy the most in the game, it's very intuitive and although I'm still quite inexperienced with it, I can already create several designs that I'm proud of.
However, the lack of some tools annoys me a little, like not having undo/redo buttons to use if I made a mistake, and also an eyedropper tool, so I can get the exact color from a logo, for example. Damn, even Paint has these tools, why not add to GT7?
Organize your garage
I don't know if you like to keep your garage organized, but for me it's almost essential. Something that would be very simple to add would be the possibility of adding "tabs" to organize your cars and help you find them quicker.
For example, I have a number of cars that are Fast and Furious replicas, others that are Initial D replicas, some JDM cars, some famous movie cars... And sometimes to find them among more than 300 is really a dull A simple option to be able to put them in these folders besides only add them to the favorites tab would help a lot.
Customizable Championships
Creating custom races can sometimes be a good thing when you want something different from the same WTC700, WTC800 races, with the same cars and the same fucking Miazono's, Beauvois', Hizal's... So why not add the option to create your own championship too?
As a FIFA player, I'm already used to seeing this kind of tools in games, and for me this is missing in GT7. I would like to create a mini Formula 1 Championship, or maybe a SuperGT championship, something more complex and longer than just a single race.
"You can join an online league." Yes I Can. But I'm not the biggest fan of online racing, for several reasons. I still prefer to play offline, and for those who are like me, I believe this type of option is also needed.
Using different liveries for the same car
Speaking of custom races, a nice change would be to add the option to use different liveries for the same car when you pick it up straight from your garage.
For example, if I wanted to create a formula 1 race, I would have to use 10 liveries from 10 different racing teams. If I wanted to be more precise, I would have to do 20 different liveries, to add the driver number as well. Which would imply that I would have to buy 10 or 20 Super Formula cars, spending 10 or 20 million.
Instead, I could just buy a single SF car and create 20 liveries for the same car, then choose which livery each car will have at grid time.
I know that many people try to do something similar by creating custom races, and have to buy the same car a hundred times. So it would be really nice if they added that option.
Increase the amount of collector levels
Simply 50 levels is pretty easy to beat. I must have hit that mark before I even got 100 cars in the garage. Now over 300, this feature has become useless. So why not add 200+ levels? or at least put the maximum according to the amount of points you would have if you bought all the cars in the game? It would be something much more interesting and would reward the player more committed to having all the cars in the game.
Daily marathon shouldn't be... daily.
We know the real reason for the daily marathon: to encourage the player to play the game every day. The point is that because the Roulette Ticker is rigged, this is quite demotivating. Who will want to run every day to earn the same 5,000 Cr.?
If changing the roulette system is out of the question, the best thing would be for the feature to stop being daily and could be cumulative. For every 42.195 km run, the player would win a new roulette ticket, being able to win more than one per day.
This would encourage the player to run more races per day, as well as compensate the player who does not have time to play every day, only on weekends.
So what do you think? Do you think my suggestions are valid? Please let me know.
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2023.05.31 00:02 princess_anon01 Cosmetology school trying to send me to collections even though my contract was dropped

So I went to cosmetology school a few years ago, I unfortunately was kicked out. Right after I was kicked out they sold the school to another institute. Now the new institute is trying to get money from me even though I never signed a contract with them, but i received an email and they’re threatening to report me to collections even though I never signed a new contract and my old contract was dropped. How should I respond to the threatening email and how should I go about the situation as a whole?
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2023.05.31 00:01 fuck_minecraft69 7Hour Project:Hikōshiki UGG

7Hour Project:Hikōshiki UGG
Thoughts on these stuff to improve stuff you don’t like let me hear it all 👂
Dropped these for my brand Nkrtw (means New kids run the world)
These took so long to figure out how to make and go about but i’m glad i could drop these(howcole inspo kinda)🦈
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2023.05.30 23:59 Ohigetjokes What can we do to encourage developers to convert office space into condos?

Problem 1: Real Estate prices just aren't coming down.
Problem 2: Working in an office is irrelevant in an era where we all have home internet, but the sunk cost in office space pressures everyone from the top down into continuing this anachronistic practice of gathering everyone in a central place to work.
Solution: Convert office spaces into condos. Make real estate prices drop, office prices rise. More people can afford to own a place, and companies are incentivized to let people work from home.
How can we realistically encourage this and create a trend?
EDIT: I should add - ideally we'd look for win-win-win scenarios here. No need to "punish" anyone for doing something you don't like. But there's usually some kind of policy play that can make everyone happy.
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2023.05.30 23:59 Marvynwillames So, how I pass the "You are not welcome" drop? The Elevator can't be open and the barrier with the mutant don't seem to open with grenades

So, how I pass the submitted by Marvynwillames to systemshock [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 23:58 sweggin_official Recovery as an ex Christian

I'm a recovering alcoholic/addict, and I just recently realized (within the past week) I'm not a Christian anymore. I have simply suffered too much and seen too much pain and hurt to believe in the Bible anymore. I'm also pansexual and gender non-conforming, and very tired of hearing other Christians saying myself and my LGBTQ siblings will burn in hell for simply existing.
I've been attending Christian recovery groups for about a year, but not church, haven't been to church outside of the occasional holiday in years. I also recently started attending AA, and while I know that's still pretty Christian leaning, it's way better to introduce myself as simply an alcoholic than a "greatful believer in Christ."
The tricky part is this - my spouse also attends these groups and it seems like it's helped him a lot. I don't know how to go about telling him that 1. I'm not a Christian anymore, 2. I don't want to attend these groups anymore, and 3. I want to essentially cut these people out of my life for good. Also, I feel like I've built a support group at these meetings and I don't know how to just drop out of them without a huge amount of backlash from people, including my sponsor, who will most certainly be upset that I no longer follow their beliefs.
I have read the FAQs for this group and I still feel like this is just a weird situation - if anyone has any advice or similar experiences I would love to hear it.
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2023.05.30 23:57 2ndaccountm8 How much am I likely to gain?

Hey! I'm sixteen, 64 kilograms, 5,9, and pretty ripped, honestly. I'm looking to bulk, but I've had issues surrounding body image before. I was a chubby little lad from around 12-14. I just wondered what sort of (unhealthy) weight gain I can expect to see with my muscles gains, for example, dropping my abs, noticably becoming more overweight, putting weight on around the face. I'm eating well, have been for about six months, been working out for around four, and I've seen moderate gains in that timeframe, sustaining my bodymass, but dropping fat to somewhere between twelve and fifteen percent bodyfat, by my (very) rough estimate.
TL;DR, how much bodyfat am I likely to gain from a three month bulking period, weight training three days a week, and I'm not sure what kinda amount to eat, or anything about bulking, really. Cheers! :)
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and 5000+ courses more...
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2023.05.30 23:57 Omeigo_forsaken [PC] [Very early 2000s] [Fantasy RPG with skeletons, a dwarf, a woman with a polearm...]

Platform(s): PC.
Genre: Fantasy, medieval RPG.
Estimated year of release: Most probably the very early 2000s or the late 90s.
Graphics/art style: 3D (I think it was a first-person game). I remember the graphics felt unbelievably good for the time.
Notable characters: Among the characters you could choose for your adventure, I can only picture two of them in my mind (there were more): one was a dwarven warrior that could use a variety of weapons, while the other was a woman with a long polearm as her initial weapon.
Notable gameplay mechanics: Enemies wielding a weapon would often drop it upon being defeated. In the very first area, there were lots of skeletons (when starting with the polearm woman) attacking with wooden clubs, and so after defeating those, lots of wooden clubs were lying around on the ground. I remember those clubs were not better than the character's initial polearm.
Other details: I don't think this game belonged to any famous video game franchise. I got to play it only twice, on another person's computer, but I was very young (maybe 7) so I didn't know anything about computers or what I was doing (maybe it was an obscure game, but I really have no clue). Another detail I remember is, when the game started, before choosing to load your save or start a new one, you would see the different characters available, one after the other, in a scene with fog and a tower-like structure.
This early area I remember had a temple of some sort. It also had long, white stairs, to reach that temple, and a green area below, with water, and skeletons, and there was a tiny, empty room. This map was quite colorful and quite bright. It was luminous outside the small room, but I don't remember entering the temple-like building so I cannot add much more here.
Another area that comes to my mind was quite dark and had an upper area with a bridge and some enemies attacking from there.
I cannot recall more details, sorry. It's been at least 20 years since then, so it's all foggy in my mind. I cannot even fathom how I found these memories in my brain, but here you have them.
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2023.05.30 23:56 Majestic_Trash_2132 AITA for not saying nice story bro?

I’m visiting my hometown for a wedding. I went to a bar with my old friends, and there was a guy I knew from high and then college. Mark (35). He married his high school sweetheart Jane but was divorced within two years while Jane was still pursuing her computer science degree. I’ve known Jane professionally since that, and she’s been working in software development. She also has a Master’s degree in Degree in something like coding operations. I saw her recently at a Zoom meeting for Alumni, giving a breakdown of AI technology from her office in Berlin.
Back to Mark. I don’t know what he does, but he started saying how his ex-wife Jane stole all his ideas and made her rich. He said he dropped out of college because it wasn’t for him. The truth was he flunked out of the program. I remember seeing him and Jane arguing around that time on campus.
I countered Mark by saying? Jane stole your ideas? I went on to get a Master’s Degree. Made notable Alumni and host zoom meetings on AI technology because she stole all of your ideas?
Mark gets angry and starts yelling at me and cussing me out, saying I know nothing about the situation. He goes home after that. My friend told me that I could have just said, “Cool story, bro,” instead of questioning him and attacking him.
I told my friend they are enabling this guy because he regularly rants about his ex-wife for stealing his ideas almost 20 years later. They should get him to therapy instead. I was called an elitist asshole and left the bar later. I’ve got multiple texts on violating the bro code, but the dude needs therapy.
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2023.05.30 23:56 banditorama Atomic Bomb vs Nuclear Reactor Accident

When it pertains to downwinders or the people of Nagasaki/Hiroshima the general consensus seems to be that the fallout they were exposed to directly caused an increase in cancer and other health issues. Articles about the effects all are more less portray the bombs/tests in a negative light. You can find all kinds of "reliable" sources on the massive increases of leukemia, thyroid cancer in children, and detrimental genetic effects
Yet, when it comes to Chernobyl or Fukushima, the official sources all state that the cancer effects are minimal and barely anyone was affected. Even when they're presented with irrefutable evidence that something is wrong, they just brush it off:
Based on the experience of the Fukushima screening, the consortium does not recommend mass or population-based thyroid cancer screening, as the negative psychological and physical effects are likely to outweigh any possible benefit in affected populations
-Science Direct
But not everyone agrees with the "Over-diagnosis" line of BS they're feeding us:
"This is more than expected and emerging faster than expected," lead author Toshihide Tsuda told The Associated Press during a visit to Tokyo. "This is 20 times to 50 times what would be normally expected."
Not everyone agrees on the radiation released or how much damage the Chernobyl incident caused either
Chernobyl put 400x more radioactive material into the atmosphere than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima
Fukushima released 168x more radioactive material than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima
You cannot tell me that either of those events caused less radiation related illnesses than the atomic bombs. People live in Hiroshima and Nagasaki right now, Pripyat has been abandoned since 1986 and looks like its going to stay that way for a long time. Why do they want to cover up the damage from one thing yet acknowledge the damage from another?
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2023.05.30 23:56 pnwgrey five years

in the aftermath, i deleted our conversations so that i could not torture myself with them. so that i could not waste hours upon their beaches, sifting through words like grains of sand, hoping to find a single treasure that would tell me where to go next. what to do. who to be. how to be.
i've always been more of a writer than a mathematician so maybe that's why i can't seem to perform the esoteric algebra required to repair our connection. there is something more substantial than radio silence between us now. my heart finds less than nothing whenever she re-traces the paths that used to lead to you. whatever existed between us is now a black hole, consuming any possibility of meeting again in this lifetime.
sometimes i wander so far out into that desert that i forget i'm made of seafoam. i disappear for a while, evaporating into the ether until it drops me, inevitably, back to the ocean. i wander. i evaporate. i coalesce. again and again.
i tell myself that the lessons i learned were enough. the person i've become, so much better and stronger and smarter than the woman i was when you knew me, she is enough. but that is not enough for me. i need more. i want to be more. for a while, that wanting can seem like enough of a beacon to keep me focused.
but then my restless legs begin to wander.
there are countless reasons why we cannot know each other, all very logical and practical. -we cannot keep the lives we have and pursue a life where we are friends. -i became frightfully untethered when things blew up and didn't know how to handle my reaction to the chaos, so i used it to burn every bridge and then obsess over the ashes. to put it eloquently: i was an unhinged asshole. -most importantly: you do not want me in your life. because if you did, we both know i'd be there.
i don't know what else there is to say other than i miss you and i wish there was a way for me to know it was all real and not a dream my desire conjured up one sleepless night.
then again... even if i knew the full, objective truth, i'm not sure it would be enough to keep my feet firmly planted on the ground.
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2023.05.30 23:55 EdgyGorl How do I connect with my dad again as an adult?

I’m 22, living back home, and it’s been super great. I’ve been able to find a lot of stability mentally and financially, and I have been able to maintain a very close relationship with my mom, and it’s kind of a miracle of a transition to experience, considering what my home life looked like growing up. I always joke that my mom and I are the same person, except I got to start therapy at 15 instead of 30. I just know what she’s thinking. But sometimes I lie awake at night and feel like such an asshole. And if there was an obvious way to resolve these feelings, I’d go for it. My dad, currently 52, has had the same M-F 7-4 job for like. Three decades. He’ll wake up at 3am, tinker about with microchips and hobby projects before leaving for work at 6, works at some mysterious tech industry that I have quite literally never seen the inside of (not for lack of curiosity), and come home at five. It’s been like this for as long as I’ve been conscious lol. I just never really remember him being around all that much? I love the man. He is supportive, generous, and very methodical. The guy you go to when you need to fix a problem, or ask for advice. When I was little, we’d just park by a train track. I would draw, or hunt for loose train spikes, while he was just genuinely fascinated by trains, and hoped one would venture by. But as I grew up, those little adventures just kind of stopped :-(
Over the years, he’s lost his hearing, and even with hearing aids, daily communication can tend to be a little frustrating. He admits that they specifically do not pick up my voice very well. I try my best to be patient and all that, obviously this is not something he can help. We go to a couple baseball games a season, but I’ve found it difficult to just ‘chat’ or visit with him. And man, like I love my dad, no doubt, but it’s just like, aside from the general communication difficulties, we don’t have all that much in common. Despite growing up in church, I don’t know what he believes. We don’t discuss world happenings because we just aren’t on the same page as far our interpretations of them. He’s got his special interests but it’s hard to get his focus on much else, though he is amused by my hobbies and antics, and supports them. It’s weird feeling like we aren’t close, because it’s not like he’s done anything wrong. I just don’t really feel like I have been in his world for about a decade now. I just want him to know I love him, through some type of action. Connect over something. It’s like he’s a pleasant, but reclusive, roommate. It just hurts me more than words can describe, and I would hate to waste an opportunity to grow closer with him before I eventually move out again. It’s just felt this way for ages, and I have no idea what to do. Just ask him to hang out sometime? What kinds of questions could I ask him, or how can I just communicate with him more intentionally? How does a queer art school drop out connect with a serious and quiet businessman?
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2023.05.30 23:54 NotHappySoImHere AITA for confronting my husband about him making it sound like my idea was his idea?

My husband (35M) and I (36F) have a 1yo daughter and we live in a different country from both our families. We both work full time: he works 5 days a week (usually from home on Wednesdays and in the office the other 4 working days) and I work 4 days a week - extended hours on all week days except Wed, when I stay home with the baby. He drops our baby off at the nursery as it is right next to his workplace and his commute takes ~35-55min each way. My commute takes 20 min if my husband gives me a ride (adding ~10/15min to his commute) or 25/30min if I catch the bus. We originally thought this would be a good way to save money in childcare (~£150) and I can have a 'break' from work in the middle of the week to spend time with the baby and run some errands.
My husband said that it would be better to change our routine to have the baby at the nursery 5 days a week, so I would be able to work 5 days a week from 8am to 4pm, allowing us to have more time at the end of the day to be with the baby and do house chores. He has underperforming thyroid and said that the current routine is very exhausting (I wake up at 6am the latest and he wakes up at 6:30/6:45 and we've been putting the baby to sleep at 8:30-10pm) . I suggested that he could pick the baby up from the nursery earlier, go straight home and start feeding her dinner so when I arrive home, I can finish her evening routine and we would still have some time to relax at the end of the day; this is what we were doing when I first returned to work in January. I said that adding one more day of commuting for both of us and increasing our childcare costs wouldn't help.
We continued discussing our points of view for the 2 scenarios. Then he said: "I suggest I’ll try enforcing a 4/4:30pm finish work/ pick up time in the nursery and then I come straight home and feed the baby so we can start her evening routine earlier. I'm not convinced this will work, but it’s easier to try this first than changing work and nursery attendance patterns". And I said "how is your suggestion different from my suggestion?" he said it was not and that it was my original suggestion. I then asked why did he have to make it look like it was his idea when I had already suggested it, why couldn't he just agree to do what I suggested and he said it seemed to him we were not communicating properly, that his communication style is very detailed oriented and I should not read it as him appropriating my idea but instead him putting forward a clear and detailed proposal for the way forward. At this point I was fuming. It's not the 1st or the 1000th time I suggest something that gets dismissed straight away only for him to come around a few hours/days/months later agreeing with what I originally said/suggested but making it sound like it was his idea.
AITA here?
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2023.05.30 23:54 heavy-minium Player writes instructions in natural language that are executed in a turn-based game

Hi folks,
most of you probably have heard about the recent AI Chatbot craze. I just finished reading a technical paper that sparked an unrelated idea on how to implement something midly novel.
So here's what I thought: What about a game executing actions triggered by written natural language instructions?
  1. The players schedule actions on their unit(s) in a turn-based game by writing one or more instructions in natural language each round.
  2. Players have a constrained movement modality, for example a 2D/3D grid, or alternate paths, which makes it easier to reliably navigate via instructions. Movement is not affected by physics and alternative collision checks must be used (for example grid-based collisions)
  3. There can be a speech mode for accessibility and players who dislike typing.
We can fully ignore the technical part here in this discussion, I can do all of it myself end-to-end, and finding time is actually my more pressing issue. Please note that while I mentioned "Chatbot" at the beginning, there's no chatting here - it's merely about interpreting a user's instructions to control a character or units in an environment. One could of course add such functionality on top, but that's not my point with this post.
The fun part here for the player is creativity, experimentation and novelty. The negative part is that the game cannot be free or cheap due to operating expenses. There's also a high margin of error and instructions would fail spectacularly at least 2% of the time, maybe up to 30%. But maybe that can work with as "Spectacular Failure Enjoyment", which might however limit the potential themes for such a game.
There are some limitations in terms of game design. For example you should not try to make reward or progress conditions (or any significant conditions) that are dependent on what the player writes as instructions, because the player could "jailbreak" (or cheat?!) the game rules.
Due to operating expenses, I have a constraint on the size of the instructions - they shall be no longer than a tweet.
The backend merely executes game logic and queries databases, and mainly calls an API (OpenAI) behind the scenes, so there's a significant latency of at least 0.5-10 sec for the first on-screen feedback when streaming the output and interpreting the first chunk. That might feel unacceptable for a player, even if the game is turned-based.
To overcome this, one could tweaks the design so that something happens between the user submitting his instructions and the instructions being executed. For a turn-based game, that could be an NPC not controlled by the player or an enemy taking action first - or really just about anything you can put inbetween to hide latency.
I want to explore that idea a little, starting with some creative discussion on the game design part.
What do you think of the high-level premise? Which design patterns do you think might play well here? Does the abstract idea sound roughly workable for a game? Any wild ideas that connect to this? What do you think about potential winning conditions for such a game?
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2023.05.30 23:54 weorm Advice on coming out to immediate conservative family

posting this in this sub so it gets more traction but hey so i am about 8? months on testosterone now, i was on a low dose for a while so my balls haven’t completely dropped yet lol but my voice is definitely a bit lower and my face is more square. i am originally from florida but now reside in indiana far from immediate family. i’m out to my sister and she accepts me and i’m out to my mother because she went digging through my life and found out pretty early on when i started t (did not go well, it hasn’t been acknowledged since). my brother and father i have not been close with since adolescence but still see every other couple of months. i am not financially dependent on any of my family save for my car insurance & phone plan but i don’t think it would be a serious enough concern for them to take that away from me. i’m very scared because my father has always been pro-trump and whatnot and i used to be very close with another trans guy growing up and for the most part my family was respectful but would ask/say things to me that were very inappropriate and hateful/judge mental. i have to see my father and mother and i assume my sister and brother will be there (my brother is a carbon copy of my father) in some weeks and im very afraid im going to get put on blast. i want to come out to them beforehand but im literally terrified and i have no clue to go about it. i know this is harsh but if worst came to worst i could live without the men in my family but im more concerned about how i will be treated once i come out. i don’t know how to go about it and i don’t know any other trans people with conservative families so i have no outlet/support for this and im sure some people on here have been through this and have some words of advice/what you did when you came out (i hope). the date kees getting closer and i keep transitioning and everyday im so paranoid and scared about it. every time my brothefather calls me and say they just want to talk i feel like someone just told me the worst news of my life 😭 words of advice/how to proceed with coming out would be so awesome please and thank you😭😭❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹
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2023.05.30 23:53 FalseReplacement214 Help me choose

Which paint medium goes best with painting water? Im onto something, trying to paint water as realistically and clearly as possible. So, drop suggestions.
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2023.05.30 23:51 bakeranon123 Living in limbo?

Hi reddit! My husband and I have been searching for a house, put in three offers and none have been accepted. We are continuing to look.
We've been doing this about a month now and are currently renting. It's so hard because it feels like we're living in limbo while we are searching and it sucks! If we are going to be in our townhouse for the next year (if we don't have an offer accepted within 3 months or if interest rates keep increasing, we will likely stay renting until next year) we want to paint and do some projects around the house. But, if we are buying soon, we don't want to put anything into the townhouse if we aren't going to live here by the end of summer.
How are all of you renters handling this? Does anyone else struggle with this?
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2023.05.30 23:51 Neither-Gate-2641 how do i stop thinking about my death all the time

i’m 20. i’m perfectly healthy. I have never had any notable health issues. for some reason i can’t stop thinking about how i’m going to die. my family doctor said normal 20 year olds don’t think about themselves dying hundreds of times a day but idk how to stop. it’s not like it impedes me from living my life& working but it’s also not fun to get a minor headache and then think about how i just had a brain aneurysm and am about to drop dead for the rest of the day. this never really used to happen but ever since i moved out and began living on my own it just always seeps into my brain and it would b nice if i could make it stop. i’m also on zoloft but have consistently been on it for a few years so idk why it would start doing weird stuff to me now. idk any advice anyone has would help.
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